Matt and Susan part 1


     As they left the driveway, Matt asked Susan, "Where would you like to go? We could catch a movie, or maybe go over to Brian's place, he's having a little party. "

     Susan replied, "I don't feel like those, how about we drive over to Half Moon lake, and park for a while? I'd like to get closer, in private. "
     Matt looked at her, she was blushing, but also smiling at him.
     "Half Moon lake it is", he replied.

     Susan Underwood and Matt Chalmers are the most committed couple in school. She is 17, with a head full of soft blond curls, deep blue eyes, and sexy full red lips that just beg to be kissed. Her gorgeous mounds push out her blouse proudly, and her curvy hips are encased in a clingy skirt that reaches to just below mid thigh. She is 145 pounds, and she loves the fact that she had some lushness to her body, her waist was curvy and her hips flared out, just like her Mom. Her 5'8" height helped stretch the weight out. She saw all the skinny bitches, envious as hell that Matt never even looked at their sorry, scrawny asses. Matt was gaga over her curves, and that made her feel wonderful, to know that Matt had zero interest in stick figures with an eating disorder. Matt was getting a hard on just by sitting so close to her. Matt is 18, and feels like the luckiest guy in town. He has the most beautiful girl in school, a restored 1959 Cadillac convertible that his uncle gave him as a 16th birthday gift, and now, they were going to park at the lake, the town's best known make out spo. Matt and Susie were still virgins, but maybe after tonight, they could both join the non virgins club.

     Twenty minutes later, Matt turned off the highway, and took the 2 lane county road that led to the lake.

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   Instead of driving over to the main area, he turned down a back road, and brought the Caddy to a viewpoint overlooking the lake. This area was far less known about, and they were the only ones there. Perfect.

     Matt pressed a button, and the roof retracted, and tucked itself into its storage bay. He turned off the engine, and Susan scooched over on the seat, and leaned in against him. He put his arm around her, and they listened to the chirring of the crickets and the other soft night sounds, and he turned her head to his. Their lips came together, and in no time at all, their mouths clung hungrily together, tongues dancing and sweeping against each other. Susan reached down, and she ran her fingers over his straining cock, feeling it stiffen even more, it felt like a piece of steel. The thought of that rock hard rod, thrusting into her and deflowering her, made Susan's pussy throb with desire. She took his hand, and guided it to her breasts. Matt ran his fingers over her luscious mounds, feeling the nipples stiffen up under her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra, and as her hand undid Matt's jeans, he undid the buttons of her shirt, sliding his hand inside, and lightly tweaking her rock hard nipples. The tweaks sent sizzling pulses of pleasure to her pussy.
     Susan moaned, and she whispered, "Touch me down there".

     Matt's hand slid lower, and his hand slid under her skirt.


   His fingers stroked along her thigh, creeping higher, setting Susan ablaze with desire. His hand slid over her panty clad pussy, he could feel the warmth of her through the thin fabric. Susan's pussy was throbbing, and her pussy was creaming, buttery slick with her juices. His hand lovingly caressed her through the thin fabric, he could feel the dampness of her juices, steamy and hot, on the crotch of her panties. Her hand stroked Matt's cock through his briefs.
     "Let's get in the back seat", Susan whispered. She pulled off her shirt, and said, "after you suck my tits. "

     Matt's mouth was at her tits in a flash. His tongue swept out, and he ran his mouth all over her breasts, his tongue licking at her nipples, taking the hard little cogs in his mouth, and sucking on them. Susan moaned, the sensations were shooting straight to her burning pussy. She moaned again, and pulled his head tightly to her chest.
     "Let's get in the back seat!", she whispered.
     She climbed into the back seat, and she wiggled her hips, pulling her skirt off, and tossed it into the front seat. She stretched out on the back seat, smiling. The moon was high in the sky, and it illuminated Susan's body with moonlight, and Matt could clearly see the outline of the rise of her mound, pushed up by the blond curls of her pubic hair, through her thin, powder blue panties.

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   He yanked off his shirt and jeans, and climbed into the back seat. Their bodies pressed together, and his cock was throbbing. Her hand reached down, she pushed his shorts down, freeing his cock. Susan curled her hand around his cock, and started to slide her hand up and down on his prick, stroking him lightly. Matt's cock reached the boiling point, he groaned, and his cock exploded, his spunk squirting wildly. Susan could feel his cock throbbing, and suddenly her arm was covered with a blast of hot spunk. His cock shot all over, her arm, two shots splattered over her stomach, and two more splattered on her tits. As the wonderful feeling from orgasm passed, Matt gazed, embarrassed, at the spunk he'd splattered Susan with, she looked surprised, then she giggled.

     "You must have been very ready!"
     Matt's face felt fire red with embarrassment, as he grabbed some Kleenex, and mopped up the sticky mess as best he could. She scooped the spunk off her arm, and gulped it down. The taste of him drove her wild, her eyes were smoldering with passion.
     "Lick me Matt!", she growled, "lick my pussy, and make me cum!"

     She spread her legs, and his face was between her thighs. Matt could smell her arousal, musky and hot. He ran his fingers under the waistband of her panties, and ran his fingers along the top of her pubic hair. Susan was on fire with desire, and she needed his tongue.

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   Matt's cock started to come back to life, as he peeled her panties off. Her pussy was covered with a fine downy covering of blond hair, her pussy lips were deep crimson and swollen with desire, and he could see her pussy was slick with juices, glistening in the moonlight. The musky scent of her arousal filled his nostrils, and it drove him wild with desire. He licked gently at the lips of her pussy, hearing her moan of desire. His tongue slipped inside, for a taste of her honey. Matt spread her lips with his fingers, and his tongue started to lick and kiss her hot spread flesh. He ran his tongue all over her swollen lips, listening to her gasps of pleasure. Susan's pussy was throbbing wildly, aching for release. Her clit was hard, erect and throbbing with need, twitching wildly, as Matt's mouth licked and sucked at her steaming snatch, it felt like he was eating her alive. Matt's mouth covered her clit, and his tongue started to dance all over it.
     "There, lick me there!", Susan gasped, "Don't stop, oh my god!"

     His tongue flattened out, and he started a long slow sweeping over her straining clit. Her breath was coming in sharp little gasps. Her legs started to vibrate, as her orgasm closed in.
     "Oh my God, yes, yes, yes, YESS!!" Susan shrieked.

     Her orgasm slammed into her pussy.

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   She felt like she was being eaten alive as she exploded, cumming hard. Susan screamed and thrashed wildly as her body convulsed in ecstasy, and she exploded into his mouth, feeling her juices gush as her pussy dissolved in a wash of hot juices. Matt's mouth was glued to her pussy, sucking out her tasty juices. Her body twitched with aftershocks as she drifted down, her eyes were dreamy. After Susan recovered, she saw Matt's rock hard cock.
     "Your turn!", she exclaimed.

     As Matt sat back on the seat, Susan's mouth engulfed his throbbing cock. She slid her hot juicy mouth down, and then up again. The feeling of her hot wet lips, sliding up and down his stiff cock, and seeing her head full of blond curls, sucking his cock, Damn, after 3 sucks, orgasm grabbed him again, and his cock exploded. Susan felt the first spurt hit the roof of her mouth, she flattened her tongue out, keeping her lips tightly clamped around his thick shaft, letting him spew all over her tongue. Matt could feel his cock squirting wildly, filling her mouth. She sucked every last drop out of him, and Susan savored the taste of his hot cum in her mouth, before she eagerly swallowed the big load he had filled her mouth with! Matt was so proud of her, and so embarrassed at his hair trigger cock.
     "Mmmm, so yummy!", Susan giggled, "I love the taste of your yummy spunk!"

     Matt held her close, and struggled for something to say. Susan beat him to it.
     "Matt, it's ok baby," she said, "We're both new to this, and the sensations are so strong, it's easy to go off fast, it won't last long.

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   Just relax, next time we'll take our time, and do it right. "
     After 20 minutes, they got back into the front seat, got dressed, and drove back to town. They stopped at the local drive-in to get two cheeseburgers and onion rings to go. Matt drove back to her parents, and Susan and him ate their burgers and rings at the picnic table in the back yard.
     "My parents are going out of town next Friday, to visit my Auntie Jen, my Dad's sister. They won't be back until Sunday. Would you like to come over, and spend some time with me?", Susan cooed at him.

     She smiled, and batted her lashes at him. She knew that drove him crazy.

     "Baby, hell and wild horses couldn't keep me away! It will be perfect, because my parents are also going away for the weekend, so we'll have all the time we need!" he replied.

     Before they parted for the night, their mouths feasted on each other's mouth. When they finally came up for air, Susan's eyes were wide, and her breath was coming in sharp little gasps. Matt's cock was rock hard again. She grinned, and pulled Matt over to the shaded darkness under the elm tree. She unzipped his pants, and pulled out his throbbing cock.

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   With a sly chuckle, she got next to him, and her right hand reached down. Grasping his cock firmly, she began to stroke him with a long firm stroking motion. Oh, she did that so good. Susan loved the feeling of his cock thumping steadily in her hands as she expertly stroked him. It set her pussy throbbing again. In 20 seconds, Matt's cock was throbbing wildly, getting set to blow. Matt lasted for another 10 seconds, then his cock exploded. He blasted out spurt after spurt of spunk, his prick squirting wildly, shooting his load all over the lawn. Susan's eyes were wide and excited as she watched him shoot off his big load. After Matt had cum, he brought Susan face to face with him. Susan's eyes were glittering as his hand crept under her skirt. Susan had stuffed her panties in her handbag as they had been getting dressed back at the lake, she had hoped this would happen, and wanted Matt to have easy access. Susan started to moan softly as his fingers covered her pussy, his index finger sliding along her buttery slick lips. Susan could feel her pussy burning with desire as Matt ran his fingers over her clitoral hood. His fingers were covered with her juices, as Susan started a gentle humping motion against his fingers.

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   He eased her clit from its hiding place, and started to rub her juices all over her clit, using her natural lubricant. Susan clung to him, gasping, as his fingers caressed her throbbing clit.
     "Yes, oh yes, don't stop", she panted, "Make me cum!"
     Matt kept up the motion, Susan was gasping steadily, her clit was rock hard and straining.
     "Yes, oh yes, I'm cumming!!", she cried.

     Her body jerked and shuddered as her climax ripped through her. She clung to him, shuddering, as she rode her orgasm. After she had recovered, Matt walked her to the front door, kissed her good night, and soon, Matt was home, eagerly looking forward to next weekend.

     Susan walked down the hallway to her bedroom, her parents were in bed already, they had to get up early. She paused at their door, and heard the soft snores of her Dad. She peeked in, to say goodnight to her Mom if she was awake, but her Mom was asleep too. Her Mom was asleep on her side, facing the door. Her parents liked to sleep naked, and tonight was no different. The sheet had been pushed down to her waist, and Susan could see her Mom's breasts, still a firm and full 38D at age 40. Susan and her sister had both inherited Mom's tit gene, her sister was a firm 38B, and Susan was a firm 36D. Thanks Mom, she thought.

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   The thought that her parents still loved each other, and still had a great sex life (she had heard them several times), gave Susan a warm glow. So many of her friends lived in single parent, divorced households, and she had seen the difficulties they had endured. She closed their door gently, and went to her room. Susan entered her room, and stripped off her clothes, she was so tired. After brushing her teeth and removing her makeup she crawled into bed, her body feeling wonderfully sated from all the loving attention Matt had lavished on her. She flopped into bed, but sleep would not come quickly. Her mind ran out in 5 different directions at once. She thought about what had just happened, what might happen next weekend. She wished her sister was here, and not away at college, so she could have a late night gab session, and tell her all about what had just happened. It took a while before she could clear her mind enough, but she finally drifted off to sleep.   
     The next day, Matt thought about the upcoming weekend. He didn't want to be shooting off like some kid with no control. Matt looked up some sex shops on the net, to see what they had to offer. Cock rings looked like they might be a good idea. After reading about the various kinds available, it looked like a combination cock ring and ball stretcher would be the best way to go.

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   The cock ring could be tightened to delay orgasm, and the ball stretcher would keep his balls pushed down, so that the balls could not rise as they normally do, and that could also help delay orgasm. He went over to the Adult toys store, and he hoped he looked old enough, so they would not kick him out. He browsed casually, and looked at several interesting things. The one that caught his eye was a combination cock ring/ball stretcher/divider. The cock ring had a Velcro fastener, and could be adjusted to whatever size was required. He took it home, and decided to see what it would feel like. Matt's cock was hard from the idea of what use him and Susan would put it to. He adjusted the cock ring, and slipped it around the base of his cock. He pushed down on his balls, and strapped the ball stretcher around them. Then, he strapped the divider between his balls, and looked at the result in the mirror. Seeing his balls pushed down, and having them separated like that, looked and felt great. This weekend, Matt would find out if it would work as well as he hoped.

     Susan was also thinking about the upcoming weekend. Since she was on the Ortho Tricyclin pill, to tame a bout of acne, she didn't have to worry about birth control. Her panties were pretty boring and pedestrian, she wanted something daring and provocative to wear for Matt's eyes.


   She went to the mall, and went into the "Night Owl Lingerie" Boutique. They had such a racy collection of hot under things. Susan blushed at some of the racier things. After careful consideration, she chose 2 sets. The first was a fire engine red set of knickers, that had a sheer, see-thru tanga style bottom that didn't even cover half her ass. The waistband was merely a fine ribbon of red, that laced at the side, undo the bows, and it would just fall away. Her pussy would be just barely covered by a thin panel of see-thru red fabric. Susan could feel her pussy fluttering, just looking at them, and imagining herself almost naked in front of Matt, wearing just that, was warming her up. The second set was a jet black G string, with a small see-thru panel covering her pussy, and a string running up the crack of her ass. As she imagined it against the twitching crack of her ass, it kept her pussy simmering with desire. She could feel her pussy, achy and slick with desire as she took them to the front counter. She took them home, and sighed with relief that her parents weren't home from work yet, so they wouldn't see what she had bought. She stripped herself naked, and soon, she was standing in front of her full length mirror, wearing only her red knickers. Oh yes, it looked so HOT. Matt would go crazy when he saw it.

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   She tried on the g string, and feeling it against her ass crack was a very erotic experience. Plus, the fact that it left her ass bare would drive Matt wild. Susan stripped off her new knickers, and folding them carefully, she hid them in the bottom of her underwear drawer.
     She also wanted to try something else, something her older sister had told her about, she wanted to shave her pussy. Her sister had told her how it drove her boyfriends crazy, and how they ate her endlessly, until she couldn't cum anymore. She went into the bathroom, and started the water running. She got her Mom's razor and shaving gel. Soon she was sitting in a tub full of hot water. After washing her body, she sat on the end of the tub. She took a squirt of the gel, and rubbed it over her pussy, working up a rich lather. She took the razor, and carefully ran it over her pubic area, rinsing it in the bath water after every stroke. After the first pass, her pussy was well shaven, the hair right around her lips were next to go after. Being 16, her pubic hair had just started to grow, so it was easy to shave it away. She pulled the lips as taut as she could, and carefully shaved them. After another pass to catch the ones that had escaped the first two, she rinsed off her pussy, and inspected it carefully.


   Her pussy was shaven as bare and smooth as a billiard ball. It was a huge turn-on, her pussy and clit were throbbing.
     Thinking about Matt with her, eating her bare, smooth shaven pussy, then driving his hardness into her, turned her pussy into a heat filled, throbbing volcano, her desire was dripping out of her and her clit was throbbing to the point of pain, she needed to cum, and she needed to cum NOW. She took the handheld shower nozzle, and pointed it at her pussy. She spread her pussy lips apart, and her clit was standing up, hard and throbbing with need.   She turned it on, and once the stream of water hit her clit, IT WAS HEAVEN. Susan adjusted the pressure and leaned back against the wall, spreading her legs wide, her fingers keeping her lips open. Her body felt the shocks race through her pussy as the water pummeled her hard, erect clitoris, sheer ecstacy. Her body shook as sizzling pulses of pleasure raced through her. It all built up, and she felt like she was going to burst with pleasure -- literally. After about two minutes of this constant pressure, Susan screamed with pleasure as she finally achieved a massive orgasm, her body shaking wildly as it tore through her straining body.
    All through the school week, they kept thinking about their weekend. On Thursday, at lunch time, Susan and Matt sneaked into the backstage area of the school auditorium. The only light on was a low power bulb by the stage controls, the rest of the area was shrouded in darkness. They went away from the light, and soon were very dim shapes in the darkness.

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   Now that they were alone, Susan leaned in against Matt, and her hand stroked at the front of his trousers, feeling the big bulge rise eagerly to meet her hand. Her mouth got dry, and she could feel the warm flutter between her legs. She groped at his stiff shaft. It was rock hard, and she groaned deep in her throat. Matt's fingers were rubbing against the tight seam of her jeans, pressing it into her aching crotch, making her pussy throb. She could feel her pussy creaming wildly. Matt's cock was rock hard, and Susan imagined the feeling of his hard cock at her pussy entrance. She thought about him penetrating her, his rock hard prick sliding up into her, breaking her cherry. She wondered how it would feel, would it hurt, or feel so pleasurable? Matt would be patient, and he would deflower her gently, she was sure. She felt Matt undo her jeans, his fingers slid over her belly, and just as he slid his fingers under the waistband of her panties, they heard voices at the entrance to the backstage area. They quickly stopped what they were doing, Susan quickly zipped her jeans up, and sneaked out of the area at the  entrance on the other side of the stage. They giggled as they made their way back to their lockers.

     "Oh baby", Matt whispered, "if we hadn't been interrupted. . .

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     Susan giggled and said, "My parents are leaving right after they get off work at 3 PM tomorrow. How about you come over at 7 PM, and we can enjoy the softness of my bed?"
     She smiled her vixen sexpot smile at him.
     "As a matter of fact, my parents leave at 6 PM, so I'll be ready to go as soon as you are!", Matt replied.

     They went off to class as the first bell of the afternoon rang, eagerly looking forward to Friday night.


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