The Center of Attention


I felt his rock hard dick plunge deep into my ass. I lay bent over the sofa near motionless. I’ve never had so much dick in one day.   They’ve fucked me from every angle possible on every surface in the room. And I still beg for more. He fucks me with long deep steady strokes. I can feel every inch of his dick fill up every bit of my insides when he pushes back into me.   I take the dick in front of me further down my throat. I can already taste precum leaking from the tip. I let out a loud moan. Omg that dick is so deep! I quiver and my ass begins to tighten up around his shaft. I am so close to cuming! Fuck me harder! Just then he rockets deep into my ass stretching me to make room for his flesh. I feel him throb against my walls sending trembles down my legs. I’m distracted by this wave of pleasure long enough for the man in front of me to reach climax.   He hits me across the cheek and lips with his first load. The next shoots straight into my mouth.

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   Omg I can feel the dick throbbing in my ass even more intensely.  His balls swell up with cum. I’ve been waiting for this moment all night! I drop down to my knees in front of him and open my mouth wide. Whoosh! I get splashed across the face by a stream of hot cum! His dick dances and jumps as it produces shot after shot of thick milky goo.   I grab his meaty shaft and pump the last few shots onto my face.  
I wasn’t more than a few seconds before I was faced with 2 more dicks on the verge of explosion. Reached out and cupped their balls while they jerked off. First the man on the right trusted his hips and let cum fly. One huge thick stream came rushing forward and struck me across the cheek.   I wiped some up with my fingers and guided it towards my mouth. I look up to see the other dick pointed directly at my face. Squirt squirt squirt! He unloads 3 quick shots onto my forehead and nose.   I line has begun to form to the right and left of me. This next one looks it’s going to be huge.   His cock his as thick as a soda can with balls to match.

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   I braced myself and closed my eyes. He took a step forward before unloading a sea of hot cum across my face in a single shot. I can feel it on my for head and dripping down my cheeks. Another man cums on my neck and chest.
 I’m staring down 3 dicks all about to blow.   I open my mouth, close my eyes and hope for the best.   I take 2 strong shots to the face, 4 directly into my mouth and another falls to the floor. I’m extremely aroused. Two more men step up and fire at the same time. 4 huge gobs of milky cum fall onto my face and a fifth into my mouth. I try to collect my thoughts as I wipe cum from my eyes. A stud packing at least 9 inches of solid meat is standing in front of me stroking away. My asshole trembles at the site of this dick.
 I grab it with both hands and take it into my mouth. His cum shoots down the back of my throat.

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    He steps back as 2 more shoot their goo on my face. 6 more thick shots now cover my face. The excess drips down my face and neck across my chest.   Next up are two 7 foot tall beasts. I tilt my head back and wait. I feel a thick load fall onto my for head followed by his dick plopping on my cheek. The other dick releases towards my mouth.
I catch half of it in my mouth as the rest drips past my lips down to my chest. Things are picking up. Men are lining up 3 at a time in front of me as they wait their turn to cum. I hold one dick in each hand jerking furiously while the third one aims towards my face. The dicks on the left and right of me fire off at the same time both hitting me in opposite cheeks. I take the middle load to the mouth.   Two more guys line up. As soon as I opened my mouth it was filled by a thick stream.

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   4 more shot past my head landing on my neck and shoulders.
3 more men are lined up and about to cum. A fourth man couldn’t wait any long and approached from behind me. Before I could turn around he covered my whole back with what had to have been 8 steady shots! I feel it sliding down my back when I take 3 more on my face.   Another smoking hot man steps up. I stare at his broad cut chest, solid abs and bulging arms.   I ran my hand over my chest collecting some cum before wrapping my had around my dick. He flexed his huge chest and shot 2 hard loads down my throat.   My mouth is full up and beginning to leak. I swallow a big gulp before taking another load in my mouth.
My dick is so fucking hard. I’m on my knees slowly stroking my cum covered cock. 3 more men step up and alternating shoot me across the face chest and mouth. I can feel the warn thick liquid cascading down my face. Someone brings me a large martini glass to catch the runoff.

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    7 more men line up right after the other squirting their salty seed all over my face. I use the glass to catch a huge glob of cum that was building up on my cheek. While I take 2 more into my mouth a third man unloads directly into the glass.
4 men step up at the same time all violently stroking their cocks. The first man came and landed in my mouth the second 2 men shot their loads onto my for head and the fourth man shot his thick load down my back. Every inch of skin is soaked with cum. I’m hot and slick.   Any cumshaws I don’t catch with my face mouth or martini glass I use as lube to rub down my body. My dick is throbbing so hard. I continue to stroke my dick while I suck two more loads down my throat. Swallowing some and saving the rest. I spit some down on the head of my dick and proceeded to jerk off in it. Omg it felt so good! Before I get too distracted another man unloads onto my chest followed by 2 more.  
A nice tan bodybuilder steps up stroking his dick. I take it, wipe a gob of cum from my cheek and suck it into my mouth.

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   A third load of cum falls across my back. I can feel it sliding down my back and oozing between my ass cheeks. I’m covered from head to toe in thick salty cream. More! There were only 9 men left. The next one came up. He had a look on his face like he had been saving it for awhile. He stroked slow and steadily waiting for it to cum. I saw his eyes roll up into his skull before being drenched with the thickest whitest load vie ever seen. The first stream shot out with so much force it splashed off of my cheek and back at him. His second shot went clear over my head landing on someone’s arm. Shots 3 4 5 and 6 added another layer of slime to my face.
As 2 more men await their turns I use the martini glass to collect sperm from dripping off my face. I wanted to resist but the temptation was too great. While waiting for the next shot I took a large swing from the glass and swirled it around my mouth. The site of that was more than enough to send those 2 men over the top adding to what was in my mouth and refilling the glass.

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   I start to stroke my dick again. It feels so good drenched in cum. I work myself close to my peak as a built guy dressed as a soldier steps up to unload. I was in almost complete ecstasy. 4 more streams of hot cum fall across my face.   A large glob of cum slips from my neck and runs down my back.  
My asshole is drowning in semen. I was immersed in the warm sticky sensation.   I’m franticly pumping my dick and squishing cum between my ass cheeks. 3 huge white cocks pop up in front of me while I was lost in my own world. I take turns servicing the three men. I can barely get my mouth around the head of this guy’s dick! I could use something that thick right about how! The second man was 7 inches long and thick. I took him deep down my throat and fantasizing it were elsewhere. I jerked off the third with a hand full of cum.   He dropped his load ionto my chest in no time.

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   I continued to suck until He pumped of a few nice shots in my mouth. When he was finished he pulled back from my mouth dipped his still erect cock into my martini cum cocktail and back into my mouth. Mmm so sweet!
The final three men stepped up before me. I feverishly pumped my dick watching those dicks go. Someone walks up next to me and leaves something on the floor. I feel around and find a 8inch rubber dildo. Just in time! I grab it and wipe it up across my chest add face briefly taking it into my mouth. I suction cup my new toy to the floor and squat down over it. The final three watch me in a trance as they stroke off. I slowly lower my elf down onto my dildo. I can feel the big knobby head slip between my cheeks. The cum soaked rubber dick slid deep into my ass. I sat all the way down taking it in to the floor. I turned on the vibrate and rode that dick up and down.
One of the last three was ready to go.

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    I opened up and catch is load in my mouth. Two more dicks and that’s all. Riding that rubber dick like a pro. I let out a moan of rich pleasure. Guy on the right followed that quicky by a strong grunt and 2 shots of thick seed. It was left to the final cock. I took him deep into my mouth sucking hard and deer as I rode my dildo.   His dick swells up and twitches. I closed my eyes and waited as he arched 6 huge shots across my face and mouth. I took him into my mouth once more.
I pick up my overflowing martini glass and swish it around in the air.   I dip in a few fingers and then lick them clean. I start to slowly pour the remaining cum into my mouth while still riding the rubber dick.   The marine standing off to the site starts o get worked up again. I’m at full speed bouncing up and down on a cum soaked dildo while stroking my own dick and slurping up a cum martini!
He takes his pants back of and comes closer to eye me up.

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    I get lost in my on world of pleasure when I feel his hands on me. He grabs me by the arm and leads me over to a bed. I lie down on my back and lift my legs high into the air.   I felt his swollen dick push through my sperm soaked ass cheeks and right into my tight hole. Fucking right this is what I need! I kept a hand jerking my dick while he slipped in and out of my ass. Now I am in heaven. He his holding my legs up in the air to get all the thrusting leverage he can. I can feel his fat cockhead stretching me deeper and deeper. I lose control and start screaming like a woman. Oh fuck me baby give it to me good! I was seconds away from cuming when he grabbed my hand away from my dick, picked me over and flipped me face first onto the bed.
I laid down poking my ass into the air. A few moments later his semen soaked pole was back in my ass. His full weight onto of me is going into every thrust. I scream in pleasure. His dick begins to swell.


   I can feel the pressure building. He strokes deeper and harder. I feel every throb and twitch his cock makes. He collapses onto me pushing everything he has into me. I lost strength in my arms. My face is buried in a pillow as he is fucking my ass raw. His dick is getting hot in my ass and I am starting to tremble. He shifts to sporadic uncontrollable thrusts as I can feel him coming to a peak. OMFG!!! One two three four final deep hard thrusts before his dick swells and pulses spewing the rest of his juices into my asshole. We collapse on the bed with him still inside me. I lay still knowing that I can’t  move a muscle.