Me and my bro having fun in the bath tub


Its my first story,its just example i dont know should i continue making stories,so tell me your opinion. I am 14 year old girl,i am blonde and i have 37C cups. I have deep brown eyes,and really pale skinMy huge turn on was incest,and i wanted to have sex with my older brother,we would always get along so well. He was really gentle with me,he would make me laugh and i would blush at the stuff he would say to me. I am really shy. . so i never told him how much i liked him,i was afraid he would see me as crazy girl. Until one day i was about to have a bubble bath,i was taking off my clothes and he quickly went inside the bathroom,i was all red and i yelled at him '' bro what are you doing inside,please get out??!'' i was trembling and i grabbed a towel while . . he quickly locked the door ,he said to me ''don't be like that, you know i want you so much i can't hold itinside anymore. . '' he would grab me from behind taking off the towel gently rubbing my pink nipples with his warm fingers, he would start licking my neck while holding tightly one of my hands behind my back. . again i yelled''bro. . cut this out!! we can't.

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  . do this,what if mom comes home soon?!''''mom won't be home until late,stop pretending you don't like this!''he would take off his clothes,and pulling his boxers down to his kneesthen he rubbed his cock gently over my ass ,''no brother. . stop it'' i was moaning. . i loved it so much but i just couldnt admit it''oh c'mon. . sister'' he pushed his dick btw my thighs ,he would move it gently until i got really wet. . my nipples got so hard and out of nowhere i said''bro. . fuck me '' i covered my face. . and he was looking at my face,he was suprised and excited. He picked me up and tuck me inside the bathtub,pressing meagainst the bathroom wall while whispering to me '' can you say that again?'' .

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  . i said it quietly ''f-fuck me bro'' he pushed my legs up and put his warm cock,inside my little wet kitty. . to be continued . . .