DHL Delivers


Hey Gang,
I hope everyone was good over the Memorial holiday. I was very bad. . . . LOL. . . but anyway, I wanted to write this because she is so hot and now comes over a lot. Some months ago before DHL quit delivering I had ordered some computer parts for my computer at home. More memory and a DVD drive and a hard drive. A 22 inch screen and stuff. Anyway, I was waiting for the delivery and finally the DHL van pulled up and I was knocked over by the beautiful woman that stepped out. She wore shorts and filled the DHL shirt totally full. Her brown hair that was in a pony tail was long and her skin was bronze color but not fromn a tan. It was her natural skin tone.

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   She came to the door and I was in my bath robe and made sure it was a little open. She had a wonderful Jamacian accent and I melted and almost fell over hearing her speak. "How are you doing today Mame?" she asked me. "Oh, ah, fine, very good, Thanks. " I managed to get out. "Are you okay?" she asked me. "Oh yes, I am fine, well, yeh, I am fine. " I said again. I looked at her eyes that were sea grey and contrasted so much with her skin tone. That was the final mistake and I knew that I would do anything she told me to, if only she would. My hands touched the belt to my robe and it fell open more exposing a view vertically from top to bottom. She saw my cleavage and tummy, all the way down to my shaved pussy and she smiled and looked at me slowly.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" she said and I saw the smile that said, "Anything at all. " and said, "Ah, well, yes, please step inside and let me check to see if the delivery is okay. " She did and closed the door behind her.

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   Then I smelled her perfume, it was an oil that lingers long after a woman has made love and left and it was now making me even dizzyer than before. I sat down and my robe fell open more now and I did not fix it at all. She stepped in front of me on the other side of my cofee table as I opened the package and looked over the contents. She was beautiful and she knew it. She had wonderful strong legs and a nice 36 inches on her hips. Her waist did not exist and was about 20 or 22 inches and then she filled her shirt out with wonderous 40JJ tits and she knew she was really getting me all torn up. I looked up to ask her a question about the second package since everything was not in the first. She leaned over and her clevage was wonderful since I was now looking down her shirt that she had unbuttoned the top two buttons on. She looked at the order and said it should be there soon. Her eyes caught me and I could not say anything and so she stood up and said, "Are you sure you are okay, you seem to be a little messed up. " she said and her accent was wonderful to my ears. My robe fell all the open as I tried to stand up and face the one that now had me under their control if they wanted me.

Finally I managed to say, "Well, to be honest it is you that is affecting me, you are soo beautiful. " I said now maybe 5 or 6 inches from her and she stood there not moving away. She put down the pad that had to be signed and then stood up.

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   She looked at me and reached out and brushed the robe the rest of the way of my shoulders and it fell to the floor and I stood there naked. "Do you like other women?" she said and I said, "Yes. " She now stood there amd stepped back a couple steps. I thought she was going to leave me there but she took off her shirt and tossed it to the couch and then her bra came off exposing huge nipples and they were so firm to be JJ and she undid the bra and tossed it next to her blouse. Then she pulled me to her and her arms were around and she kissed me. The feeling sent little shocks all over me and she had a tongue that went almost to the back of my mouth. My hands found her belt and snap on her shorts and then her zipper and they fell to the floor. Her skin was light caramel and her nipples were so dark that they were almost black. After the kiss she moved me down to her tits and I cupped them and sucked them for what seemed like an hour and then she said, "Take off the thong girl. " and I did just that pulling her thong down and she stepped out of it. She moved my face to her pussy and I began licking at her clit that stuck out exposed from her lips and she moaned as I sucked it into my mouth. "Bite the button. " she moaned and I did as she said and she was soaking wet in seconds. My fingers went to her pussy and I sank 4 in her as she stood there her hips moving as I licked and fingered her pussy. Sudenly her orgasm exploded all over my face and hand and chest as she moved her hips in jerking spasams.

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   She stood me up, "Now sit on the couch hun girlfriend and let me do what I wanted to do when I first saw you. " I sat down and she was on her knes in front of me my legs spread one on each of her shoulders and her face buried in my pussy. Then I had a shiver all over me as her tongue snaked it's way into my pussy. It was wild as she tongue fucked me slowly then faster then slow again each time taking me to an orgasm then making me wait. Finaly after I begged her so much she made me have an orgasm with her tongue all the way in me. I soaked her face and chest the way she had done mine and then she stood up and took my hand. "To the bed. " she said and we went to my bed. She laid me down and began going all over my body, kissing and licking and biting and sucking. No place was left untouched. She moved my legs up and her tongue found my ass and slowly, very slowly she slipped her tongue into me. I was going crazy and her fingers were all in my pussy as she tongued my ass.

She had to get up and go soon and so we went to the clothes that were in the living room. She took her things and slipped into them. She walked me back to the kitchen and turned on a gas burner and then took a small bag from her fanny pack.

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   She put together a small thing that had a handle on it and a small place at the end that was something that I asked what it was. "It is my brand Sweetheart, you will be branded by me, anyone that sees this will know you have been with me and that I will be back to claim my rights as your lover. " She put together the device and put the end in the flame on the stove. It got very very hot till it was turning colors. "Bend over Sweetheart. " she told me and without thinking I did just that. I leaned on the counter and she slapped my ass cheeks. . . several time she did this until I told her that it hurt. Again she slapped my ass and said, "How about that one. " and I told her that it hurt. Then I smelled flash and she slapped my ass again and the feeling went thru my ass. She had branded me with her name, "Jahnanda" and the slap took away from the burn some. She pulled me to her and kissed me again and said, "Now, I have rights to you.

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  " and she cooled the branding device away and went to her clothes and got dressed. "I will bring others to see you later, understand?" she said. "Yes, sure, not a problem. " I said and she kissed me again and said, "My mother will want to meet you. " and I said if she did that is fine. "Tonight then, at 8, we will be here. " She said and I said okay again. She looked at the brand and said it looked fine to take care of it. I told her that I treasured it and would take care of it always.
Tel ya what happened with Mom later.
Brenda. .