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Topic: 11Two babies are born on the same day in the same hospital, and for the first few hours of their lives, they belong to the same fraternity, recuperating side-by-side from their sudden existence. They are interchangeable brothers or sisters; their lives can be swapped as easy as switching nametags. These babies are very special to their parents, but really, either one will do. If you believe in million-to-one odds, then you believe one of these babies will grow to be a household name. Which one would that be? Would it be the baby that was planned for, or the baby that was not planned? One couple leaves nothing to chance, and the other couple thinks inconceivable means to fuck without consequence. One couple obsesses over their child and infuses their child with confidence in his or her special status in the world. The other couple sometimes leaves directions on how to cook dinner, and sends regrets they are not there to share it. Tell me right now: which baby will grow to be a hero and which will be a basket case?If I were a gambling man, and let’s face it - million-to-one odds is quite a gamble – I would put my money on the microwave chef; he’s had less practice conforming. Nobody told him he’s special. He doesn’t have to live in that box; he’s free to explore a little more. It is often astonishing just how wrong we are sometimes. We often confuse what we know is true, and what we believe is true, and then cling to our beliefs regardless. Our stubbornness kicks our own ass at times. The pampered child and the latchkey kid: one has a lot of room to surprise on the upside, and one has a lot of room to surprise on the downside. Expectations can be a real bitch; it’s why Heisman Trophy winners shouldn’t play in the NFL. We never set a goal to be surprisingly good.

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   We expect to be good. Yet, some of the most loved heroes, in some of our favorite stories surprised on the upside. Some of the best heroes are accidental. They overcame - or they pulled through - or they rose up. Heroes don’t meet expectations. Most of us perform sufficiently, or meet expectations. If we don’t, then we lower them until they are met. We slowly become mundane. We stop exploring, and firm up our boundaries, and we become comfortable with our limits. After a while, we don’t want to stand out, or go against norms, or take risks. Conform; comfort; comfortable. Don’t run with scissors; don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you love your dog, you feed him only the best dog food, and never table scraps. Only someone who doesn’t care about their dog would feed it steak and potatoes. 9 out of 10 pet food companies agree on that.

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  A good story is so rare that many of us know the same good stories. We might think rarity is manifest, but maybe if more people allowed themselves to wander past their boundaries, then there might be more good stories. Then again, depending on the boundaries that are crossed, the story might not even be acceptable to tell, no matter how good it is. This is one of those stories. It’s a story of powerful good that you might be conditioned to hate. It weaves a beautiful tapestry from the mundane, but you can only see it if you are willing to stow your biases and open your mind. It is a story of how two unlikely strangers saved each other from themselves and from circumstance. It’s a very simple story about how much more there is than meets the eye. It might be a story about you. .