The family 4


I had now watch my mother and farther having sex as well as dad getting a black girl pregnant and take my sisters virginity and seen mum and dad get her fucked by a black stud who's cock id huge it must be getting on for ten inches long
That day I had to slip out and come in like I beenout all day on one seem to notice any way as long as they thought I had not been there
That night my sister seemed okay may be a little quietand worked a little stiff or did I Imagen that she had a hell of a lot of cock that day for a thirteen year old
It was to be over two weeks before I got to see any morethat was mum and sis doing there lesbian thing together
which they both really got intoit seemed
There was one thing I had not seen before was what my sister did to mum I watch sis get her hole hand inside mums cunt up to the wrist and did mum love it
They both had the black boy to end the afternoons fun off and sis took him quite easily I would of said she had him quite a few times and I had missed that they must of stretchered her little pussy for good I would of thought
Weeks pasted sis was getting a regular seeing to I know I then got a chance I had got a feeling some thing was going to happen I had been in my hiding placesome time with out any luck getting Bordthen into the bedroom came mum then dad he had a very large rig back on a bit of rope with him its a doge like a German Shepherd but
digger mum sat on the bed and made a fuss of him as dad held on to him he enjoyed that
Next thing mum strips off and stand there legs apart and dad gets the dog to sniff her crouch at first his not interested mum fingers her self his interested now
She sits down his between her legs given her pussy a lick she seems to really enjoy thatand its pleasing dad
watching it she leans over her hand under him her arm is moving Dad is looking under him as well
He says it looks like his a big onemum said it feels like he is do you think he is ready dad bends over more to look
Christ yes he mount
Mum gets on her hands and knees and dad walk the dog behindher he sniffher and licks then his on her back
mum says fuck his heavyhe jerks away mum says his not near me dads telling her she to low she pulls her knees in a little dad say that better and put his hand under the dog mum shouts fuck his in
The dogs off like a jack hammer humping like hell his moving mum on the floor she cries out my god that is fucking dig the dog is really pushing it making mum gasp a lot after a time the dog slows he is laying over mum right on her back I know when my mother climax I have seen it lots of times and she had real big orgasm that time
Mum shouts out oh god its getting longer and bigger I can feel it dad looked under them and say he has knotted
His got it all in you I know I know there is a rocking movement on top of her his body is pushing
Mum lats out a huge gasp his cuming I can feel it my god its hot the dogs legs are stiff stamping he is jerkin there are gasps from mum it gos on foe ages dad asks is he still shooting mum say yes let him have a full cum
Mum has the full wight on her now it seems as it it about overthe dog tries to get off but they are locked tight he tries to turn but dad holdshim on mums back dad tells her his going down you started to leak soon after that it popped out with a slosh and like buckets loads run out of mum
She rolled onto her back panting her legs open her cunt look stretched and wide open with loads of spunk running out dad asked you okay god yes I will do that again dad looked over to the dog and said your have to wait
An hour later he was on top of her rutting her each time he fucked her for half an hour a time mum loved it I think she wanted more but time was running out I knew it a day or so later we had a guard dog that one
It was that week the black girl had her baby a little girl quit pale skinned so it was my fathers it also turned out she is only now thirteen and a couple of weeks
Her tummy gone down now but her tits are quite big full of milk she is feeding the kid I heard mum tell dad he have wait a few weeks they both think she not get pregnant for a month or two so dads keen to start ridding her again