My name is Sarah. At the time, I was 14 years old. I was well deelvoped. 36 B, 5`3, 102 lbs. I was always told I was sexy, but I never believe it. My parents were gone for the weekend so I planned to invite my friends Brice over.
One day I was home and I started to get horny as hell. The thing that really gets me horny is reading erotic stories, so I hopped in my parents bed and started reading. After reading just a few pages of one story, I started to feel my pussy getting wet and my panties moistening. I put the book down, and slowly slid my shorts and panties down at the same time. My body was cool, but my pussy was throbbing. As started to rub myself with pleasue, moaning and breathing healy. The throbbing was getting harder and harder and soon I gave out a scream. My fingers and pussy were wet but my vagina needed a break. With my legs spread eagle, revealing my freshly shaved pussy, I started to read the stories again. I was imagining all the fucking and moaning when I saw Brice standing as the door.

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Brice was a well built guy. About 5`7, muscular, blonde hair, blue eyes, and could make anygirl swoon. I completely forgot that I invited him over that day as I saw him just standing in the doorway. I must have forgotten to lock the doors and he just let himself in. I was a little nervous that he would be upset, but he walked over and layed down next to me. We stared into each others eyes. I could tell he wanted to fuck because he started to move closer and closer. Soon, I was laying on top of is bare chest as he pulled me tank top over my head. This had showed my see through, lace braw, with my nipples hard. I lay down on his chest, breast pressing against him, kissing his chest as he undid my bra. Still sitting on him, I brought my chest up as he slowly removed my bra. We just stared at eac other until a few moments later he began to caress my bare, breats, tugging at my hard tits. I slowly pulled away and slid down to unbotton his pants with my teeth. Rubbing my breasts against his legs I removed his boxers. Sliding up, I saw his fully erect dick.

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   It seemed 8 knches long and it was making my pussy get wet. I got off the bed and stood up, pulling his hang slowly with me.
I brought him into my parents bathroom and he pushed me against the wall with great force. He started kissing my neck down to my pussy applying more and more pressure. My head fully back, breathing heavily, I run my hands through his think, blonde hair as he begins to lick my clint. I moaned with pleasure and ran my fingers down his back. Soon, and my pussy was throbbing so hard and was so wet. I pushed him away and onto the floor. I kissed everywhere where I knew he would have a pressure point and soon got down to his 8-inch erected penis. Few seconds later, my full, plump lips are around his penis, with my tongue teasing the head of his penis. I look up and I can see him breathing, resisting to show how much pleasure he was in. As I start stroking his dick he screams " I'm. . . .

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  . . . about. . . . ahhhhhhhh. . . to cum " Before I knew it, cum filled my mouth and was runnning down my face.
We were slowly moving are way around the house and finally back into my parents bed. I was getting really horny so I layed ontop of him whispering flirtingly into his ear, "I want you to fuck me. Hard as you can. But be easy, I'm new to this " I nibbled his ear until he turned me onto my back.

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   I was dying in extasy as I felt his cock inserting into my tight vagina. Slow at first, he gradually began to go faster, applying more pressure. I moaned in delight as i began to touch my own breasts, holding myself up with my elbows. . . . .

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