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I am a nineteen year old I have been working in a office for a time now when I started there a older woman took me under her wing and looked after me we have become friends Anne is her late forties and single we often go for a drink after work she asks intimate question some times I am used to that now and chat quite freely it about the first time I have felt I can talk like that with any one
I have a limited experiences of sex I have always been very self conscious of my body I am not quite the same as other females my Virginia is not the same as others I think my labia is long and hang down in two flaps my clitoris
is high and prominent it bulge out with a fleshy hood the clit its self is big and rounded it lays under the hood with the end showing
When I was at school I had a close friend and we to talking about sex and we got to showing each other our pussies
This got me aroused see hers the problem is this made my clit swell and stick out even more than normal
My friend fell about laughing when she sore mine and told all our friends I had a dick over my fanny my live was hell after that if I was in the showers other girls tried to look at me
So I became very self conscious about my crouch I have never let boys touchme I had a couple of boyfriends I would do any thing to stop them touching me I would wank them off suck them offit got about I was good for a blow job
I got this job and moved here into a very small flat where I am now I only have one friend really thats Anne but she don'tknow about my pussy I never wear tight trousers if I do you can see my crouch
As the months went by Anne and me got more friendly and closer going out more she asked me to stay at hers which I have done a few times one day she court me coming out of the shower she got a glim's of my crouch I covered up in a flash feeling very embarrassedafterwards Anne commented what a wonderful body I havewith out hinting about my pussy she made out it was my breasts she sore and was looking up not down
As time pasted the week went past I noticed Anne was more tactile touching my arm or holding my hand putting her arm round me and kissing me a lot not on the lips
She is wearing more reveling close her skirts seem a little shorter her top has another button undone her bra push a bit more cleavage up she really have a nice figure for her age and when I been at hers she has walkedround in her underwear looking for some thing the last time she had on hold up stockings on and a G-string
That was the night we went to a party together she was getting me drinks after a couple some one pick my drink up and sorry it yours to strong for me and put it down when we where leaving I was a little tipsy Anne had her arm round my wast we got a taxi we where in the back she was cuddling me my head was on her beast she moved a little so my face was right on it
It did feel nice it was warm and soft then I foundshe was very gently cupping mine giving it a gentle squeezes my nipple stiffened to the touch I think I moaned she must of taken this a signs she kissed my cheek I turned and our lips meet I have never been kissed like that it was breath taking we got to hers by then we got in the lift and we kissedlong and deep it was so natural I was feeling her tits the nipples where rock hard so where mine
Ones in the apartment we where all over each other after a few minutes of passion my pop was off her blouse was undone and open she was on top of me she stopped looked in the face and said my bedroom we walked in hand in hand we where standing in by the bed and in front of a large mirror with Anne behind me her arms round me kissing my neck her hands tugged at my skirt it slipped over my hips then onto the floor she sucked on my ear then licked her hand slipped inside the top of my panties I froze the hand moved down two fingers parted on the side of my clit and gently pressed together the clitoris was out half and inch getting longer and stiffer she said wonderful beautiful you are wonderful I was amazed
She slippedmy panties off we both looking in the mirror as they came down I was fully aroused my clitoris was at it biggest over an inch long and swelling the hood was rolled back she very gently moved her fingers over it I gasped
out loud my legs parted
Some how I ended up on the bed on my back watching Anne undress in front of me she let her bra go letting a large pear of breasts swing free they hung down with two very large and dark nipples sticking out very stiff and hard she slipped out the skit as she leaned forward her tits swung and parted looking huge she pulled the G-string off
She was as naked as me apart from the stockings her legs slightly parted to my delight I could see two large fleshy lips hanging between her thighs it was shaved
I could see with out her closes she was a large woman not at all fat but muscular tall and brought shoulders large hips flat tummy all woman but manly
She came over the top of me we kissed with real passion her knee pushed my legs apart she then kissed down my body taken each nipple and sucking and bitting gentle on them for ages I was going mad as did this down over my tummy I was watching her getting nearer my pussy I parted my legs for her she looked up and smiled
her breath was on my clit I gasped her tongue darted out and touched it I gasped out loud this time it seemed to rap round its length like a technical her lips moving up and down it making it quiver it was so stiff then the wet wrath of her mouth sucking it I was panting and gasping my god my belly was feeling tight then a long finger worked its way inside my vagina Jesus I cried my back arched by its self I was shaking as I climaxed on her face she didn't stop I had to push her away I had little shuddersgoing thew my body after she came off it
We hugged and kissed Anne rolled onto her back I knew what she wanted I lifted a big breast to mouth taken a very hard nipple in mouthsucking really hard and pulling it upwards I did both one after the otheri slipped down her body looking up I could see her pulling on her nipples as I got lower I could smell her she was on heat
she benther knees and parted her thighs as wide as she could get them she had two very long and fleshy lips which had rolled back and gapedopen looking very wet inside she had a pink clitoris not as big as mine ut quite long I touch it with my tongue she jumped as I sucked it in my mouth I got a sweet taste of her sex as I did this she humped at me gasping I slipped two fingers inside her she went AH AH AH more darling I got three in easily then she climaxed jerking on my face holding my head to her
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