The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 16


Just to make things easier on both John and me, I rented an SUV todrive home in since I pretty much had enough axes to start a guitarstore with. I wasn't used to driving something that huge, but atleast I arrived in one piece and so did my luggage and gear and thatis all that counted. Then I picked up my dogs from the sitter's andthey all looked in fine fettle, thank God. I immediately took themout to the park for a couple of hours. It also helped me getreacquainted with being back in California.

I initially felt kinda frustrated that I wouldn't be able to tellJason what had happened on the trip. But oh well. I had new guitarsto play with. Yippee! My dogs, though, wouldn't let me out of theirsight for a few days before they finally got bored with me andresumed their routines.

Then Jason dumped me. Over the two weeks I had been in Japan, he andDiana had become closer and closer. Also, Jason was getting thefeeling I was becoming too much like his mom, a right on observationon his part. I did feel more like a parent than a girlfriend attimes during the relationship. I acted all sad and shit, but thetruth was I rejoiced inside. It was better for him to do moreexploring in life rather than get swallowed up by the circus that mypersonal life was evolving into. In addition, tt would enable me toslow things down and retrench so that I could avoid mistakesthat I had made in the past, such as Jason and I becoming a couplewhen I mainly just wanted to sleep around and have fun.

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For the next month after that, I basically hid from the world exceptfor doing the odd guitar video on You Tube and walking my dogs. Because of the videos I was asked to try out for a local  band. God,they sucked. I played one song with them and then said I wasn'tinterested. Then I got asked to audition for  a classic rock coverband. I was a far better player than the other guitarist, but thatwas the problem. It was basically his band and he didn't want to beovershadowed. I guess his dick shrunk by 50% or something when hesaw that a girl could play circles around him.

I really wanted to play in a band, but then again, I didn't. Thereare so many fucking flakes and posing douchebags who call themselves musicians. I mean, really, who needs the headaches?

Once I had a chance to feel settled down again, I calledMarina just to touch base. Of course, she wanted to know where I hadbeen for the better part of the last two months. I told her thatwhen I got dumped by Jason I just decided I wanted to kind of resetmy life and get back to basics. She said that she understood. I hopethat she got the message that I was going to step back from myinvolvement from her and the others because things just became toocomplicated.

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When our conversation ended, I took my dogs out to the park. On theway back, I noticed a patrol car that seemed to be following me, whichwas weird. After I unleashed the mutts and started to head upstairs,there was a knock at my door. Of course, my dogs were going out oftheir minds. I opened the door and there was a police officer. "Excuse me miss, but shouldn't you be in school right now?" heasked. "Why? Is graduate school mandatory now?" I snarked. I wasdressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and I guess, given mydiminutive size, he thought that I looked rather young. Anyway, helooked at me weird and then asked for my identification. I pulled mydriver's license out and handed it to him. "Sorry to bother you Ms. Suzuki," he said after seeing that I was 22. He was pretty cute,blonde, 6'2" and around 200 pounds in his mid-20's, though, and Iwasn't going to waste the opportunity.

"That's okay. I'm kinda flattered," I retorted, giving him a flirtylook.

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   "Why don't you come in and I'll make lunch for you?" Ioffered. "My doggies won't bite," I promised. "Hey, that sounds goodto me," he responded and radioed that he was going on break. Iwhipped up a quick curry rice dish for him  I started teasing himusing the truancy thing as a way to hit on women. He then asked meif I invited cops to have lunch with me often and I replied with awry smile, "not really, but maybe I should. " I got up from where Iwas sitting and moved behind him and leaned over and kissed him. AsI was doing that, I reached down to his crotch and startedmanipulating his cock through his pants. "So are you going to showme your night stick?" I seductively inquired. I unzipped histrousers and reached in and pulled his already stiff dick out.

"Why don't you get more comfortable on my living room couch and I'llsee what I can do about the stiffness in your love muscle," Ipropositioned. "Oh yeah, I could definitely use a massage there," hejoked. When he got situated, I removed all of my clothes and kneeledin front of him. He undid his belt and I pulled his trousers andunderwear down to his ankles. He had a nice fat cock that wasprobably pushing eight inches. I darted my tongue at the tip of hiscockhead and then put my lips just over the first quarter inch of itand sucked on it a few times.

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   Then I bobbed my head up and down overthe whole head several times and he was already groaning. I slowlymoved my mouth down about three quarters of the way down his shaftand stopped and sucked as hard as I could on it. I pulled it out ofmy mouth and said something about how big and thick it was before Igulped his entire penis in one fell swoop and he let out a loud moan asI swallowed with his cockhead in my throat. I started to earnestlygo at it, my head nodding rapidly, causing my lips to create apulling sensation on his engorged shaft. "Fuck, oh fuck, oh shit,"he muttered in quick succession as he deposited increasing amountsof his precum on to my tongue. His breathing was becomingexceedingly erratic and choked as I pushed and pulled my lips on toand then away from his bulging manhood until, with a long grunt, hespattered my mouth with his semen. When his cock had finishedspasming, I collected his sperm on my tongue, showed it to him, andthen swallowed.

"Oh my God, that was phenomenal. I have to return to my shift, Miwa,but thanks for the lunch and bj. Sorry again for hassling you aboutyour age," he apologized, as he hugged my nude form. "No problemsweety," I answered. "Don't be a stranger. " I'm sure I wasn't thefirst woman to give him head because they have a cop fetish, but itwas still a good time.

The funny thing is that it happened to me again the following day. Iwent to the supermarket to do my weekly food shopping.

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   After Iloaded my groceries into my car, I went to this Chinese fast foodplace in the same shopping center. After I ordered, I was standingthere waiting for my order to be put together when I noticed thatthis group of three cops at a table about 15 feet away looking atme. One of them got up and asked me why I wasn't at school. Irepeated the snark about graduate school being mandatory and hedemanded my identification  "Shit, sorry about that," he said,embarrassed when he read my age. "You ought to dress older becauseyou look really young," he asserted. "How old do you think I look?"I questioned. "About 15," he stated. That blew me away. I guess whenI had my hair in a ponytail, which is how I had it that day and theday before, it makes me look like a schoolgirl when I wear theshorts and t-shirt.

So I decided to have some fun with that. I went to the mall around 3p. m. with that outfit on, just hanging out on some circular seats thatwere arranged in the center of the mall's main pathway to see who mighthit on me, if anyone. I saw this group of teenagers about 30 feet awayand it appeared that most of them were trying to goad the tallest oftheir number to do something and they were staring at me. Unfortunately,none of them were anywhere attractive and when the one guy made atentative approach by sitting next to me, I immediately blew him off.

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   Hewalked away with his tail between his legs.

A few minutes later, I noticed a man in his 30's, I think, repeatedlystaring at me. I guess he saw me ignore the teenage guy and he decidedto use that as an opening. He walked over and pretended to read amagazine. I kept an eye on him to see what he would do. Finally, he gotup the nerve to turn to me and say, "I bet you get hit on a lot but Iguess you don't like guys your own age," he opened. 'Well, that wasquick," I thought to myself. "Yeah, the guys at my school are soimmature," I fake complained. "So what are you doing here today?" heinquired. "Just people watching and enjoying the air conditioning," Igiggled. "I was just kinda window shopping but don 't really have themoney for most of it," I whined again. "A beautiful girl like you mustreceive a lot of presents from interested guys," he continued. "Sometimes. But most guys don't have jobs so I don't get THAT much," Irejoindered with a chuckle. "Yeah," he lamely agreed.

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  , "So how old areyou?" he wanted to know. "15," I responded. "You seem more mature thanthat," he flattered. "I guess that's why the boys around you seem sodopey," he added. "Thanks, that's nice of you to say," I affirmed. "Sowhen do you have to be home?" he interrogated. "Before six," I lied. "Well, would you like to come over to my place and hang out with amature man?" he implored. "You seem nice," I retorted, "so okay. "

I followed him to his car, which was a late model Mustang, and got  in. He drove us up the hill from the mall and then made a right into whatwas an upper middle class housing tract in a part of town that I knewwell from my days as a male. He ushered me into his single level house,which was nondescriptly furnished. He had a sofa and loveseat in hislivingroom and a plasma screen tv on the wall plus a little wall mountedstereo setup. I sat down on the loveseat and he slid in next to me. "Sodo you have a boyfriend?" he wondered.

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   "Not right now. I just gotdumped by my ex and I'm still pretty bummed about it," I said only halftruthfully. "Oh, that's too bad," he responded with what I knew was fakesympathy. Now he was going to play on my emotions and the windup AAAANDthe pitch: "how old was he?" "16. We go to different schools, though," Icounterfeit disclosed. "And he found a new girl at his own school," Isimulated pouting. "Oh, you poor thing," he disingenuously sympathized,putting his arm around my shoulder. "You gotta start going out with menand not boys," he recommended. "Yeah," I assented. "Do you like me?" heinquired. "Well, you've been nice to me so far," I meekly retorted. Heleaned over and I let him kiss me and, surprisingly, he was a goodkisser. I placed my hand on the back of his head and let him kiss meagain and before I knew it, he had me wrapped up in his arms. Then hegot precious and told me how cute I was and rubbed his index finger onmy nose. I giggled just to give him some kind of positive reaction.

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   Hekissed me again and I felt his hand going up the front of my shirt. andthen I experienced the sensation of my bra being unhooked. He pushed myshirt up and exposed my breasts to him.

"Wow, those are too nice to waste on some high school kid," he admired. He was 5'10" with a very compact build and he picked me up and took medown the hall to his bedroom and dropped me on the bed. "Hold on, I needto turn this off," he said, as he grabbed what appeared to be a remotecontrol but tried to play if off that it was a cellphone. So basicallyhe was going to tape us having sex and show it to his other pedophilebuddies. He pulled my shirt and bra off and then toppled me on to thebed. He moved me around so that we were both laying against the pillowsnear his headboard. As creepy as the subtext of this was, my heart wasnonetheless racing and I was wet. He kissed me hard while pawing mybreasts and playing with my nipples. "God, you're a really good kisser!"I praised truthfully. "Thank you," he smirked. He moved down to suck mynipples and his righthand slipped underneath my shorts and then mypanties and I felt it rubbing my pussy. "Does that feel good?" hepondered.

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   "Definitely," I complimented because it actually did. I wassuper wet while he continued to exert friction on my clit. "Ohhhhhhh," Imoaned and a couple more minutes later I had my first orgasm. He keptat it and the heat inside me accumulated and I was moaning up a storm. "You really like the touch of an older man, don't you?" he quizzed. "OhGod yes," I returned and another minute after that I had the first ofseveral consecutive climaxes. "You're really responsive," he noticed. "Duh," I thought to myself right before another orgasm ripped into me.

He pulled his hand out of my shorts and licked his fingers. "Mmmmm,tasty," he smiled. I giggled again. He yanked my shorts, panties andtennis shoes off, leaving me only in a pair of white ankle socks. Hismouth went right for my cunt and it was like he was attempting to suckall my juices out of me from just outside my opening. He moved his bodyon top of mine and his penis was right over my mouth. I lapped at it andthen took it between my lips and he emitted a groan.


   His cock wasmaybe, and I mean maybe, six inches, but thick and girth is always moreimportant than length. My body reacted automatically and he brought meto orgasm with his mouth while I tried to focus on providing as strong asuction as I could on his flesh pipe. He rolled off of me and kneeledon the bed and had me vacuum his stubby penis until he streamed hiswatery payload on to my tongue. I showed it to him and then swallowed itwith a giggle. "Where did you learn to do that?" he queried. "I don'tknow," I chuckled. "Just experience, I guess. " "Fuck, your ex is somekind of dumbass to dump a girl who can give head like that!" hepositively evaluated. "Thank you," I answered. "When did you give yourfirst blowjob?" he wanted to know. Now I was thinking about the tvcameras he had rolling and I wanted to be as provocative as possible. "Ithink I was 12," I fibbed. "One of my girlfriends had a really hotbrother and so I wanted to make him remember me," I imagined. "Fuck,that's a hot story," he stated. "Did you ever fuck him?" "No, but Iwanted to," I reported dishonestly, faking breaking down into a pile ofgiggles.

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"Jesus, you're something else," he laughed. He dove back between my legsand licked and sucked my clit to a bunch of orgasms. When he was hardagain, he pulled me up on to all fours and had me face the east wall ofhis bedroom. I assume that was because he had a camera somewhere in thatarea and wanted to put my facial reactions on display while he plowedme from behind. I felt his cock forcing my vaginal walls apart  and ohfuck, it felt good! I then felt his hands on my hips and he pulled metime and again on to his fire hydrant of a dick and created an intensefriction inside me and I was soon feeling flushed and cutting into thebed clothes with my nails as I moaned and sighed my approval. "Fuck mehard!" I suddenly declared and he banged the shit out of me, making mecum in a rush of heat and prickly sensations all through my body. "That's it you little whore, take that cock because you love it," hegrowled. "Oh fuck yes, I love that cock!" I loudly proclaimed for thefolks at home. My eyes rolled up in my head when I totally lost controland the multiple orgasms riddled my senses with pleasure. After fuckingme for around half an hour, I would say, I heard him warn me of hisimminent delivery of sperm into my womb. He cried out and hosed my slotwith his pallid cum. When his cock became flaccid, I floppedtheatrically on to my stomach. "God, you fuck so good," I childishlyextolled.

"I hope I didn't get you pregnant," he blurted afterward. "Don't worry, Ihave some kind of uterus problem that keeps me from being able to have ababy," I bullshitted him.

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   "That's good," he remarked. "But you'd lookhot with my baby in your belly. " I laughed and then claimed he woulddump me because of what the birth process would do to my body. I pickedmy clothes off the floor and put them on and then announced that Ishould probably be leaving. I looked him right in the eye, and hopefullythis was caught on the cameras he hid, too, "by the way, I'm actually22 and you're lucky I'm not a cop," I elucidated. "You're a good fuck,but you need to choose partners more your own age," I preached and left. Since I was an adult there was no crime actually committed, but I hopeit put the fear of God into him. Of course, I was also being ratherhypocritical myself, but that's life.   . is the high-class online escort service in Belgium!

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