Vampire pt3


“Alright, how this works, is we go into town, and we find the sexiest girl we can, we seduce her, and bring her back with us. We make her last night alive the best of her life, and then our Mistress drains her dry. ” Haley said, leading me by the hand out of the bathroom down the hallway to a huge walk-in closet. Clothes of all descriptions covered the walls. We both started to pick through the clothes.
Haley settled on a black mini-skirt, black thong, black sleeveless leather shirt that hugged her breasts, black 3 inch heels, and black tights. I decided on a black sleeveless shirt and black leather pants that hugged my ass and legs and 3 inch black heels like Haley’s. I decided not to wear underwear, my nipples showed through the shirt and my pussy was nicely outlined by the pants.
“Mmmm, looking sexy new girl. ” Haley said, smacking my ass, I turned and kissed her, grabbing her breasts through the shirt.
“You’re not bad yourself, want to spend the night in my bed after our mistress finishes her meal?” I asked her, pulling on black leather gloves, they somehow completed the outfit.
“Sure, but only if I can take my strap-on and ream that sexy ass. ” Haley replied, pulling my pants down in the back and kissing both my ass cheeks then sliding her finger between my cheeks, pressing her finger against my puckered little hole.
“Mmmm, I’m a virgin back there, so be gentle. ” I said, moaning slightly when she pressed her finger into my tiny hole.
“Come on sexy bitch, let’s go get our ride into town.

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  ” Haley said, pulling my pants up and smacking my ass one more time then grabbing my hand and leading me out of the closet and down the hallway through a large door and into a giant parking garage. I saw the two redheads getting into a black corvette and they waved over to us, they were both wearing red leather dresses that just barely covered their asses and hugged their tits, both were wearing 5 inch red heels.
“Get in ladies, let’s go get dinner. The mistress told us to go feed while you two got her dinner. ” They said in unison and Haley and I got into the back seat, we buckled up and Haley put her arm around me and pulled my head onto her shoulder. The redheads buckled themselves in and the one driving slammed her foot down on the gas and the engine roared to life, the tires burned out and we rocketed out of the garage.
I buried my face in Haley’s breasts, I was terrified. She pulled my face out of her tits and kissed me.
“Don’t worry, they’re vampires, they won’t crash. Now kiss me. ” Haley crushed her lips to mine and wrapped her arms around me, I responded almost immediately and wrapped my arms tightly around her and rammed my tongue into her mouth. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter and my juices were running down the inside of my legs. Our tongues lashed and our bodies moved against each other.
“I want you Haley, right now. ” I slid my hand under her shirt and grabbed her breast and slid my fingers under her skirt into her pussy.

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   She grabbed my wrists and broke the kiss.
“We can’t Rebecca, not now, tonight, save it ALL for tonight, these will be yours tonight. ” She said, grabbing her breasts and squeezing them together.
“Okay, can I have one more kiss?” I said pleadingly.
“Of course, sexy bitch. ” She kissed me hungrily then slowly pulled away and put my head on her shoulder.
The snowy landscape flew by in a blur, and I cuddled up closer to Haley, it clicked with me that we were going to be very cold once we got into town.
“Don’t worry Rebecca, look in the duffel bags on the floor, we’ve got coats for you ladies. ” The redhead in the passenger seat said.
I reached down to the bags, but Haley stopped me and put my hands around her instead.
“Later, now we’ve got some alone time. ” Haley whispered in my ear and kissed my neck softly.
“How did you end up here? In the service of our mistress I mean?” I asked, looking into her eyes and kissing her lips softly.
“I’m not English, I’m American. I used to live in Florida; I’ve been here 3 years.

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   I’m 19. When I was 16, my parents kicked me out when they found out I was a lesbian. I was sitting crying outside, and then the mistress found me. She saved me, offered me a place with her, she forged my passport. My name is Haley Chloe now, showing I was her daughter to get me through customs. I’ve been her attendant and slave ever since. ”
“Wow, I’m so sorry. ” I said, hugging her.
“Don’t be, it’s the single greatest thing ever to happen to me, if my parents hadn’t kicked me out, I’d never have found Mia, and then I never would have met you. ” She kissed me tenderly, sliding her tongue into my mouth.
“We’re here ladies. ” The redheads said. Haley and I untangled ourselves and opened the duffle bags, 2 fur coats and fur lined gloves and hats. We put them on and got out of the car. We were in a crowded parking lot behind the restaurant I used to work at.

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“Alright ladies, don’t talk to strangers, find the sexiest girl you can for the mistress, and call us if you need help. ” One of them gave a cellphone to Haley and then they both vanished in a blur of red.
“They’re going to go eat and then help us search. What do you want to do first Rebecca?” Haley said, taking my hand and leading me onto through the crowd on the sidewalk
“Shouldn’t we find the mistress’ dinner?” I asked her, looking through the crowd, not noticing anyone special.
“Yes, but we can enjoy ourselves, let’s go get our dinner first. ” Haley answered me, leading me to a nearby Italian restaurant.
Two men took our coats and looked at us like they were going to rape us or something, we were dressed to kill, so I didn’t blame them. We got a booth and sat across from each other. We were drawing quite a bit of attention. We held hands across the table and looked at each other, I was getting hornier by the second, I wanted Haley really badly.
“You know Rebecca, I think I love you. ” Haley said, smiling at me.
“I love you too Haley. ” I leaned across the table and kissed her.
A chorus of Woos went through the restaurant as we kissed.

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   We broke the kiss when the waitress came. She was sort of cute, but not what we were looking for.
“Hello, what can I get you ladies?” She said smiling at us, clearly looking at Haley’s breasts; of course I was staring myself.
“I don’t know, what are you in the mood for sweety?” She said, looking over at me.
“Ummm, what do you recommend?” I said, looking at the waitress.
She said something in Italian I didn’t understand at all, followed by “is what I’d recommend. ”
“Sure, bring us both that. ” Haley said, smiling at her, trying to hide the fact she had no idea what the waitress just said.
I crawled under the table to the other side, cuddling up against Haley, gently grabbing her boobs through her shirt. She gently slapped my hand.
“Not here baby, tonight. ” She said, kissing me softly.
“I want you now. ” I whispered in her ear, kissing her neck softly.
“I want you too sweety, but we can’t.

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  ” She whispered back to me.
Haley reached under the table and grabbed my ass through the pants and ran her fingers over my pussy. My juices were flowing, running down my legs, I was SO horny. My nipples were hard showing through my shirt. I noticed her juices running down her legs and her nipples were hard, she was as horny as I was.
“We have to find the mistress her girl so we can go back to my bedroom. ” I said to Haley, kissing her softly.
“I know, I want you baby, I want that sexy ass. ” Haley kissed my neck softly.
“How have you serviced the mistress? What have you done for her?” I whispered into Haley’s ear, kissing her earlobe softly.
“I’ve fucked her pussy, her ass, Garnet, Ruby and I have all fucked her at once. She’s fucked me, my pussy and my ass, she loves to drink my blood from my breasts, of course if I was a vampire I would too, I love my breasts. She’s tied me up and left me to Ruby and Garnet, that was a LONG night. After they finished with me the mistress came and showed me what sex REALLY should be like. She‘s had 4000 years to perfect it, and she has perfected sex.

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   She was 20 when she was made into a vampire by her mistress before she was burned in the sun by an angry mob. Mia hid and made her way to here where she built this castle and then lived in it. She was the queen of her own kingdom; her entire army was feared because they were all vampires. Unstoppable warriors, all female, beautiful, wondrous creatures. Now she trains us to be her slaves for all eternity. I swore my life to her when she gave me this. ” Haley pulled her shirt down slightly and showed me the M on her left breast, the same as mine. “We are her chosen, we are her children, we are hers. ”
My pussy grew wet at how the mistress would treat me. I wanted to be with her forever, I’ll do anything for my mistress. 4000 years… I wonder what her mistress was like… Could a creature be more beautiful than the mistress?
“Tell me about you Rebecca, where have you come from? Who have you had sex with? What have you done?” Haley whispered in my ear, kissing my neck softly.
“I’m 23, I’ve never had a boyfriend, or girlfriend, or anything. I was a virgin up until the mistress took me. I got perfect A’s in school, I wore glasses, I wore baggy clothes, I didn’t want anyone hitting on me, I got scholarships, I went to college at 17, I got my masters degree in psychology, and now I can’t find a job so I worked at the restaurant in front of where our car is parked as a waitress and I live north of the castle in a crappy shack. ” I said, looking down, “my life was most people’s dream, minus the crappy house, except that it had lacked love.

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“I’ll show you what love is, Rebecca. ” Haley whispered to me, and then pressed her lips to mine, wrapping her arms around me. I was surprised, but I held her tightly to me. She was mine. Her tongue prized my lips open and we kissed fiercely. My fingers slid into her hair and I kissed her more fiercely, crushing her closer to me, her fingers slid up the back of my shirt and ran her fingers down my spine. My entire body shivered, I wanted her, NOW. She pulled away and held both of my hands behind my back.
“No baby, not now, our foods here. ” Haley kissed me softly and then let go of my hands and turned to the waitress. Both our mouths dropped open. She definitely wasn’t the girl who took our orders. She was really short, 4’11” probably, but her breasts were a C cup at least, and her ass was huge, bigger then the Mistress’ ass probably. We found our girl. She was pale, with sort of grizzled brown hair, but she had big green eyes that dug into your soul and she was wearing a low cut shirt that accented her breasts and jeans that hugged her ass.

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   The mistress would be pleased. She put a plate of some sort of pasta in front of both of us.
“Can I get anything else for you ladies?” She asked us in a musical tone.
“Your phone number would be nice. ” Haley said, smiling.
She leaned down to Haley and whispered in her ear “I’m off work in 15 minutes, eat and meet me out back, I’m coming home with you two. ” She kissed Haley and then left.
“The Mistress will be pleased. ” I said, smiling at Haley.
“I think we will be too,” Haley leaned over and kissed me, “Eat up, we’ve got pussy for dessert. ”