I have been told that revenge is best served cold, but Katie was not going that way. She couldn't apologize enough for what happened, even though it was not her fault. She wanted to call my parents,then she wanted to call the police, but those were not good ideas at all, not with all the sex that had been going on. She spent hours gently cleaning me up, and she was gently. I could see tears in her eyes from time to time,

After a while, I went home. Katie, Zoe and Beth were all very quiet, and I really only wanted to sleep. I got to sleep probably around 9pm, and didn't get up till 10 the next morning. I had coffee at home, and as I looked out the window, I saw the carpenters loading their stuff into their trucks, I figured they must be finished. The building inspector's truck was there, so this job must be just about done. After I finished my coffee, I went over to see what was going on. Katie had a clip board and was taking notes. It seams the electrician left a few things unfinished. The building inspector was finishing up with her and ordered that she call his office once the issues were cleared up.

"FUCK"Katie exclaimed. "Damn good thing I haven't finished paying that son of a bitch yet. "Katie grabbed her phone and stormed off to her bedroom.

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  We could hear her yelling at this guy. "I have the water being delivered this afternoon, and I will have to cancel it unless you can get out here and fix this stuff, and if I have to cancel the delivery, you sir are going to pay!"There was a brief pause, then,"Just get out here". and she hung up. If that guy was coming back over, I was leaving, and I told Katie this, but she assured me that he was indeed coming over, and there was no way he was going to be alone with me. As a matter of fact, Katie decided that she wanted me in the other room, until he was done, and once that happened, she wanted me to come out so she could confront him.

Now, let me tell you a little more about Katie. She is all of 5'6", and maybe 125 lbs. She is NOT a big woman. She is, however in pretty good shape. Now she doesn't go running, she doesn't go to the gym, but she swims, and she loves to dance, so she's in pretty good shape.

The electrician pulled up out front and Beth answered the door. She didn't say much, just let him in to go to the breaker box. He was there for almost 2 hours, when he came into the house looking for Katie. I was in the bedroom with Zoe, but we could hear him. Katie went over the list with him, somewhat calmly.

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  She then called the building inspector, and he came back over within a matter of minutes. They went through everything and the building inspector signed off on the work. All was good. Katie said"Now there is the matter of payment, if you wait here, I will get it for you. "Katie came to the bedroom and asked me to come out.

I walked into the kitchen and Katie said to him, in a very matter of fact voice"I believe you two have met, and, oh, maybe, yes, I remember now,You have been paid. "The electrician, looking very nervous right now,tried "Um, what do you mean, all you have paid me for is materials, not my labor,That comes to, and we agreed on this, 1300 dollars. "Katie chimed in, "Oh, don't you think you got $1300 worth of Seth here?or would you rather have to hire a lawyer to defend yourself. YOU SON OF A BITCH, YOU RAPED THIS BOY. " Katie was getting angry again. "Lady, I never touched this kid, you're crazy. "he said. I walked up to him and told him on no uncertain terms, we had proof, we had his DNA, we had samples of his sperm, and my blood. He started to squirm. "No, no way, you owe me $1300, and you are not getting away with this, I will sue you.

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  " he said. Katie said, fine, have it your way, and started to write a check. Part way through the check, she told Beth to call the police. Beth picked up the phone and started to dial. "Hello, My name is Beth, and I would like to report a rape,My friend was raped by this man, and he's back here now, can you please send someone over quickly, I don't feel safe and he refuses to leave. "Beth put the phone down. The electrician is sweating now, he is scared and in an obvious state of panic. Katie tore the check out of the check book and handed it to him, and he just looked at it. He wouldn't take the check. "Here, take the check" Katie told him, but he just looked. His stare went from Katie and the check to Beth, then to me, Then he bolted for the door.

Katie dove for his feet like a pro football player. She took him down with a terrible THUD, and then she and Beth just sat on him, not allowing him to get up. "You are not going anywhere, the police are on their way and you are going to jail"Katie told him. Beth was standing now, with her foot on the back of his neck.

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   Katie was on his legs pinning his arms. "Get up" she ordered. Beth moved her foot, and they got him up on his feet. Katie led him to the basement, with Beth right behind. Down the stairs they went, and this guy was scared. "You two, wait here for the police, when they get here, send them down here. "

With the basement door closed we could hear muffled yelling. Zoe was curious as hell, so she went over and opened the door so we could listen. I kept going to the front door, looking for the police, then back to listen in with Zoe. I got back just in time to hear the electrician scream in agony. "Shit he's bleeding"I heard Beth say, then the sound of a smack, and another scream, followed by two more smacks. I went down the stairs quietly, to see what was going on. The electrician was hog tied and bent over an old chair. Beth was standing there, and Katie was swinging a board, like a 2x4 and hitting the electrician on the back and butt with it. I could hear the electrician trying to apologize but Katie would not let up.

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  Just then, Katie looked up and saw me standing there. "Seth, come over here, you need to punish this guy too. "I went over and took the board from Katie,and just as I got ready to beat this guy, I decided that what he needed was a little of what he dealt out.

I dropped the board, and told Katie and Beth that I would be right back, and to have him naked and bent over that chair when I got back. When I came back down, Beth looked at me and got a devilish grin on her face. I had gone upstairs to get every dildo Katie owned. I brought them all down. The electrician was bent over and tied to the chair. Katie decided the he needed to be gagged, so she found an old rag on the floor and stuffed it in his mouth. I got some water out of the dehumidifier, and poured it on his ass. I gave Beth and Katie the dildos and told them to have at it, but I didn't want to be anywhere near this guy, and went upstairs with Zoe.

The screaming was pretty bad, and it was really bothering me, so Zoe and I went out for a walk. While we were walking I tried to explain to Zoe what had happened, and it rather confused her a bit, She told me so, and asked why this was punishment, after all, she liked things in her butt. I laughed a little and explained to her that when we put things in her but, we were gentle, and used lube, and patience, not to mention, nothing the size of this guys cock was going near her butt.

While we were walking around the neighborhood, we heard the sound of a racing engine and the screech of tires.

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  We went back towards the house and saw that the electrician's truck was gone. We went into the house, and Katie handed me the check for $1300. She wanted me to have the money she said. I took the check.

Around 3 or so, the truck showed up to fill the pool, and promptly left when his job was done. We went down to check the temp of the water, but it was too cold for a swim, we would have to let it warm up a bit.

As we sat in the living room, all was quiet. Me an Zoe on the love seat, and Beth and Katie on the sofa. "So are you going to tell me what happened in the basement?"I asked. Katie bluntly said "NO, you don't need to know, but I will bet you, he won't touch anyone like that for a very very long time. ""I'll say" added Beth.

That night was quiet, which for me is a good thing, as I was still quite sore. Beth and Zoe snuggled in front of the TV and Katie nodded off on the sofa. I went home for the night.

The next day was Friday,Katie had to go into the city, and I stayed with Zoe.

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  I guess Beth went to her job. Zoe and I headed for the pool. The water was still a little cool, but not too bad. We jumped in, both naked. We splashed and swam for a while, and Zoe out of nowhere asked "Can I see where he stuck his cock?"We got out of the pool and I bent over to show her. "Does it still hurt?""Yes, a bit"and just then, she kissed me, right on the ass. "When ever I have a hurt, Mom says 'I'll kiss it and make it better' ,does it feel better?"She was so cute and so concerned, "Yes, it does feel better, but, it still hurts a bit"She kissed me again, and I could feel my cock starting to swell.


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