The Education of Amy


My wife Amy is 5’8” tall and a trim 125 lbs. She has long wavy brown hair, pale skin, green eyes and curves in all the right places. We had been married almost ten years and our sex life, never very adventurous to begin with, had diminished greatly despite my desires. Dual careers and social obligations had all taken their toll but it really seemed that Amy had just lost interest in “the same old thing”. That was all about to change. Late one night we were soundly sleeping when I was startled by a noise in our bedroom. Turning on the light I was surprised to see a man at the foot of the bed. He was holding a gun. He appeared to be very muscular in a tight t-shirt and the bulge in his pants was unmistakable. He said his name was Dan and in a very chilling voice said we were going to have some fun tonight. Amy and I were terrified. Dan ordered us out of bed. I felt self conscious standing there naked but there was nothing I could do. Amy trembled and asked the man what he wanted. Dan walked over to her and pulled a knife from his pocket. Still pointing the gun at me, he deftly sliced the straps on my wife’s nightgown.

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   It fell to the floor exposing her wonderfully firm, 34C breasts and large upturned pink nipples, flat belly and nicely rounded ass. Two more cuts and her panties were also on the floor. Amy’s pubic hair was neatly trimmed and Dan stood back to admire her. I wanted to protect my wife but felt helpless. Dan had the gun and besides, he looked too strong to overpower. With a wicked grin he said we had work to do.

Standing behind Amy murmuring his approval, he reached out his free hand and ran it over the curves of her gym-toned ass. Then he stepped closer and bent his arm around her body and cupped her breasts one at a time in his big hand, pausing long enough to circle each large areola until her nipples came to full attention. From there he let his hand drift down across Amy’s belly and into her bush where he proceeded to lightly trace the outline of her pussy lips with his fingers. Amy had closed her eyes when this all began and I swear I heard her let out a tiny moan at this brazen stimulation. After a few minutes of this teasing Dan played his own version of good-cop, bad-cop. He said “I think I need to get your attention lady” then sat on the bed, put Amy over his knee and proceeded to spank her ass . . . hard.

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   I could see the stinging blows bring tears to my wife’s eyes. Once her un-tanned white skin was covered with his handprints, Dan gruffly told my wife to get down on all fours in front of him on the edge of the bed. Still smarting from the spanking, Amy did as he said. Even though I was frightened, I couldn’t take my eyes off my naked wife in such a vulnerable position. I thought Amy was scared too because she was kneeling motionless and staring straight ahead with her eyes opened wide. As I followed her gaze I saw she was actually staring at Dan. He had un-zipped his pants and exposed the largest cock I had ever seen. Even flaccid it was at least six inches long and 1½” thick. Stepping closer to Amy, Dan ordered her to take him into her mouth and said “you better be good at this”. Although Amy had rarely performed this act on me, she complied. In short order Dan’s cock had grown to what must have been a full nine inches long and at least 2” thick. Even though I was scared, the sight of my wife’s mouth and tongue moving sensuously up and down this huge shaft caused me to get aroused. While being serviced by Amy, Dan apparently noticed my more modestly endowed 7” hard-on and motioned me with his gun to get behind Amy. She had never allowed me to try this position before, but of course she was unable to argue – or even speak – with such a large prick in her mouth. As I placed my hands on Amy’s reddened ass and gently entered her pussy I noticed that she was quite wet.

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   Was she turned on by this animal act? Dan told me to push harder and with each stroke I forced Amy’s mouth deeper onto Dan’s giant cock until she was nearly taking it all in. In a few minutes I came, but Dan was still going strong. Removing his still-throbbing cock from Amy’s mouth, Dan told her to be quiet and not to move a muscle. My wife complied and the only movements were her breasts swaying gently back and forth because of her heavy breathing. Her erect nipples seemed to vibrate in time to her rapid heartbeat. Dan commanded me to trade places with him. As he walked by Amy’s side he reached underneath her tits and used her nipples to wiggle her breasts back and forth. This caused Amy to let out a yelp of pain but nonetheless it made her nipples harder and longer than I had ever seen them before. As he moved around to Amy’s exposed pussy she started to object but Dan slapped her hard on her already tender ass and said: “Shut up bitch, you’re going to love this. Now suck on your husband’s dick!” Without further protest, Amy meekly took me in her mouth as Dan entered her from behind. The sight of a stranger slamming his enormous cock into my previously frigid wife again and again and again was strangely exciting to me. I could actually hear Dan’s giant balls each time they slapped Amy’s ass. This, and my wife’s new-found skill at sucking cock, caused me to get another erection. Horrible as this invasion was, there was a dark corner of my mind that was secretly smug about the position Amy was in. As long as we had been married she was always the one to say “no” to my advances.

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   Once-a-month missionary sex was about all she would consent to. Now here she was sucking off one guy while getting boned from the rear by a monster cock – an act she most certainly never envisioned for herself.

I was losing myself in the moment when I realized Amy was shuddering with multiple orgasms. Apparently a huge cock splitting her pussy was just the thing to get her off. This caused me to lose my load into her mouth, and like a subservient 1950’s wife she swallowed every drop. Dan continued to pound away while fingering Amy’s clit. Far from gently swaying, Amy’s tits were now violently rocking back and forth with each powerful thrust from Dan’s battering ram. Since he hadn’t climaxed yet he told me to fondle the bouncing mounds of flesh. “And don’t be gentle, this bitch likes it rough!” he barked while continuing to thrust deep. I couldn’t believe it but as I squeezed and rubbed my wife’s breasts and toyed with her nipples with both hands I could sense she was cumming yet again. This was her fourth orgasm of the night, and as she let out another involuntary moan of pleasure Dan too exploded into her steaming hot pussy.

  At that point Dan decided he wanted Amy all to himself so he removed some rope from his bag, tied me up and set me in a chair in the corner. I couldn’t move but I was made to face the bed, so apparently I was expected to enjoy the view. Because the threat of violence was still very real, Amy was compelled to satisfy Dan’s every wish – and he had a lot of wishes.

Judging by the amount of time he spent fondling, kneading, kissing and sucking on her tits, Dan had the same fascination with them as I.

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   They were swollen to at least a D-cup now and her nipples were longer and harder than I had ever seen them – at least ½” long and as big a round as my finger. No doubt they had to be sore from all the abuse but the only indication was her redder and harder than normal nipples as Amy did not complain at the attention. In fact, she actually seemed to enjoy it as Dan climbed on top of her and put his mammoth rod between her tits and gave her her first ever pearl necklace. She then proceeded to gently cup his baseball-sized sack in one hand and to squeeze his cock from base to tip and lick up every last drop.

Next, Dan got out a razor and shaved off all Amy’s pubic hair. Then he went down on her with his tongue, caressing her labia and clit until she came yet again. Watching Amy writhe with pleasure while another man’s tongue darted in and out of her now-smooth pussy got me excited anew and I had the woody to show for it. I think Dan took pity on me throbbing helplessly into the air and sent Amy to my chair with orders to jerk me off. Up close I could see her nipples were still rock hard and almost purple from their prolonged excited state, her face was flushed and her nubile-looking bare pussy was glistening. Amy stared into my eyes while she yanked my cock and as I shot my load all over the room I could tell that she was having the experience of her life.

After this short break Dan was ready to go again. Telling Amy to stroke and caress his cock and balls he had another mammoth erection in no time. The man was insatiable! Then, Dan had Amy assume several different positions for his cock-pounding enjoyment. The only one they didn’t try was our bog-standard missionary position. I saw Amy bent and impaled in more ways than I could imagine – from the reverse cowboy to having her ass high in the air I watched as they each had several more orgasms.

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   The last was with Amy on top, resting her hands on Dan’s chest while he lifted her up and down the length of his huge cock.

As a final gesture, Dan made Amy come over and get me off with one concluding blow job. It was honestly the most exquisite of my life. Rather than the quick ones I had gotten on the occasional birthday or anniversary in the past, Amy really took her time and slowly brought me to an earth-shattering climax.

Afterwards Amy practically collapsed on the bed. Having been worked over by a real cocksman for the past six hours, she was totally spent and couldn’t have crawled off the bed if it was on fire. As the sky was brightening on the horizon, Dan tied Amy on the bed and prepared to leave. Before departing he had one last go at her, parting the swollen red lips of her bald pussy with the head of his cock and thrusting repeatedly until spurting a final load. Though weary beyond belief, Amy responded with her tenth orgasm of the night.

After checking to make sure her bonds weren’t too tight, Dan ran his hands tenderly over Amy’s well-used pussy, kissed her breasts and sucked both nipples one last time. Though nearly passed out from exhaustion Amy managed two titty hard-ons and a weak smile. Dan wordlessly packed his things and left the room.

What had started as a frightening criminal act had turned into a deeply erotic and ultimately freeing experience.

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