Denny & His Best Friend's Mother Part 2


I leapt from the bed and wrapped my arms around her. It was then that I realized that I had not even kissed her yet. In her high heels,she was almost as tall as me and as I looked into her eyes,I uttered,"You are making me so fucking horny ! Mrs. Green,I've got to have you every way possible ! I still can't believe you're letting me do this !" With that I smashed my lips against hers which made her wince,"Go easy lover ! I'm not going anywhere. " I stuck my tongue into her mouth as far as I could and while we were locking lips my hands grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her tightly into my groin. Man what a feeling ! I ground my hard cock against her mound and felt her pushing herself back into me. My left hand moved up her front and latched onto her firm breast. I couldn't believe that I was touching a woman's breast for the first time after jacking off to pictures of them for years. I just had to see them so I pulled up her top and gazed longingly at them. "Go ahead ,Denny, feel them,kiss them,suck them! There're all yours !" That's the only invitation I needed. My mouth devoured them. Her nipples were as rock hard as was my cock because while I was attacking her tits,she was wringing my dick up and down with a vengeance. I started to feel like I was going to explode again but she seemed to realize this and pushed me back onto the bed. "Show time for the real thing now,Dennis. Then you'll get your chance again. " With that she proceded to do a slow movement of her hips while caressing her perfectly pointed tits.

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  She pulled her top off and shook her blonde tresses again. She slowly undid the zipper at the side of her skirt and tantalizingly slid her skirt over her hips. Man this was so much better than going to the local strip joint for the first time when I had turned 18 two months ago. I couldn't get home fast enough that night in order to relieve myself. Here was a real live woman doing a sensuous strip just for me ! As the skirt fell away,my eyes were glued to her pubic hair. When had she taken off the moist blue panties that I had felt on the stairs? Her pubic hair was in a triangular shape and I realized that she must have trimmed it herself as it was too perfect. She kicked off the skirt and placed one high heeled foot on the bed beside me. This exposed her whole womanhood to me. I almost blew my load again. She then took her hand and spread the lips apart and started to caress something at the front. "Here touch my clitoris,Dennis,"was the first thing she had said in minutes. I didn't need to be asked twice. I started to stroke it and she started to groan. "That's it,boy,you've got the magic touch! Now stick your finger into my cunt and move it around. " As I did this,she in turn almost fell on top of me in her ecstasy.

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  We locked lips again as we lay side by side on the bed. Once again she grabbed my cock and alternated pulling on my hard-on and my sperm filled balls. Instinctively I started to kiss my way down her body knowing that I wanted to taste her juices just as she had done mine. Before I even got there she arched her back and cried,"Aaagh. . . . . I'm cumming. . . oh sweet Jesus. . I'm cumming" Not letting this deter me I knew I still hadn't attained my goal and proceded to lick her clitoris and pistoned my tongue in and out of her cunt as far as I could. Her juices turned me on even more as I realized that I,an 18 year old virgin, had made her cum.

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   "Oh fuck!"she cried again. "I'm going to c. . um. . um again ! Don't stop,motherfucker! Suck my cunt ! Eat me!" With that she grabbed my head with both hands and pulled my face deeper into her groin. "Oh shit!Oh fuck!Suck me boy!I'm there again,Dennis! I'm there,again! Oh. . oh. . . fuck. . fuck"With that her whole body arched off the bed and pushed even more into my face and then her body went limp. I continued to try to lick her but she closed her legs and said,"Wait Dennis.

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  I need to recover. Give me a minute. That was so fucking great!I haven't cum like that ever!"You can imagine the pride that I felt with that statement. While she was recovering,I decided that my cock which had started to deflate could use some attention so I raised my body up slightly so that my cock was in between the valley of her tits. I had seen this in movies so I wanted to try it myself. Mrs. Green noticed what I was trying to do. After smiling smugly at me,she said, "You young guys are all alike. You always want blow jobs and tit jobs. " Then turning onto her back,pulled me up onto her stomach and placed my now hard cock between her firm tits which she made even firmer by pushing them in together,trapping my member. As I pushed forward,she smiled that smile again and brought her tongue out to touch the tip of my glans. Each time I pushed forward I would groan as she opened her mouth and allowed more and more of my cock in. "You. . are.

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  . so. . fucking. . unbelievable!"I cried. "Mrs. Green,I've got to cum!" "Wait. . . wait. . hon. Just hold off a little bit longer. It gets better,baby,I promise you.

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  "It took every bit of control not to let loose a torrent of jizz but somehow I was able to hold off. "Stick that beautiful cock in me now,Dennis. I want to fuck you now! I've got to fuck you now! Stick it in me motherfucker ! Stick it in me now!!!!!" Her choice of words spurred me on. She grabbed my pole, spread her legs and guided me into heaven. She was so tight!I started to pound away without any consideration for her now. She wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me in even more. As I turned my head I saw us reflected in the mirror. It was like I was watching a xxx porno movie only I realized that I was the star! Her high heels were still on her feet which were now locked around me in a death grip. I ploughed in and out with a vengeance. Animal instinct took over now. "Fu. . . u. .

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  ck me you motherfucker ! I'm gonna cum again !. . Don't stop. Fuck me Dennis! Fuck me! Fuck me! Cum in me,hon! Cum in me !" That's all it took. I could feel the boiling release start in my balls as my seed blasted into her vagina. I buried my cock in to the hilt and screamed " I can't stop! I'm cumming, Mrs. Green! I'm gonna cum in you!" I felt the cum shooting out of me until I was totally spent. Totally exhausted I rolled over onto my back but Mrs. Green seemed insatiable. She scrambled down and stuck my rapidly deflating,cum-covered cock into her mouth and forced even more cum out which I didn't think was possible. I had to finally push her head away as she was starting to hurt me. Just then,a voice screamed,"What the fuck are you two doing ? Dennis,you fucking bastard. That's my mother you just screwed ! Get the fuck out of my house and don't come near here or her again!" Bobby had evidently heard our love-making and now that I look back on it,I'm not surprised as we weren't exactly quiet. "I'm sorry,man. We couldn't help ourselves.

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  "I tried to explain. When he moved forward ready to fight I decided that I'd better get out then. As I went out the front door, I heard him screaming at his mother,"You fucking whore! Of all people to screw. You had to fuck my best friend!" Bobby refused to speak to me after that day. Mrs. Green continued her lessons secretly even though she knew that Bobby would never forgive her if he found out. Fortunately for me,he never did. Eventually,they moved away but I will always be grateful to his mother who showed me how wonderful sex is and starting me on these wonderful journeys that I hope to share with you in future stories. .

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