Another Aunt, This Time I Was 10


After dinner the phone rang, it was about my grandmother, mother's mother, she had been hurt and was in the hospital. My mother asked my grandpa to go to the hospital with her to check up on grandmother. They had no sooner left then his wife decided she needed to go out for a while. That left Georgia in charge again, it was getting close to bed time and she herded us all upstairs to the bedrooms. She told us to strip naked and go to bed, we striped but after she went down stairs, we discovered that my sister and my half aunt were different, I knew this from my youth, however the other three were really interested. We did the usual kids look and stick fingers in the wholes and the girls touched the manhoods, I guess boyhoods would be more like it. As we looked and touched, I guess we got a little noisy because Georgia appeared out of nowhere and she was mad. She grabbed me by the hair and drugme into the hall, she had a belt that she used across my ass, it hurt like hell, then she went down the line giving each of the boys a good hard spanking. That put an end to the touchy feely night. The next morning, no adults were home, Georgia called the hospital and talked to my mom, said grandma wasn't doing to well and that she was going to stay at the hospital. She said grandpa had left because one of his friends had tracked him down and told him Evelyn was out getting drunk and hanging with some real scummy types. Georgia was in charge for another day, I was a little leary after the spanking last night. She was pleasent and said we had better play out side so we didn't mess up the house. Another trip to the rabbit cages, with no breakfast yet. The four boys were locked in the cages and the three girls were making fun of us, then they went in the house and came back with toast and milk. They ate in front of us, I think we were all hungry.

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   Noon came and we were still locked in the cages, again no meal, dinner was a repeat, nothing to eat. Georgia was gone for a while and when she came back she said my mom was going to stay at the hospital, and that grandpa and his wife were going to be gone for a few days, they went to jail for fighting in a bar. The four of us spent the night in the rabbit cages, good thing it was summer, got a little chill laying out there with no blanket. Morning arrives, no breakfast, Georgia and the other two come out and tell us what they had for breakfast. I was hungry, so were the other three, I told Georgia that I was going to tell if she didn't let us out and feed us. She walked over, unlocked my cage, opened the door, drug me out and kicked the dog shit out of me, nice aunt!I cried, it really hurt, she called me a bawl baby, a cry baby and some other baby names. Then she came grabbed me, pulled me around behind the cages, where no one else could see, unbottoned her shirt and said that if I wanted to be a baby I would eat like a baby, she put her tit in my mouth and told me to suck. I was startled to find a watery substance comming out of the breast, it didn't taste all that good but it was more then I had had in a full day. I sucked one tit dry and she said I had had enough. I was put back in the cage. She took the other three out one at a time and had them suck her tits. I found out later that she had had a baby two months before, father was probably my grandpa, and grandpa made sure she kept them producing milk. Another night in the cage, morning comes and Georgia has a few more girls along with her, now there is seven girls. We, the male population, are getting very hungry and start mouthing are objections. Once again I'm taken from the cage, slapped a couple time and lead to the back side of the cages.

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   One of the new girls, she's 15 or 16, takes off her pants and panties, lays back on a logand two other girls force my faceinto her crouch, I know this drill, I start licking and sucking. . She must have gotten off because she clamped her legs around my head and told me to stop. I had to do the other two before I was lead back to the cage, then they took my brother and made him do things to them, we compared notes later in life,nwe got about the same treatment. Those girls were even having my sister spread her legs to be eaten. By the third day, I was really hungry and I told Georgia that if she didn't feed us that we would get her when we got out. She said she would take us in the house one at a time, I got to go frist. Into the house we go, at the door she makes me remove my clothes, I do as I'm told, I enter and find all the girls from yesterday in there. They start touching my dick, and sticking thier tits in my face, Georgia gets on her knees and sucks my dick into her mouth, it feels great but the others are pushing and shiving trying to get a hand on me. I got a hard on, no climax, but it felt good, the other boys got the same treatment. Georgia told us we could sleep in the house that night, I thought we were being rewarded for something after the way she had been treating us. In bed that night the four of us talked about all that had happened, and how good it felt having the girls put thier mouths on our dicks. enough for now, will continue another day. .