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Life was just not working out for me. My girlfriend broke up with me and i got fired from my job because of some dumb bitch accusingme of sexual harassment for telling a dirty joke. I hated women they did nothing but hurt me my entire life all this pressure kept building up in side of me and i couldnt hold it much longer. Then one morning my doorbell rings i look out the door and see this teenage blonde girl standing at my door she was about 5'2" with long strawberry blonde hair. she was probably about fifteen. I answer the door she said her name was Aley and she was trying to raise money for a school trip. Just like all women I thought too myself always asking for money looking ather standing in front of me i started getting very pissed off i told her that i hadsome extra money in my bedroom and she could wait inside. she agreed and came in. My cock got hard staring at her body she was wearing a yellow tanktop which clung tightly to her small A Cup breasts she had on a pair of cotton shorts thatbarely covered her tight ass. I went back to my room and grabbed a knife i quietly walked back out to my living room she was staring at a picture of me and my ex girlfriend that i had forgotten to take off the shelf. I came up behind her and put my hand over her mouth and the knife to her neck i told her if she did what i said i wouldnt hurt her but if notshe would never see her family again. she started crying i told her to get down on her knees . as she did i unbuckled my jeans and pulled out my eight inch cock. Her face froze in horror as she realized what i had planned for her but she didnt know the half of it. i told her to suck my cock she tried barely able to for the first two inches in her mouth impatiently i grabbed the back of her head and slammed my cock into her throat causing her to gag but i didnt carei was taking out all my frustrations on this young girls face after ten minutes i told her to stand up. I used my knife to cut the straps to her tanktop and pull it of i took her small breasts in my hand and fondled them roughly tears were rolling down her face i pulled her shorts off and told her to lay down she told me she was a virgin and begged me not to this only got me more excited and a carelessly put the head of my cock to her tight cunt lips and plowed into her tearing her hymen and causing her to scream.


  I puched her and told her to shut up and continued to pound away at her tight cunt pulled out of her and turned her over spreading her tight ass cheeks apart. i stuck the head of my cock to her asshole and she started screaming again I put the knife to her throat again. She shut up and i started to into her ass. It was so tight i knew I wouldnt last for long I grabbed her hair and pulled back on it ass I exploded into her ass I pulled out and watched my cum drip out of her ass. I picked her up and took her to my bathroom where i cleaned her off there i took my camera and tookseveral pictures of her naked body i told her if she told anyone i would put the pictures on the internet and send them too all her friends at school she put her clothes back on and went to leave ass she went to reach for the doorknob i grabbed her pulled her shorts down again and took a hundred dollar bill and shoved it up her tight asshole. i opened the door and pushed her outi told her to have fun on her trip and slammed the door in her face. .

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