Teaching my young sister how to please a man


One day me and my sister were alone,we're around the same age.I was 18 an she was 16,she had just hooked up with this boy form school and all.She had been asking me all these wird quistions about sex and stuff like what was a bj,doggy style,and getting eatin out. So the wheels in my twisted 18 year old mind went into hyper speed, cause I'd had always thought she was super hot she had a nice round ass and about a size DD breast and she always dressed real sluty. So my plan was to be her sex Ed teacher. So later that day I told her that I could help show her how to Plz her man,so she agreed to it my cock got so hard, hader than ever before.So we waited till the time was right when our mom an dad went out of town on vaction for like a week.Oh and you can bet ur pants as some as they were gone we got to work.At first we took a long hot shower and let get use to seeing a big hard cock cause I was about 9 1/2 in and about an 1 1/2 around, she was like a kid in a candy store.

When we got out we didn't even dry off we went strait to her room with her hand on my cock.Leading the way as I followed when we got to her room she went to town sucking like a pro.After I blew my load in her mouth she said eat my pussy so I ate her out like it was my last meal she came on my face like my face four times ,she was shaking with pleasure.when she caught her breath she said to me put that big cock of yours in me now so I started out slow at first by rubbing an sloping my cock on that pink shaven pussy  then I shoved every bit of my cock in her she screamed with pleasure and wanted more with every thrust.needless to say we fucked every day that week for hours on end. To this daywe still fuck when we're alone or meet up