Me and Janey


this is a true story. her name was janey. she was the cutest little thing around, with her baby fat cheeks, blue eyes, pink lips and a figure that made him hard in a second. he had seen her around school but he didn't really know her. she wasn't what you would say hot. she was about 5 foot 7 and had brown hair. she had a nice figure but didnt have the best tits. the stand out feature to him was her smile. she had rosy cheeks and lips that were so pouty they could just about makem him melt. she had a sweet voice (though she hated her speech impediment) he found it cute. as he would talk to her he would roam her body, eying what he liked and lusting for it. he started dating her and before long they were a cute couple. they held hands, they kissed, they were happy. it started out with just making out, thei tongues tangling with each other, sneding waves of excitement to his cock. she loved kissing, and he didnt mind that at all. then they moved on to touching a bit.

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   his hands went all over her bare chest, pushing away her bra with force that made her smile. her tits werent big, but they made up for that in softness and fun. he would spend minutes at a time, rubbing her bare breast, pinching her nipples to make her giggle. he knew just how to turn her on. one day he showed her what he could do.
it was a holiday monday and she had invited him over. he arrived, and things were their usual. she greeted him with a kiss and held his hand as she pulled him down into her basement. it was unfinished, and they spent most of their time down here, having fun. today, her lillte brother was home and she was supposed to be watching him.
kyle, leave. go play vicdeogames elsewhere.
but janey, mom said i could. im almost done this level.
kyle, go.

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he left, mumbling under his breath as he climbed the wooden stairs to watch tv or read in his room.
finally, alone time. he said as he looked at her beautiful face.
lets see what we can accomplish in this time. she said as she winked at hime.
he climbed on top of her, kissing her passionatley. she rubbed his hair, as they moved all over the couch. today is the day she thought. i am going to show people i am not square. as he put his hand into her shirt, he unclipped her bra with one had. her breasts were feeling extra soft to his touch, and as soon as his finger tips touched, her nippled went rock hard. he loved this about her and contiuened to pinch. he could feel himself getting hard, and wondered if she felt. as they moved to the corner of the sofa, she unzipped his fly. they kept kissing but both were wondering what the other was thinking.

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   she had never done this before and felt somewhat naughty. she wasnt the nice church girl people thought of her ass. she was horny as hell and would often pleasure herself in the shower. she wrapped her hand around his dick, and moved up and down slowly. she hoped she was doing it right.
mhhmhmhm. he moaned into her mouth. she knew just where to touch, and yet she had never done this he knew. they continued to kiss passionatley, as the pleasure built up.
tell me when baby. she whispered into his ear.
this turned him on immensely. he had been getting to the point, and was getting very hot.
im coming. he said to her.


she began to rub faster, and faster. it built up in him and he couldnt take it any longer.
im cominggggggg. he moaned as his giz came all over her hand. he had never felt so close to her in his life.
she rubbed it away, thinking how great that was and how right her girlfriends were when they talked about that.
how was it? she asked as she continued to rub his hair.
amazing. i cant believe it, u were wuite a pro
she giggled shyly and began to kiss him again.
let me return the favour. he whispered her and then blew onto her earlope. she went crazy.
he pulled her shirt over her head and removed her bra eith care. as she sat there topless, he viewed what he had been waiting to see for a month. her breasts were beautiful, with small pink nipples that were hard as hell.

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   he began to rub them, making sure every part was touched. she moaned into his mouth. he lowered his head and began to lick around her left nipple. he continued to rub her other one, pinching it every so often to tease her.
ohhhhhhh ya baby. she moaned quietly as he continued.
he ran his tongue down her stomch. this sent shivers through her spine so great that she could only imagaine. what will he do next she thought. he began to unzip the fly of her jeans. he lowered them to her knees. she was wearing cute panties with hearts on them. he smiled to himself. he loved her innocence and it was a reall turn on for him. he could feel himself getting hard with anticipation.

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   he slowly rubbed his finger on the outside, where he could already see wetness. she cooed softly, pushing his head down. he slipped off her underwear to reveal a shining shaved pussy. good girl he thoiight, no hair to mess with. he began to breathe onto her mound, and ever so gently brought his tongue to her thighs. she swallowed, and began to breathe a bit deeper. he traced around her slit as it opened up to reveal the niced pussy he would ever see. he rubbed his lips up the middle, making her moan out loud.
quiet, he said.
im sorry, go on baby. i love it.
he returned, opening her lips with his thumb and licked around her clit. she began to pant and started pushing his head deeper. he began to lick faster, and she soon joined his rythm with her hips. he stuck 2 fingers in, and kept licking at her clit.

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   she was moaning louder, and louder. finally, he nibbled on her love button, sending her over the edge.
ahhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiii, she moaned as the juices flowed all over her crotch. she had just had the best feeling in the world and couldnt believe how well it felt.
you okay babe? he asked, smiling at his actions
omg baby, i love you. i am so wet right now. ill do whatever you want, make me cum again baby. she groaned
he grinned to himself and started to pull down his pants. his dick stood at full erecct, waiting to be let out of his boxers.
you ready to do this? he asked
she wasnt, and she knew that. but she loved him, and wanted to have another orgasm. she nodded, and closed her eyes.
he pulled down his boxers. his dick was as hard as it has ever been. he was about 8 inches.

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   she was horny and was ready for anything. he rubbed her pussy lips with his fingers, and slipped 2 in to get her ready. she kept her eyes closed. she was enjoying this, but she had not yet broken her cherry. she was nervous and didnt want him to know.
go ahead, she said, make me a woman.
he pullled away his hand and spread her opening. he rubbed it with the tip of his dick, and slowly inched it into her mound. she felt little pain, and wondered if it was all in. he was surprised at how tight she was, and loved this feeling. he started to thrust in and out, starting off at a slow pace as not to hurt her.
omg baby, this feels so right. she moaned
he kept going at it, thrusting in his dick and rubbing her breasts. her rock hard nipples felt warm, and this was a good sign. faster and faster, he felt it building up.

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omgggg janey, you are so fucking tight i love it. he groaned
she giggled to herself, but kept her eyes tight. she could feel his balls slapping her ass and this too made her steamy. she was feeling better by the second. all this pleasure was making her so hot, she couldexplode at any minute.
i cant take it, im gunna cummmmmmm. he said as he came into her hole. she could feel the warmness and this in turn helped her climax.
omggggggggggggggg. she screamed as her cunt tightened and she shook on the spot, covered with mixed emotions of pleasure and wildness.
she was shivering, and her legs tingled. she had never felt so good and she was breathing deeper then ever.
that was amazing. he told her, taking deep breaths.
i love you, lets do this again tomorrow.

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   she suggested, and went off to have a shower. her cute ass shook as she walked. i love her he thought. and he dozed off on her couch.