2 Teens On New Year Eves


This is my first stories, so please leave comments  if  you like. This is not a true story . I was just reading some  stories on here and  I thought of a little story myself . Hope you enjoy. First  off let me describe each  character. Jessica: 18,black hair  down to  her shoulders, chubby but  not  really fat. 5'5 Pale  Skin with freckles and baby blue eyes. Samuel : 19, blonde hair short, blue eyes, good size for  a guy about 5'10,tan skin. 8"dick. "I'm going to Samuel's house grandma. " yelled Jessica as she walked out of her door .  She had just got back from hanging  out with her younger siblings for New Years . It was December 31th and she wanted  to  party with her crush. Samuel and her had kissed but nothing more. Jessica's grandma was already pissed off that she was talking to Samuel. To her Samuel was a low life.

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    He smoked,  drinked  and everything in between. Jessica smoked and drinked too, but nothing  else. She closed the  door behind her and headed down  the  driveway to the street. Samuel only  stayed  a few blocks away so she  always  walked over to his house when he wanted to hang out . It was already about 11 o'clock when she  got home  so  by the time she had got to  his house it was about 11:15  p. m. She pulled out her phone and sent him a text message,  "hey  come outside  I'm almost there. " She could see him  walk outside, and when  she walked up to the door she smiled and hugged  him. "Hey" He said pulling away, "Hi. " She said  with a smile. They had already talked about  having sex; and  she really wanted him  so  badly. He  was just so cute.  He lead her  into the house and poured her a  drink, coke and jack. She downed it and had another  one. After about 3 cups she was drunk.

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   She didn't drink often so she was a light weight. Well 12 o'clock hit and her and Samuel  kissed . Her first  New  Year  kiss,  it  was great. After a bit, they  started getting a  little frisky . Samuel kept biting at her neck, and  asking  her if she wanted to go  next door. Finally she gave up to herself and said yes. He took her hand and lead her next door. Once in the house, Samuel pulled Jessica close and started kissing  on her  neck and pulling  at her shirt. She pulled  her hair away from his body  and let him take off her shirt. She  took off his; and after that pants and shoes  started  to come off.  Finally they were  standing there naked kissing, and feeling on each other. Samuel was rubbing on her  pussy and  she was rubbing on his dick. After a  few mintues,  he pulled  her by  her hair and got rough with her, "Suck  my dick baby. " He looked her in the  eyes, "I don't  like sucking dick. "  He let go of her hair and made a sad   face.

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   "Please baby. " A few mintues later, Jessica finally reluctlying said yes  and got  down on her knees.  She kissed the head of his dick  and then opened her mouth. First she  started by only taking a little into  her mouth,  and then slowly started taking more into her mouth. "Mmm, baby that feels good. " Samuel  said grabbing the  back of Jessica's head and  making her take  all of his dick into her  mouth. She gagged, and pulled her head off, "Im done. " She got back up from the floor, "Lay down . "  She layed down  on the blanket and he got on top of her. She knew what she  wanted him to do, but didn't think he was going to do that.  Not less then a second after  thinking it, she felt his tongue on her clit.  "mmm" she thought. It was the first time anyone has ever done this to her. "Do you like that. "  He asked her rubbing her  clit with his finger.

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   "Yes  i do.  " She replied as he touched  his tongue back to her clit. He licked and licked at her  clit,"Mmm, that feels good. " Then she  felt a warm wet feeling inside of her. He had stuck his  tongue deep inside of her pussy. "Oh my. "  She said  as he  moved his tongue in and out of her while rubbing her clit with his thumb. She  felt a feeling that she haven't  felt before, "Oh I think I am  going to cum," she  paused, "Mmm, oh I'm cumming. " She closed her eyes as her orgasm raced through her body. Seconds after that, Jessica felt  Samuel slide his  hard 8"dick inside of  her, "Oh god. " She pulled him closer to her and kissed  him. He pushed more  inside of her.  As he  did this she tried to hold back moans, letting only a few go, "Oh. Mmm. Yea.

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  "He started going faster. Pushing all  of  his dick deep inside of her pussy. "Im going  to cum baby. I  am going to cum. " She moaned. "Do you want me to cum inside of you baby. " She closed her eyes and said yes. "Oh baby, I'm cumming. Fill me with your cum. " Samuel couldn't take it  any longer and he let his load go inside of her pussy. "Fuck" He collasped  on top of Jessica. If you liked it please comment, and if there is anything I could do to  make it better. Please let  me know !.

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