A Boy and His Flashlight Chapter 4

Mind Control

Evan managed to come up with another topic for his physics projectand he helped Yvonne with hers, too. They were just glad to get themover with and didn't care what their grades were.

In the meantime, Evan was seeing a lot less of Bill and Caseybecause they were too busy with the hot girlfriends that Evan hadgiven them. So he decided to phone his buddies up to see how thingswere progressing. "Hi Bill. How's it goin'?" "Hi Evan. What's up?""I just wanted to know how your relationship with Kim was comingalong. " "(Laughs). Fuck, dude. I still can't believe I'm with achick that hot. And she's up for pretty much anything. Her friendsaren't real happy about her being owned by me, but tough shit. ""That's good to know, man. Just be careful about the way you tie herup and all that shit. " "Yeah, no problem, dude. I've been studyingthe subject much more since you introduced me to her.

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   She totallyloves the rope. It really seems to do it for her. " "That's cool man. Well, check ya later. " "Okay, dude. Later. "

Following the conversation with Bill, he rang Casey. "Hiya Casey. ""Hey Evan!" "So dude, how are things with Pam?" "Kicking ass, dude. She's all over me all the time. The day after you hooked me up withher we had sex like three times!" "So dude, I know you were avirgin. How many seconds did you last when you first did her?""Dude, come on man. She gave me a hummer first and I ate her for awhile and then we did it. So I shot my wad after she had an orgasm. I wasn't a one pump chump.

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  " "Excellent dude! Way to go!" "Yeah,(chuckle). By the way, dude, Pamela got invited to a party thisFriday. Why don't you and Yvonne come with us?" "I'm game for it,but I don't think that would really be Yvonne's thing. She's notmuch of a drinker. I'll just go there and try to hook up. " "Cool,dude. I'll swing by at eight and we'll head to the party. " "Righton. " "Hey man, what's up with you and Yvonne, anyway?" "What do youmean?" "You two are awfully affectionate with each other. " "No we'renot!" "Dude, she's always laying there with her head in your lap. And when she's not doing that she sits right up against you. " "What,dude, are you jealous because she didn't want to go out with you?""Maybe a little. But you guys seem awfully close. " "Dude, we'retwins. I was in the womb with her.

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   Yeah, we're close, but there'snothing perverted going on. Fuck man. I hook you up and you give meshit about my relationship with my sister?" "Okay man. Just fuckin'with you. " "Okay, dude. Anyway, I'll see you when you pick me up. ""Okay, Evan. See ya. "

Evan began to make plans for the party and mulled ways he couldbuttonhole chicks and put them under. The challenge was that therewould probably be tons of people there. Plus he had to do it quicklyenough so that he could snag one or two before the cops showed up toshut things down. He also wasn't sure how his subjects' intake ofalcohol was going to impact the efficacy of the flashlight. .

So when Friday rolled around, Evan was nervous and even a littleapprehensive. He also felt guilty leaving Yvonne behind.

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   He told herthat he and Casey were just gonna go have a guy's night out. It onlytook about ten minutes for he, Casey and Pam to arrive at the party,which was really just starting to get underway. As soon as he gotthere, he saw Becky Burnette talking with Deena Brown. Becky was a5'2" 100 pound hottie with B cups whose body displayed thecharacteristics of what she was, an aspiring gymnast. So every bitof her body was well toned and she had very shapely legs and a tightbutt. She wore her hair in a pixie cut and, because of her bubblypersonality, she became very popular. She was just soadorable. She was also smart in a practical common sense kind ofway. As Evan approached them, he turned on the miniature flashlighthe had clipped to his right sleeve. He shined it on the faces ofboth girls and they immediately stopped talking and exhibited vacantstares. He whispered into Becky's ear, "you will obeyevery command I give you. " Then he did the same to Deena. He gotboth of their cellphone numbers and email addresses. He texted Beckyhis address and then told her to come to his house Saturday night. He kept Deena's info in case he might be able to use her in thefuture.

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He managed to intercept Eva Lamonica as she came in from thebackyard on the way to the bathroom and froze her. He did the samething with her he had done with Becky and Deena. Eva was one ofthose girls who was cute, but not beautiful. She was blonde, 5'5"and 110 pounds with C cups, was chatty as hell and very friendly. Evan told her to meet him over at Three Oaks Park at seven onSunday. He did that because he was afraid of his dad's reaction withall these babes coming over to his house all of a sudden and he wasalso sure that Yvonne didn't really like it, either.

Evan snagged a beer and stood over to one side of the living room takingthe scene in. There were probably about 50 people milling about invarious states of drunkenness or drug influence. To be honest, thelonger this affair went on the less Evan found himself being interestedin it. He wished he was back home with Yvonne. He finally went up toCasey. "Hey dude, this party's pretty lame. Would you mind taking mehome?" "Yeah, I know what you mean. It's weird, man. I always enviedthose in the popular crowd and now that I'm in the middle of it I wouldrather shoot myself than have to deal with it any longer.

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   Let me get Pamand we'll jam. " "Thanks man. "

15 minutes later, Evan was home and practically crushed Yvonne when hehugged her. "That didn't last very long," she observed. "Yeah. I guess Ijust get too easily bored. Anyway, I'm so glad to be with you again. Let's go cuddle. " "Okay, baby. " When they scooted into bed together hegave a silent thank you for that moment when he surrounded her body withhis arms.

Saturday, Becky came over at the appointed time and he took herupstairs. "Okay Becky, take your clothes off. " She complied and herpetite form was now on display for his eyes only. "Fuck, what a body!"he burbled quietly. She was also shaven and her boobs were like circularbowls of pudding with Hershey's kisses for nipples.

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   If there was goingto be a picture in the dictionary for the word, "nubile," Becky's imagewould be it. "Becky, you're going to let me do anything I want with you,including sex. " "Okay," she consented. He leaped into bed and had herfollow. "Jesus Becky, you're really cute!" he said. She smiled and thenaccepted his kisses and that escalated into heated making out. Heenjoyed the sensation of her soft boobs under his hand. He went throughthe usual foreplay steps, licking and sucking her nipples and then dongthe same with her clit and pretty little slit. His mouth was smearedwith her wetness as he spurred her to one orgasm after another. Her wellmuscled legs had a shape to them that was particularly sexual to himand, as he sat upright and began to raise them over his shoulders, hetried to take a picture of them with his eyes so that he could rememberthem for when he wanted to masturbate.

Finding out she wasn't on the pill, he rolled a condom on and tunneledinto her pussy with his cock. The combination of feeling her tapered andsomewhat muscular body in his arms and the firm way her cunt caressedhis main mast caused his ardor to progress rapidly toward its peak. Shewas right there with him as he pumped and humped her, moaning andsighing,  pulling her short legs tight around his shoulder blades . "OhGod, oh yes oh oh oh, oh my God yesssssss. " she rasped as she felt herinner walls being rubbed time and again by his sheathed weapon.

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   Thiswell conditioned athlete seemed to be running out of breath the longerthis went on. She appeared to be nearing the speed of light with thefrequency of her breathing. "Oh God oh oh oh oh yes, God yes, I'm goingto cum, yes, ohhhhh, harder!" she whimpered and then she produced asqueaky long exhale and then panted harder and deeper while the orgasmroared through her, her pubic muscles contracting fiercely. Less than aminute later, he reached his breaking point and propelled his spunk intothe reservoir tip of his condom.

He withdrew and tossed the condom into his waste basket. As he laidthere stroking Becky's face, he thought to himself, "fuck, I could fallin love with this chick. " He hugged her tightly. "God Becky, you'reawesome, babe. " She reacted to that by combing his hair with her fingersand thanking him for the compliment. As he kissed her again, he wasalso thinking about Yvonne and didn't want to alienate her. Should hesee if he could turn both Yvonne and Becky into bisexuals so that theycould all three sleep together? "No, I can't do that. I want Yvonne allto myself," he resolved in his mind. He broke the kiss with Becky andhad her lean her head on his shoulder.   "Not only that," his thoughtscontinued,  but down the line do I want to raise both Yvonne's kids andthe ones I would have with Becky? And would I end up showing favoritismto Yvonne's children?"

"What are you thinking about Evan?" Becky inquired. "Nothing.

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   Don'tworry about it," he said. They laid there silently while he turned thisissue over in his head. Finally, he noticed the time. "We better getdressed so I can take you home, Becky. " He kissed her goodbye after hepulled up in front of her house and told her he would call her Monday.

He had a shower and then got Yvonne. "Evan, you have to stop doing thatto me," she said. "I don 't liked being shoved aside when you want toscrew some other girl. " "How did you know I was screwing another girl?""Duh, I can smell the sex in your room. Look, I understand you wantingto date other girls, but don't put me in the closet to do it. " "Sorry,babe. But you know that these things are meaningless to me. It's justgetting my rocks off. The reason I had you stay in your room was that Ididn't want to humiliate you by doing it in front of you, especiallysince I was doing it  to use and humiliate them. You're the only one Iever want to keep around because you're the only one who means anythingto me.

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"Evan, I know that. Also, none of those people know I'm your girlfriend. So I don't know how you're humiliating me, at least to other people. ""Still, babe, I'm sure the girls would like some privacy. " "That's true. Look, just tell me when they're coming over and I'll stay out of yourroom. " "Okay. Sorry again, Yvonne. "

The actual fact of the matter was that, really, Evan only needed thegirls out of the room while he was programming their minds. He couldn'thave Yvonne find out about the flashlight's powers, especially since hehad used it to manipulate her, too.

But while it was true that Yvonne didn't like being chased off when thegirls came over, it also awakened her competitive instinct when it cameto other women. After he had apologized, she unzipped his pants andsucked his cock into her mouth and gave him a right royal bj, capped offby her slurping his jizz into her stomach. "God, Evan, why does yourcum taste so good? All the other girls I know says their boyfriend'staste like warmed over garbage or bleach. " "Maybe it's you," he snarkedwhile laughing inside. "I guess it's a good thing," she smiled.


  "Definitely," he approved.

Sunday, Evan told his family he was going over to Bill's after dinner. Then he hotfooted it to the park to meet Eva. He had one of theredesigned penlights in his pocket and since daylight savings timehadn't come yet (it was the last week of March now), it was alreadydark. He found her waiting in the stands of the diamond that was usedfor slow pitch softball and college baseball games. In fact, there was asoftball game going on at the time, so at least Eva wasn't left alonein an unlit area. He collected her and led her to a grassy area that wasshrouded in black shadows and ringed by trees so that nobody would beable to see what they were doing unless they came looking for them. Hetold her that she would permit him to touch her however he desired. Theymade out for a while and he fondled her breasts, Eva enjoying the feelof the light, cool breeze on her nipples. He then decided to fool withher orgasm response. He whipped the penlight out and shined it in hereyes and her face became expressionless. "You will need just two minutesof having your clit rubbed or vagina fingered to have a strong orgasm,"he began. "And you will orgasm every five minutes during sex, each moreintense than the last. Also, when you give a man a blowjob, you willthink his cum tastes like candy. However, you will only have sex with orgive blowjobs to either whoever is your boyfriend at the time or me.

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When she regained consciousness, he applied digital friction to her pinknubbin and within the allotted 120 seconds, she was writhing inecstasy. . "Do you want to be fucked now?" "Oh my God yes," she panted. Evan shoved two fingers inside of her and used them like he would hispenis and made her cum three times, her voice faintly echoing around theotherwise usually quiet part of the park.

Before he commenced feeling her up, he gleaned from her that she hadslept with a dozen guys after losing her virginity at 15 to her thenboyfriend. The oldest guy she had done it with was last year with her 30something softball coach. He invited his charges over to his house onenight to party and, after they all got high, she and he snuck off to hisbedroom and got busy. She'd had a thing for him for a while before thatand they were still getting it on every now and again. "He's got a nicebig dick and he knows how to use it," she testified.

When Evan was done with her, he walked her home (she actually lived only two blocks away from him).

Monday, he was in his trig class and a thought crossed his mind. In thatsame class was a friend of his, Ernie Osterberg, a 5'7" Jewish kid withan acerbic sense of humor, a quick mind and a killer work ethic. Erniewasn't in Evan's main group of friends, but they both respected eachother after meeting at school two years ago and would occasionally hangout as a change of pace from their usual circles. Also, it was a chancefor Ernie to hit on Yvonne. After class, Evan caught up with Ernie asthey walked out of the classroom building they had been in.

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   "HeyOsterberg, man, I got some interesting news for you. " "Oh yeah? And thatis?" "There's this cute girl who asked me about you the other day. She's also really smart and nice. " "Who is it, Reese?" "Dude, I'm notgoing to tell you. And don't worry, it's not some fat chick. You want meto hook you guys up?" Ernie smiled and smirked. "Yeah, I guess so. Idon't have anyone right now. Might as well take a shot. " "Cool, man. Letme talk to her and I'll get back to you. " "Okay, man. This better notbe some April Fool's joke. " "Have you ever known me to fuck with you?""Not yet (laughs). " "Okay dude, gotta run.

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As Evan left his fourth period class, he called Becky and told her tocome to his house that night. At lunch, he told Yvonne that Becky wouldbe at their house to talk about her fascination (which she didn't yetknow she had) with his pal Ernie. She would only be there a littlewhile, but they needed some privacy while they talked things over.

When Becky came over, it was actually Yvonne who answered the door. "Shit, my brother cupid," Evan's twin thought to herself. Evan tookBecky into her room and hit her with the flashlight beam. "You are goingto fall madly in love with Ernie Osterberg when you meet him and youwill find his sense of humor funny and smart and see and feel his cockas being a fat eight inches and his cum as tasting delicious. " The thingfor Evan was that as long as he had affection for Becky, if he can'thave her because of his need to be with Yvonne, he would give her tosomeone who was just about guaranteed to be successful. Ernie was also alefty ideologically and thus would be supportive of her athleticendeavors, too.

He then remembered the suggestions he had given Eva and put Becky backin a trance and ensured that the latter would emerge from it with moresensitive orgasm triggers. He subsequently took her home and told her tomeet him after school at the marquee in front of the campus Tuesday. . Yvonne was happy that she was gone in less than half an hour because italmost assuredly meant they didn't have sex. When Evan returned, Yvonnejumped his bones to again remind him of who loved him most.

Before his trig class Tuesday, Evan told Ernie about the meeting he hadset up.

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   He also warned Ernie to just be himself and to not pussy out. Ernie was a little jittery when he joined the other three at the marqueeafter the final bell. "Ernie, this is Becky Burnette. Becky, this isErnie Osterberg," Evan informed them. Becky said a friendly "hi" andthen flipped her hair back with her hand and held his eyes whilesmiling, all indicators of female interest in somebody. Ernie smiledback at her and said "hi. " "Why don't you walk her home Ernie. Yvonneand I have to go. " "Okay Evan. Take care. " "Thanks, man. You too. "

Evan laughed to himself that he was thinning the herd, which is the nounhe sometimes used to describe the popular crowd. There really is no"popular" clique on campus unless there were women to patronize it withtheir approval. This made Evan question what he should do with Deena andEva.

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   The other girls in the clique were just kind of there to him andhe wasn't sure if they were worth the effort it would take to bring themunder control.