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     Although I was sorely tempted to drag Darrin off to the bedroom, and hump our brains out while our girls were out shopping, I resisted the urge, I did indeed want Darrin's cock to be brought back up, over and over, so I could get my fill of watching Darrin's fat, stiff cock splitting open the tight clefts of our sexy Samantha and her sexy friends. I was also intrigued, and turned on, thinking about what our sexy vixens were out buying for our later pleasures.

     At 3 PM, they returned home, eyes bright, and virtually carried us off to the bedroom. Clothes flew off, and Vanessa grinned as she reached into one of the bags, and drew out 2 more sets of handcuffs, blindfolds, and a spanking paddle, and Vanessa told us what was next.

     "Okay, we are going to form a square shape on the bed, and we shall each be handcuffed to each other. Daddy will blindfold us, wield the paddle, and he will paddle our asses to that bright, fiery red burn that stings so good. "

     Soon, we were in position, heads down, asses up. Vanessa was handcuffed to my left wrist, Anne was handcuffed to my right, Samantha across from me, cuffed to Vanessa's and Anne's wrists. Darrin slid our blindfolds into place, and picked up the paddle, and walked around the bed, stroking at our asses, bringing soft moans of pleasure from us. Suddenly, a loud WHAP filled the room, and Anne let out a howl as her ass took the hit.

     "Yes, yes, mmm, feels so good, spank me again!" she grunted.

     Another loud WHAP, and another howl from Anne.

     "Yes, yes, fuck that feels so good, let me have another!"


     "Oh fuck, it's starting to feel wonderful, paddle my ass!"

     Darrin was happy to do so, delivering five hard strokes to Anne's sexy ass, then adding one more with his hand.

     A few seconds passed, then , WHAP, and my ass lit up with the pain. Fuck, the pain and pleasure mixed, it was beyond erotic, and I howled with pleasure.

    "Yes, fuck yes, paddle my ass, fuck I love it!"

     Another hard WHAP, and my ass was pulsing with the pain-pleasure mix, my cunt starting to juice crazily.

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     "Fuck, fuck, spank me, tan my lily white ass, make my ass that hot, burning heat!"

     Darrin was happy to do so, and he delivered another three hard strokes, as I begged him on to spank me hard. My ass was starting that burning, stinging feeling, as Darrin delivered another hard whap with his hand.

     WHAP, and Vanessa let out a howl as her ass got it.

     "Oh yes, that feels so good, spank me hard, tan my white ass!"

     Vanessa got just what she asked for, as Darrin caned her ass with another 4 hard strokes, and a hard smack with his hand, Vanessa's cries of joy filling the bedroom.

     Samantha was next, as the loud WHAP, and Samantha cry of pleasure, filled the room.

     "Fuck, oh my fucking god, I love it, paddle my ass Daddy, tan it hard!"

     Sam's cries of pleasure filled our bedroom, begging Daddy on to paddle her hard, and Darrin delivered, four more hard strokes of the paddle, and a hard whap with his hand.

     WHAP, and Anne let out a howl as Darrin started to spank her again.

     "Yes, oh yes, more, more, just like that, give it to me, tan my ass some more!"

     After Anne had taken another 5 strokes, I knew what was coming next, and WHAP, I felt the sting and the jolt of pleasure both my fiery ass and my smoldering cunt received.  

    "Yes, yes it feels so fucking good, whip my ass sweetheart!"

     After 5 more strokes, my ass was glowing red, with the stinging, burning heat that feels so good.

     Vanessa and Samantha took five more hard stokes, as they begged Daddy on to tan their white asses.

     Oh fuck, my cunt was dripping, being cuffed up, blindfolded, caned, and having Anne, Vanessa and Samantha getting caned along with me was driving me wild.

     Darrin growled, "Are you ladies up for another 5 stokes?"

     We all were, and our cries of pleasure and begs of more, harder, filled the bedroom, as we each took a total of 15 hard strokes, that spanking paddle had done an excellent job, my ass was a set of fiery, burning globes, throbbing with the stinging pain, making me a horny caldron of lust.

     Darrin unlocked us, lifted the blindfolds, and we got up, I could see the deep reds of well whipped asses, looked like their sexy asses had the same burning, fiery glow that my throbbing cheeks had. Darrin's cock was a throbbing rock hard pole, it looked like he enjoyed paddling us as much as we enjoyed getting it. Sam told us what was next.

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    "OK Daddy, we are going to give you what you deserve for paddling our asses so well. We are going to get on our knees, and each of us will suck you in turn. You'll be blindfolded, so you won't know whose mouth you are filling! Ok, each one of us will get one minute, we will time each other, and no speaking. Just tap each other on the arm, and then take their place. If Daddy can last longer than 4 minutes, we just repeat, until he fills one of our mouths with a tasty load. "

     Darrin was blindfolded, then we motioned Anne to take the first suck. On her knees, she pulled back the foreskin, Darrin's head popped up, all shiny and pink. Licking her lips, Anne quickly surrounded his cock, and thrusting her head forward, swallowed 6 of Darrin's fat 8 inches. Darrin growled with pleasure, as Anne's mouth started to work on his cock, lips clamped tightly, hoping for a quick release. She gave a slight twist of her head, and Darrin growled as she swallowed him right down to the balls, her hot, teen mouth gliding up and down, hoping for his load. At 1 minute, I tapped her on the shoulder, she moved aside, and I took him in, swallowing him right down.

Oh yeah, I quickly took up the rhythm, sucking his cock, wondering if I would get the wet spray. When Vanessa tapped me on the shoulder, I figured Darrin was working to make it last as long as possible, as Vanessa took over, and quickly took her turn on his pole, hot, pouty lips gliding up and down, encasing his cock in a tight wet heaven of sucking and licking. A minute later, and Samantha took her turn, eagerly swallowing Daddy's stiff prick, doing her best to make Darrin fill her mouth. After a minute, Darrin was still holding on, and we mixed it up a bit, I motioned Vanessa in, and she eagerly took over.

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   Anne then took over, five minutes, and Darrin was still holding on. I began to heat up, I was next, and looked forward to working my very best to get that load. Before I could do that, Anne's hot, wet eager mouth took him over.

     "Fuck, fuck, oh fuck, gonna fill your mouth baby, cumming, cumming, fuck YEAH!"

     Darrin growled, and Anne brought her mouth up, keeping the head and the top part of his cock in, and stroked at the slick part of his uncovered cock, and Darrin let go. I could imagine the streams of spunk spewing wildly, Anne's mouth was so full, she had to pull back, sperm spilling from her lips, and two more ropes of spunk gushed, splattering her chin, and dribbles dripped out of Darrin's cock, and the cum was now dripping off Anne's chin onto her breasts. She motioned me forward, so I could suck Darrin in, and get the last few drops of tasty cum. Then, we swarmed over Anne, as we licked up the tasty spunk that had spewed over her face, and dripped onto her breasts.

     We kept Darrin blindfolded until we had licked off every drop, and we all looked at Darrin with sexy smiles, we weren't going to tell him who the lucky one was that swallowed his load.

     Vanessa said, "My pussy feels like it's on fire, and I'm sure that Anne, Momma and Sam feel the same way. Let's take care of that, right now!"

     Reaching into the bag, she smiled as she brought out 2 more 10 inch dildos and harnesses, ready for our horny pussies. My cunt was juicy and soaking, I needed that 10 inches shoved deep, and fucking me wildly.

     Anne quickly retrieved her dildo from Samantha's bedroom, Vanessa grinned, and strapped on one of the new dildos, and Samantha strapped on the other new dildo. Three stiff dildos, all 10 inches long, we standing up hard, ready to split open tight clefts.

     "Now, on the bed, on your hands and knees Momma!" Vanessa cooed. "Ok, I'll fuck Momma, Samantha, you fuck me, and Anne will fuck your sweet pussy!"

     Darrin joined in, "And I'll fuck Anne's sweet pussy with Momma's vibrating toy, you'll love it!"

     On the bed, ass cocked up, my pussy dripping with desire, I felt the head of Vanessa's dildo nudge against my slick lips.

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     "Ok Sam, get ready to ram me" Vanessa cooed.

     "Now, Anne, you get into position" Sam urged.

      "And Daddy, get Momma's buzzy toy ready for Anne!" I growled.

      I heard the soft buzz, and Vanessa counted down, "Three, two, one, GO!"

     I felt the pleasing plunge, the wonderful splitting, as Vanessa lunged forward, driving that 10 inches in. As she drove it in, smacking against my well spanked cheeks, I felt another push, and another, as Samantha drove into Vanessa, and Anne drove into Samantha, I felt my cervix get pierced, and my mind was whirling. The driving force of my walls getting opening, the smacking of our bodies, I wasn't the only one who let out a loud growl of mixed pain and pleasure as heated, well paddled ass cheeks were smacked by our hips, the driving, extra push, driving Vanessa's dildo right to the hilt, oh my god, it was just what I needed.

     Just as everyone got a rhythm going, my orgasm roared at me, and exploded just like a bomb right in my heated tunnel, I screamed, the pleasure was so intense it felt like an assault. Cries of orgasm from all of us echoed through the room, we had all been horny as all hell, and everyone kept going, hard dildos ramming, the liquid squelch of our juicy cunts being pounded, the buzzes of my vibrator working over Anne's heated center, my cunt quickly convulsed again, as a second orgasm blasted me, then the delicious spiral of multi-orgasms, my cunt just kept cumming, my horny center being split open, over and over.

The bedroom was filled with our howls, squeals and shrieks of orgasm, as all four of us road the multi orgasm merry go round. I lost track of how many times my cunt was blasted by orgasm, until we all collapsed in a heap.

     Darrin's cock had revived, and he quickly placed Samantha back on hands and knees, and drove it into her. Sam howled with pleasure, as her still tender ass cheeks felt the smack of Daddy's hips, driving his fat, eager revived 8 inches in deep.

     "Yes, oh fuck yes, I love it! Fuck me Daddy, fuck me, fuck me, and fill up your horny daughter with Daddy's hot cum, I want it now!"

     Three sets of eyes watched the action, it looked like Vanessa and Anne enjoyed watching Sam get fucked by her Daddy, just as much as I did. Darrin gave Sam just what she wanted, grabbing her hips, holding her tender ass cheeks tight against him, driving his bone hard cock in, Samantha's squeals and grunts of pleasure filling the room. I felt myself being rolled onto my back, Vanessa quickly squatted over me, presenting her bare smooth pussy to my face, there it was again, that hard, big clit, so ready for more sucking and licking, it made my mouth water.

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     Vanessa cooed, "Just for you Momma, I know how much you love my nice big clit, lick my clit, she's all horny and eager for your loving licks, while you lick me, I'll lick you. "

     I grasped Vanessa's hips, pulling her down, looping my tongue over her, and sliding my mouth over her hard clit, enjoying the way that hard bump felt in my mouth, surrounding her pink, hard clit.

     Samantha looked over, and locking eyes with Anne, she gasped, "I want it, I want to lick you baby, bring that sexy pussy over to me!"

     Anne quickly did so, sliding her pussy under Samantha's awaiting face.

     "Oh fuck, fuck, so sexy, love to lick you baby" Sam cooed.

     She buried her face in Anne's pussy, eager to lick her to a riveting orgasm. At the same time, I felt Vanessa stretch out, and in a tight 69, she devoured my heat, her pussy was dripping as I buried my fingers in, sliding up her tight sweet walls, eager for another squirting facial.

     The room was once again filled with our noises, the juicy squelching of Darrin's cock pounding Samantha's soaking wet cunt, the grunts and squeals of pleasure from Anne's as Samantha's skills at cunnilingus were so well put to use, the feelings pooling in my groin, getting ready to explode, and the cries of pleasure from Vanessa, her dripping wet cunt tight against my mouth, giving me lots of her sweet nectar to swallow. My fingertips hit her G spot, and I polished that spot, her sweet wet cunt above my face, eagerly awaiting her spray.

     Vanessa growled out, "Fuck, yes, yes, gonna cum, gonna squirt, gonna flood your face Momma, yes, yes, oh yes, FUCK YES!"

     Her voice rose to a shriek, and I was rewarded when her pussy let go, squirting her girl cum all over my face. I felt the splatter of her juices, feeling the need growing, and I then rolled us over, so I could squirt all over her. Vanessa's talented fingers were working over my G spot, I could feel the squirming way deep, then that squeezing urge.

     "Gonna cum, gonna cum all over your face baby, yes, yes, OH YES!"

     I tightened and squeezed, and the release hit me, my orgasm slammed into me, and my urethra opened up to let my ejaculation fly. The first stream sprayed out in a strong jet, splattering all over Vanessa's cute face, and more splatters of girl cum quickly followed, my howls of orgasm were joined as Darrin, roaring like a bull, burst inside Samantha's sweet honey center, I imagined the sweet flood of my husband's cum deep inside my daughter's creamy center, and that just made my orgasm more forceful, fuck, I was gasping for breath. Samantha's cries of orgasm were muffled as Anne shrieked, and blew her load of girl cum all over Samantha's face, I saw Anne, Darrin and Samantha jerking with pleasure, riveted by their orgasms. As Darrin pulled out and the three sexy bodies flopped down, I crawled over and quickly shoved my face in, licking at Samantha's delicious, slushy pussy, sucking out Darrin's thick, juicy load.

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   I smiled, Darrin's sperm ready to spill from my lips as I repositioned myself, leaning over Sam's face, she smiled back, knowing and eager for what I had for her, and I lowered my lips, she eagerly opened her lips to mine, and as our lips joined, I let Darrin's load flow, Samantha a very happy girl, as Daddy's load that was just delivered up her sexy tunnel, was re-delivered to her eager mouth.

     We all cuddled in a happy, well spent group, dinner time was nearing, and we needed to eat, and replenish ourselves, especially my husband, I had a feeling that Darrin's cock would be called upon for lots more fun and games tonight.


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