Introduction to Lust


Through a friend I was introduced to a guy named Keith who was a dark-haired, muscled and somewhat intimidating presence.   We were all at a southern Texas university and it was the height of the hard partying Eighties. It was a time when Ecstasy was about to become illegal and the nights didn’t start until almost midnight. Keith turned out to be an OK guy with a girlfriend that was built to be a stripper.   Judy was blond, about five foot four and had about 38 C breasts. She had a classic buxom shape and long eyelashes to compliment her big eyes. .
It all started rather innocently with several couples my girlfriend and I knew getting together for a couple’s night out. Keith and Judy arrived late at my place and were already quite buzzed. At some point in the evening, Keith pulled me aside and mentioned his girlfriend “liked my girlfriend”.   I immediately understood what he meant, but I was taken aback by the sudden revelation. Nothing further was discussed that night, but the seed had been planted. I was turned on by the thought of  his girlfriend being interested in mine.   It wasn’t hard to imagine. Cymbre was reddish blond haired, five foot seven and slim with 36 B breasts with large areolas that faded toward the edges. Silky cinnamon pubic hair and the hottest pussy you can imagine.

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Later that night when we were alone I mentioned what Keith had said to me and waited for her reaction. I did not know what to expect. Cym didn’t really react one way or the other at the time, but seemed open to hanging out with them.
The next day we arranged to meet them at a river area tucked away in the hill country.   When we arrived, I thought I was seeing things. Here they were with Judy topless, showing off her ample tits. We hung out for the afternoon, but unfortunately, my girl did not feel brave enough at the time to take off her top. As the sun set we made plans to meet later for drinks at their place. When we got there, they had margaritas in the blender and four hits of “X” to wash down.   We drank a bit and then took the hits.   Eventually I  started massaging Cym’s back and noticed Keith and Judy had disappeared. She got up and went to the bathroom.   While she was inside Keith and Judy popped around the corner and he told me that there was a spare bedroom if we needed it. Did I mention they were both naked? He was already stiff and stroking his cock and Judy’s nipples were hard like erasers. I replied “Cool” hoping that Cym wouldn’t come out of the bathroom at that particular moment.

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Just as they disappeared again, she came out and I continued the massage, pulling her shirt up and off her back and undoing her bra. I thought she would protest, but she didn’t say a word. After a few minutes I had performed my magic and I asked her if she wanted to go into the spare bedroom.   She said yes and we got up and went in. I lay Cym on her back and proceeded to massage her front and was soon joined by a strange set of hands.
It was Judy joining in and for a minute I thought I felt Cym stiffen. I shook the thought and unzipped her jeans and managed the button. Judy was so excited she almost torn Cym’s jeans off. With the jeans off, I was starting to pull at the waistband of her little panties when Judy abruptly jumped up and took off into the next room. I raised up and said I would be right back. I went into the next room to find Keith talking to Judy. I asked what the matter was and she said”I don’t think Cym likes me!” I asked her why she thought that and she responded that she didn’t know. Being as horny as Keith and I were, we came up with what we thought was a great idea. “Why don’t you go talk to her?” She ducked around the corner and Keith and I stood there stroking our cocks and praying there wouldn’t be some loud commotion soon. After about five minutes we realized we were hearing no protest and decided to check it out.

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    When we rounded the corner, we were greeted with the sight of my beautiful girlfriend’s long tan legs in the air, one resting against the wall, while Judy knelt between her legs caressing her pelvis and licking away at her wetness. Keith and I stood in awe until he nudged me and whispered “Fuck Judy!” I was caught off guard as I had really only thought of it as the girls getting together.   Being the good friend I was, I pitched in and came up behind Judy who now had her ass perched in midair as she lapped away. With her wetness I easily slid all the way in on the first thrust as I grabbed her hips. I pumped away for about a minute until she let out the lowest guttural moan I have ever heard from a woman.   At that moment, Cymbre opened her eyes and as she told me later, was shocked and thought: “HE’S FUCKING HER!” Being a feisty redhead, she deftly moved sideways and yanked Keith on top of her and aimed his dick at her pussy lips. I think he was startled, but before he could react, she grabbed his hips and pulled him into her.   She then wrapped her legs around him and gave him the fucking of his life!  I could tell Judy was not completely on board with this sudden development, but before she could break our union, I grabbed harder at her hips and doubled my stroke. Keith saw this and in moments started to orgasm. It was almost in slow motion as I watched her writhing hips bucking up to meet his and her nails dig into his back. He lost control and slammed hard into her. I could feel Judy almost at once start that tell-tale tremble and she started to thrash around, grabbing Cym’s hair. Somehow I maintained while this went on, but about a minute later I started feeling my own muscles contract and my balls rise. I quickly broke from Judy and moved to Cym’s mouth. The look on her face was surprise, but she obediently parted her lips as pushed my cock slick with Judy’s wetness into her mouth to fill her mouth with my sperm.

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   Afterward we lay back and Judy lay her head in Cym’s lap until the “X” moved her to start playing again, this time, licking her man’s come from Cym’s swollen pussy. We all dozed off after coming down from the "X", but later I woke to movement and watched as Keith, hard on sticking out, climbed onto Cym and mounted her again. Cym held onto my arm and tongue kissed me all the while. Later, as Keith was dozing, Cym whispered to me that she wanted to see me in Judy again. I obliged by moving to Judy's ass and positioned my cock at her slit. With my hand, I ran the purple tip of my dick up and down the wetness seeping from her pussy and when wet enough, began pushing it against Judy's asshole. She had had so much to drink before the "X" that she never stirred. I pressed harder and suddenly, felt my cock glide all the way to the hilt. Cym lay back and masturbated while I pumped away until I emptied my balls in Keith's girl. In the morning I woke and the sex was still going on. . . .