Brotherly Love II


    The next morning, Jake woke up, got ready, and went downstairs for breakfast. While he ate, his brother came down and joined him. They talked and David made no indication that he knew what Jake had done to him the previous night. Today, Jake knew he would take it a step further.

    He got ready to go to school and then walked to the bus stop. When he got to school, he hung out with his friends until the bell rang. He went off to first period, hoping that the day would go by fast. He was distracted in all of his classes; he couldn't stop thinking about David. He kept thinking about what he was going to do to him this time, and how he was going to do it. He enjoyed having fun with David while he was sleeping, but this time, Jake decided it was time for David to join in on the fun. For the rest of the day, he thought about how he would go about turning his brother gay.

    After what seemed like forever, the last bell finally rang, so Jake quickly left and got on the bus. He sat next to his best friend, Tyler, who told him about a new video game that he had bought. On any other day, Jake would have been genuinely interested, but today, all he cared about was getting home. He pretended to pay attention as Tyler went on and on. When the bus pulled up at their stop, Jake got off and didn't even wait for Tyler.

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   He started walking home as quick as he could. He knew he needed to get home fast.

    When he finally walked into the door, he quickly set his stuff down and made some preparations. David wasn't home yet, since he had football practice right after school. However, the bus leaves ten minutes after school is out, takes about fifteen to get to his stop, and then he has to walk for fifteen minutes to get to his house. By the time he got home, his brother was probably already finishing practice. So Jake went up to his room and waited for David to get home. He only had to wait a few minutes when he heard his brother's car pull into the drive way. Jake started shaking with anticipation and desperately tried to calm himself. He heard the door open and then close. Footsteps came from the kitchen and then slowly came up the stairs. Jake sat at his desk and pretended to do his homework. Pretty soon, David walked by and said hey to his brother. Jake said hey back. He knew that his brother got hot and sweaty from football, so the first thing he does is go take a shower.

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   Sure enough, David walked past his room again, heading straight for the shower. Jake patiently waited until he heard the water come on. When he did, he made his move.

    He went to the bathroom and slowly opened the door. David was in the shower and the curtain was closed. At that point, he did everything he could to resist the urge to strip down and jump in with him. He focused on his goal and picked up all of David's clothes. He took them and all the towels with him, leaving David with nothing to cover himself. Then, he quietly left the bathroom and shut the door behind him. He brought all his clothes and the towels back to his room and shoved them into his closet. Now he would wait. He took off his shirt just to get it out of the way. He knew that David had a temper, and that he wasn't shy at all. He would get mad and come straight to Jake's room to get his clothes back, even if he was butt-naked. And even if he didn't he still had to walk past Jake's room to get from the bathroom back to his own room.

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    Finally, after five long minutes of waiting, he heard the water turn off. "This is it," he thought to himself. He was nervous again and tried to stop himself from shaking. It was a long time before he finally heard the bathroom door open. He heard footsteps coming quickly down the hall. Then they stopped right before they got to Jake's door. He held his breathe and waited to see what his brother would do. Then, all of a sudden, David came bursting into the room. The plan worked; he was completely naked. His face was red and seething with anger, but Jake still thought that he looked sexy.

    "You think this is funny, don't you?" David hissed at him. "Give me back my clothes you little perv or I swear I'll kill you. "

    Jake swallowed hard, and, in the most innocent, loving, little-brother voice he could, he said, "Wow, brother! Your cock is really big! It's a lot bigger than mine. " Then he slipped off his shorts and boxers to show his brother his cock. This sent David into shock.

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   He couldn't believe his brother had just stripped down in front of him. He stood there with his mouth open and Jake took the opportunity to grab his brother's cock. When he did, David jumped back and screamed, "Get away from me you nasty little perv!" Jake decided to try again, but this time, he jumped down and rapped his mouth around his brother's cock. He grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him closer so he couldn't escape.

    "Stop it you fucking homo!" He screamed. But Jake kept on sucking. "Jake. . . stop it. . . oh. . .

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   oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh. . . " He closed his eyes and started moaning. Jake then started licking his balls, gently sucking on them. David had relaxed, so Jake stood up and kissed his brother on the lips. David weakly resisted at first, but then gave in. Jake pushed him over to the bed, where he sat down. Then Jake knelt down and continued to suck his cock and balls. David closed his eyes again and started to moan loudly. Jake tried to put as much of his brother's cock in his mouth as he could. He gagged at first, but, little by little, he managed to get the whole thing in. He kept on sucking until David came in his mouth. This time, he swallowed his whole load. Then he lay down on the bed.

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   Jake continued to lick his balls until he got hard again.

    "So, little brother, are you ready to be my bitch?" David asked. Jake's heart raced. This was what he had been waiting for all day.

    "Yes, yes! Please fuck me David, fuck me hard. " They swapped positions. David stood up and Jake bent down on the bed. He stuck his butt out and waited for his brother's cock. David slowly pushed his hard cock into his little brother's ass. He pushed it in until his pubic hair was brushing up against Jake's ass cheeks. Jake could help moaning as his brother started to pick up the pace.

    "Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh! That’s it! Fuck me, David, Fuck me! Hard! Faster!" David went even faster and his balls were slapping against Jake's ass cheeks. The fullness of David's cock inside him sent him into ecstasy. He reached down and touched his own cock, and that was enough to shoot his load all over the bed. He came, and came, and for a second, he thought he would never stop.

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   When he did stop, he had never seen so much cum in his life. David was about to cum, too, so he told him.

    "Stay in me," Jake said. "Fill me with your cum. " With one final thrust, David rammed his cock as deep in as he could and filled his little brother with his cum. Soon, the cum started squirting out of his ass and running down Jake's leg. When he finished, they both laid on Jake's bed in his warm pool of cum. Jake ran his hand up and down David's body.

    "I love you, big brother," he said.

    "I love you too, little bro. "

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