Mother Part2


Mother, Pt. 2
 He logged of AA at around 4:00 am, his boner sitting uncomfortably in his pants. He decided to take of his clothes before entering his moms room. He could not beleive that his dream was withing his reach! His plan was to go inthere silently and lay there for about 10 minutes, in case he woke her up whilehe entered the room, then, as silently as he could, he'd reach under his mothersnight dress and feel his way towards her pink lips. He'd rub her untill she waswet and then stick in two fingers. He'd feel his way in there for a while andthen, silently take them out to sample her flowing juices. And from there? He thought he'd just have to wait and see.
 He silently stalked upstairs, leaving behind the computer and his discarded clothing. He was breathing heavily because he was so excited. Then hefinally got to his mothers room.
 "Please mom," he thought. "let me fuck you!"
 The door to his moms room was loud, so he had to open it as slowly as possible. His hand was shaking as he slowly turned the handle. The door swungopen with a light creak as he stalked into her room. He closed the door as slowas possible and then made his way to the bed.   His mom was snoring, a clear sign that she was asleep.

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   He still felt itwas neccesary to lay still for a few minutes, just to be sure. He layed there,anxious for what was to come. He glanced at the clock. Eight minutes have passed.
 "Close enough. " He thought. Slowly, very slowly, he turned his body to face his the fucker of his dreams. He reached slowly under the covers, moving his hand towards her leg.
 "SHIT!" he was suprised to see she was wearing her pyjama pants instead of her night dress. After a moment, he regained his composure. His mom was pretty slim, so it would be easy to slide his hand under the waist of her pants.
 "This is it, the moment of truth. " he thought excitedly. He quietly reached he pants waist and pinched it with his left hand, lifted it up and slidhis right hand inside. He felt her bush and the heat from her pussy.

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   His mom didnothing, so he figured he was in the clear. His hand brushed through her bush and slowly made it's way to her waiting slit.
 He was there! His hand cupped her crotch. Slowly, he inserted two fingers.
 "Oh my gawd!" He silently exclaimed as he almost blew his load at thetouch of her steamy insides.
 He twirled his fingers around inside for a second, and then slowly tookthem out. He needed to taste her juices, now! He inserted his fingers inside hismouth and the taste of his moms cunt juice drove him wild! The mere thought of him touching his mom made him crazy, let alone feeling her cunt and tasting herjuice! It made him so horny, thinking about how his first pussy is his moms!
 He maneuvered his hand back to her pussy, which was growning wetter, this time, a little less steathily. He started to rub her crotch, and as herlove box opened for him, he inserted two fingers. He started to move them in andout, slowly at first, then quicker. His inexperienced thumb eventually found it's way to her growing clit, and he started to rub it while finger fucking hismoms pussy.
 At that moment his mom opened her eyes. She was terrified.
 "Oh my God, Michael, what the fuck are you doing! Stop. . .

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  " but Michaelinterupted her before she could finish.
 "Please mom, I want you're pussy so bad! Please mom! Please mom! Please. . !" He repeted over and over.
 His mom scrambled out of bed.
 "Michael, this is very innapropriate! What do you think your dad willsay?"
 "Mom, please! Don't tell dad, please! I want you so fucking bad!" At this point his horny instincts took over. He scrambled out of bed and grabbed his moms back, pulling her closer as he rubbed her through her thin cotton pants.   "Please mom. . . " he said in between gasps "let me make you feel good!"
 "Mi. . chael. . .

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  stop please. . . this is. . . " she let out a slight moan "this isn't right. . . " Michael moved his hand up to her tits and took them out. He started sucking each one equally, as his enormous erection grinded into his momssopping wet cunt through her pants.
 "Mom. . . you're so.

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  . . wet right now. " He explained while he worked her tits. "Just let yourself go! Fuck me! You want me! Your wet cunt tells all!"
 His mom had begun to stroke his dick in her hands now. This was too muchfor Michael, and he blew all over his moms hand. To her amazement, he was stillhard as granite.
 "Jesus! You make me so horny Michael!" She was moaning silently now, but continually, as I liked her titties. "I. . . want you. . . ssoooo bad.

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  . . oh GAWD!"She was fingering herself vigourously now. "I want. . . gawd. . . tell me your fantasies! Let me be you. . . fa. . .

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  fanta. . . sy!" She let out a loud moan then as shecame all over her hand. She took her wet hand and rubber her juices on her tits.
 "Lay on the bed mom, I want to taste your sweet juices!" she obliged, saying:
 "Yeah. . . talk dirty to me. You want to fuck your dirty mom, don't you? Tell me how you want to taste my sopping cunt!"
 "You fucking perverted slut! You love the thought of your 15 year old son licking your clit, don't you? Yeah, you want me to taste all your juice, youwant me to make you cum! You want me to drink all of your juices don't you!"Michael was gorging himself on his moms cunt now, making sure to savour her flavour, breathing in her fumes. He began to work her clit as he ate her, flicking her lips with his toungue as he rubbed her hard clit.
 Not much later, her body shaked with her second orgasm of the night, spilling her juices into Michael's eager mouth.
 "Oh Gawd!" She huffed. She lay there for a second and glanced at Michael's still hard cock. "You've pleasured me, so now it's time to pleasure you!"
 She leaned over and took his cock into her mouth.

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   He blew his load rightin there the minute his head touched her toungue. His mother took every drop of it.
 Embarassed, Michael said:  "Shit! I'm sorry!" But his cock was already rehardening in his moms warmmouth.
 "Yumm. . . " His mom let out a gasp of satisfaction as she tasted his cum. "You're dirty slut of a mom loves the tast of your cum! Ooooh yeah!" She wasfrigging herself as she sucked his dick.
 "Yeah, you dirty bitch, suck my cock, taste my cock!" She sucked his cock vigorously. "Oh gawd mom! I'm going to cum soon! Let me blow my load on your face!" He let out a loud moan as his jizz exploded from his cock, landingall over her face and in her hair. She quickly cobbled up the cum that landed onher lips.
 "Whipe you hot teenage cum all over my face with your cock. Yeah!" Hismom looked like a true slut now, her face sticky with her own sons cum. The merethought made her wet!
 "We're not done yet!" his mom explained. "What would you have me do?"she asked.

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 "You're tits! I want to fuck those tits and cum all over your face!" heexclaimed, his dick getting hard again at the mere thought. His mom layed down and he mounted her tummy, sitting in between her tits and her cunt.
 "Put your cock hear. " She said, indicating the space in between her tits. Michael could only oblige, as he slid his dick in position, his mom closed herboobs around his penis. She then started to shake her tits as Michael moved hisdick up and down in between her breasts.
 "Yeah! Like that! Fuck my tits! Fuck my tits you horny mom fucker!" sheexclaimed. Michael had reached back and begun to finger his mums wet pussy. "Oh yeah, I'm going to cuuuuuuum!" and at that statement, Michael blew his load allover her face once more.
 His mother layed there, breathing heavily, looking like a real whore,her face sticky with two hot loads of her sons cum.
 "We still gotta do one more thing. . . I need to feel you inside my cunt,Michael! I want you to cum inside me!"
 "You fucking slut, I knew you needed me, WANTED me inside of you! I wantyou to make me a man! Let me lose my virginity to you! I want you to feel my cumdeep inside you and then I want you to cum all over my cock, then suck your juices from it! You slut! Yeah!"
 "I'll do anything to feel your cum inside me? What position do you want?"Michael layed down.
 "Face me! Sit on my cock and ride it you dirty slut! Fuck your teenage son good!" She did as he told her and took him to the hilt.

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   She then began toride him, up and down, so hard that it felt like the bed was going to break.
 "Get off!" he ordered and she did. "Get on your hands and knees you slut! I wanna fuck you from behind and feel your tits while you rub your clit!"As he penetrated her from behind, he started molesting his moms tits, pinchingher nipples and rubbing them with his thumb.
 "OooooOooOoOoOh GAWD! You fe. . el so good inside. . . of me! YES! YES! I wantit fast and. . . hard!" she exclaimed, moaning with intense pleasure.
 "AAAAH! I'm cuuuuuuming!" Michael yelled before launching his spunk deepwithin his own mother. The feeling of his own sons hot cum inside her hot, juicyquim was too much for her and she spilled her love juices all over Michaels dick.
 "Suck your juices off my dick you dirty slut! Yeah, it tastes good, doesn't it?"
 "Oooooooh yeah! The taste of your young cum and my experienced pussy juice mixed together is so goood!" she lay there, after severel orgasms, panting.


  "I don't want this to end. Too think I could've got a good fuck outta you allthose times I fingered myself thinking of you while you were on the computerall those times. I was scared you'd disapprove and tell someone or something,,,"
 "Mom, there's still one thing I gotta do. . . "
 "So much energy!" She said with amazement. "What is it, you pervert!"
 "I want to fuck you in the ass while you do yourself with your vibrator. "
 "How do you know about my vibrator?"
 "Shit mom, I used to smell it and put it in my mouth in hopes of smellingand tasting you!"
 "You make me so wet michael!"
  "Here mom, lay on top of me, facing up. " She got her vibrator and then followed her sons orders. He inserted his dick head into her tight asshole. Slowly, he started pumping in and out of her, then he picked up the speed, yelling in between moans: "Fuck yourself. . . with that dildo! Fuck your self so hard with it! YESS!"
 The only sounds to be heard were the loud thunking of the bed, Michael'smoms loud moans, Michaels groans and the quite buzzing sound of the vibrator.
 "OOOH JEEEZ!! GAWD!!!!" His mom screamed as she let out her most power-ful orgasm of the night, spilling her juices all over the dildo, Michaels ballsand the bed.

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 "Get on all fours mom! I wanna cum in your ass!" Michael fucked her hardfrom behind and blew his load deep inside his moms rectum. "Oooooh gawd!" As he pulled out, his jizz started to leak out of her tight brown asshole. She insertedher pussy juice-covered vibrator into her ass, pumping it 4 or 5 times and thenpulled it out. It was shiny with her juices and Michaels cum. She then started deepthroating it until it was bone dry.
 They both sat there, spent. Even at his young age, Michael couldn't fuckforever.
 "I don't know whether or not it's your natural skill as a fucker or justthe fact that your my son that made this so good, either way, you're the bestI've ever had. "
 "Just thinking about how I lost my virginity to my own mother makes me so horny! I'm going to have to come over more often!"
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