Katie was lost in her self created and sustained orgasms. I had seen her cum before, and this was intense. She was cumming and cumming and it looked like she was never going to stop. She was screaming so much, Zoe and Beth stopped what they were doing to watch. Katie was rubbing and pounding her pussy so hard, she had no idea the noise she was making. I watched her fingers going in and out of her pussy so fast, and so hard, I couldn't tell where the stopped. It was apparent, Katie couldn't get enough of herself. My cock was getting very hard watching her. I got up and moved closer, and saw her hand was actually going into her pussy, not just her finger, she was in past her knuckles. I had never imagined anything like this before. My mind was racing.

I motioned for Beth and Zoe to come up too, and as they did, Katie opened her eyes and saw us all there. Now imagine this if you will. Katie is pounding her hand in and out of her pussy, we're all standing there naked, watching. Katie looked at all of us and just smiled.

We all jumped into the pool, cooled off a bit, and got out and dried off.


  We had small, unimportant conversations as we did so. Without any words of direction, we all seemed to get dressed and head for the kitchen, for a little something to eat. We were all tired, so it was an early night.

I went home and crashed for a bit, and got back up around 11 or so, and watched a little TV. When I got up in the morning, nobody was home, so I went across to see what was going on at Katie's. The door was locked so I went down to the pool. When I got there, I could see lights on but again the doors were locked, so I went to the back door of the house and it was opened. I walked in, like I always do, still a little confused that the other doors were locked. Nobody in this area locks their doors, not that I know of anyway, and furthermore, I have never known Katie's doors to be locked.

So, I'm in the kitchen, and before I can call out to let anyone know I'm there, I hear moaning coming from Katie's bedroom. I go over to Zoe's room, but the door is open and nobody there. I went to the guest room, where Beth has been staying, and again, the door is open but nobody there. As I am closer to Katie's room, the moaning is more clear, but I don't recognize the moaning as being anyone that lives there. I listen closer and I have no idea who it is. Not wanting to invade their privacy, I went down stairs to the basement, to see if Beth and Zoe were there, but they weren't, so I went out to the pool, and again, nobody was there.

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Being basically alone, I decided to go for a swim,so I did. I must have been in the pool for a good 45 minutes when I heard people joining me. I was still in the pool but looked up towards the door, and saw Katie leading someone by the hand. Katie was naked, and looking like "WHO DONE IT, AND RAN", but she had a smile on her face, so it had to be good. They came into the pool area, and when the person with Katie showed their face, I thought I was going to die.

"MOM,WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!??"I screamed. She tried to cover up, but I could already see, she too was naked. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Why was my mom over here, why was she naked, what the. . . was that her I heard moaning in Katie's room?

My mom ran back into the house, and Katie was right there with her. I got out of the pool and chased them back in, but by the time I got up there, the door closed. I heard them talking in there,I went to the door, and heard my mother crying. Katie was trying to reassure her that it was going to be OK, but my mother would her none of that.

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  "I never should have done this, He has seen me, he knows. "My mother told Katie. "He's wiser then you think. Trust me, if we talk to him, he will understand. " Katie said. "He saw us naked, he knows, he's going to hate me for this" my mother said. Katie replied "He's never going to hate you. " an just then they door opened.

My mother was dressed, and Katie was in her robe. "Seth"Katie started, but my mother was pushing for the door. The dead bolt was latched, so it delayed my mother long enough for Katie to get to her. "We have to talk to him about it, it's not good if we don't. "My mother looked at me, and I could see tears in her eyes and running down her cheeks. Katie led her to the living room, and had her sit down. "Seth get a towel to sit on would you, and come back in here please".

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  I did as she requested, but I was shocked as my mind processed what I had seen.

I sat in the chair, and just stared at my Mom. Katie started in"Seth, everything you are thinking, well, it's probably correct. Your mother and I, well, you are right, we were together. "My mother had tears running down her face, she looked like hell, but still, I had to know,I had to know why she would do this to my father. She was cheating on him. "WHY,Why are you cheating on Dad,What has he done to deserve this?"

Katie got up and went to her room and closed the door, I guess so I could have time with my mother. Eventually my mother started to tell me that things had been going poorly between her and my father. Of course, all I heard was "BLAH BLAH BLAH". I don't think it mattered what my mother said at that point. I was pissed. As I was getting ready to get up and leave, Katie came out of her room with some photographs. As she showed me the photos, I almost got sick to my stomach. "Seth, this is not your fault, and it's surely not your mothers. I'm not saying this is any one'sfault, but it has happened, and there is no undoing it.


  The photos were of my father with lots of different women. They all looked like hookers, and the worst part is, my mother is so much prettier and has a far better shape then any of them.

"Seth, about six months ago, I hired an investigator to follow your father, and this is what he brought back. I have been sitting on these photos for 3 months now. I haven't even spoken to your father about them. I don't know why he is doing this, I just know he is. "Katie chimed in, "Your father hasn't been intimate with your mother in over a year, did you know that?"I didn't. "Nobody meant for any of this to have happened today Seth"Katie said, "but it did, and you know, and I'm not going to apologize, your mother is a great woman, and I am not sorry I was with her. "

Beth and Zoe were coming the back door, and Katie gathered up the photos and brought them back to her room. Mom and I just sat there quiet. When Katie came back into the room, she introduced Beth to my mom, and that was about it. Nothing more was said.

The next day, I stayed home,My father was off at work, and my mother was doing something, it didn't matter what. I stayed in my room for the most part, playing mindless games, leaving for food only. That night however, was a different story.

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  My father got home around 9:30. He came in the house like he always did, no hint of anything being wrong, just life as normal. NORMAL MY ASS I thought.

"Gee Dad, you keep getting later and later all the time. ""Yeah, I know, work has got me running ragged, but not to worry champ, It will be back to normal soon enough". he said. "Why, running out of hookers?"I asked. "SETH" my mother yelled, and as I looked at my father, he just stood there looking at me, then my mother, then back at me, and all the while, with the DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS look on his face, like he had been caught with his pants down. "Yeah Dad, we know. You have been out with cheap hookers. "My father just sat down in a chair, and had a look on his face like someone had just kicked him in the chest. My mother and I just turned and left the room.

The next day was Saturday. I got up and out of the house around 9. I went for a walk for a while, and when I got back home, my father was loading some of his stuff in his car, leaving I guess.

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  I was so pissed, I just went over to Katie's. Katie was in the kitchen, and had seen my father loading up. "Seth" she said giving me a hug, "I am so sorry about this. "She hugged me for a while, and said"just remember, this is not your fault. "I just sat down in the kitchen chair, so so hurt. Katie offered me a glass of juice, but I wanted coffee instead.

My father closed the trunk of his car and drove off. Katie asked if it was OK if she called and invited my mother over. I said it was fine. Beth and Zoe were in their bathing suits, heading to the pool when my mother arrived. It was obvious she had been crying. I gave her a hug, and reassured her I did not blame her for him leaving. I called him a bastard, but my mother would not hear of that. "Your father loves you, no matter what, you will not call him that in front of me please. "

"Listen, we're getting ready for a swim, why don't you join us"Katie said, and left the room.

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  Mom and I stayed in the kitchen for a few minutes, and she agreed we should go for a swim. Katie popped her head in and said there was a suit hanging in the bathroom for my mother. Mom got changed and she and I headed to the pool.

This is the first time I've seen everyone in the pool, with full suits on, how strange, and relieving at the same time.

Things were going nicely, everyone was having fun, Mom and Katie spent their share of time out of the pool, just talking woman talk, I could occasionally see Katie take a hand and wipe my mothers cheek, I guess another tear, but Beth, Zoe and I were still kids doing kid stuff in the pool. Beth came over and asked if everything was OK with my mom, and I kind of said my father had left. Beth gave me a hug, but more like a sisterly hug. I was a little surprised, seeing we had been intimate and all.

I announced that I was getting out of the pool and going to get dried off and dressed. I went up to the bathroom, and seeing I was alone, I decided to jump into the shower. I showered and got dressed. When I came out, everyone was upstairs just sitting around. I went to the living room and asked if anyone wanted to play a video game. Zoe of course had to play. We sat on the floor, and started to play,Beth went and showered, while Katie and my mom just sort of watched.

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"Zoe and Seth are really close aren't they" my mother said. "Yeah, Seth is like a brother to her. She really loves him a lot. "Katie replied. Just then the bathroom door opened and Beth came out, naked. Zoe and I just glanced up at Beth, and went back to our game. My mother, on the other hand gasped in shock. Then she looked at me and Zoe and realized we were not staring at her and Katie appeared as though nothing happened. "More coffee?"Katie offered.

Beth came back out in shorts and a halter top, no panties, no bra, and no shoes. She laid on the floor on her stomach, and watched and Zoe and I played. It was perfect though, her little butt aimed right at Katie, although, I'm sure my mother had a pretty good view. I could tell my mother was shocked, because as she talked to Katie, the tone of her voice changed.

"Listen,"Katie said. "There are things here that are probably out of the ordinary, I have never put a big focus on clothes here.

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  "Katie began. "After Frank died, it was just Zoe and I, and we had our privacy, and saw no reason to hide ourselves. When Seth started sitting for me, we were clothed 100%, although, Zoe was having a hard time with per PJ's,so one night before I left, I sat down with Seth and explained this to him. He didn't seem to have an issue, and so it went. Since Beth has been staying with us, she too has gotten comfortable with it. We are all dressed right now, so not to make you feel uncomfortable. " Katie explained. I turned and looked at my mother, and gave her a look that let her know that this was all true, and I was OK with it. "Seth" she said,"you have been here when they were all naked?""Yes Mom""Oh"she said, and as she was about to say more,Zoe added "And he's been naked with us too. "and she went back to her game. "I don't understand,"my mother started,"you all just sit around here naked?"Beth sat up and was ready to reply, when Katie said "Sometimes, sometimes there is more. "

I asked Beth to take over my game with Zoe, and I got up to help explain things with Katie. We told her that it was not all about being naked, it was about sharing, and loving and everything that goes with it. My mother was obviously intrigued, but also looked quite confused at it all. I put my hand on her shoulder and said"Mom, sometimes we also have sex.


  "Now that was something I don't think she was expecting, but what happened with seconds of that just can't be beat. "Yup, and we like it"came from Zoe. My mother was speechless. She sat there with her jaw opened, at a total loss for words. All she could do is look at each of us, one at a time. "Mom, this is love, like a family love. We never hurt each other or ourselves, it's gentle, it's . . I can't explain it, it's just good. "

Katie looked at my mother and nodded,"It's just good, it's nurturing. It's not competitive, it's not about sex. It's about mutual sharing, and caring. "and with that, Katie kissed my mother, gently on the lips. She hugged my mom and just held her for a while. Meanwhile, Zoe and Beth sat there playing the video game, like 2 sisters would.



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