Sexual Encounters: My Life Chapter 5


"I don't know. I guess so," I responded, though in all honesty I don't think the thought had ever crossed my mind before then. "Why?" Curiosity had gotten the best of me. She told me how a lot of the girls that lived at the group home with her were lesbians and bisexual. I looked at her, waiting for her to get to what it was she was really trying to tell me. "I kinda have a girlfriend there. " she blurted quickly before hanging her head. I stared at her, absorbing what she had just told me. It didn't reaaly surprise me that another girl would find Karie attractive. With her long, blond hair, hazel eyes and petite body she was very pretty. I had admired her breasts before when we were sunbathing nude on our roof. They were beautiful. . . full, golden handfulls that rose to tender, pink tips. "what have you done with her? Um, I mean, like, sexually.


  . " I asked. "Nothing really. Kissed. And touched each other. . . in the bathroom. It's the only place they aren't watching us. " she confided in me. Suddenly I was aroused. Here was my little sister telling me she was interested in females. This was the same girl only a few years ago I had lain next to as we humped our stuffed animals together. We laid there then, talking about other things. But I couldn't help but remember her scared confession.

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   Did she think I would laugh at her? Was she afraid I'd be disgusted? It was lying there thinking these thoughts that I decided to show her I was okay with her having a girlfriend. "Do you like messing with a. . . uh, girl?" I stuttered. She nodded. "Can I. . . would it be okay for me to touch your breasts?" I asked, bracing myself for her answer, sure it would be no. Again she nodded, surprising us both I think. I was lying on my side gazing down at her. She was sprawled comfortably on her back, and it took me no time at all to push her baby blue nightie to her chin, exposing those glorious globes. I cupped first one, then the other. They were lighter than my own, but stood tall and proud.

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   I pinched a nipple softly and watched it become a hard little nub. I looked into her eyes, and when I saw nothing but desire there, I lowered my head to her bossom. She gasped as I captured a tender tip between my teeth and bit gently. I sucked her nipples into my mouth, taking turns between the two, twirling my tongue around them. She moaned and wriggled beneath my hot mouth. "Can I taste you?" I pleaded, no longer caring if she found my requests wanton. "I'm on my period. " she groaned, obviously disappointed. At this point I knew I couldn't wait. She wanted me to eat her pussy. "Put in a tampon. " I ordered. She quickly got up from the bed and went downstairs to wash. When she returned, I climbed between her legs and looked at her glistening cunt. You could see the white string of the tampon that held her menses dangling from her parted pussy lips, but I didn't care.

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  I pushed her thighs upwards until her hairy bush was easily accessable. Lowering my head until I was within inches of her womanhood, I took notice of her scent. She smelled like soap, with an underlying musk I found intoxicating. My tongue shot forward and flicked across her slit. She gasped, and grabbed the back of my head, trying to force my face into her sex. I allowed her to grind her cunt into my mouth, enjoying the taste of her. After a few minutes, I started pushing my rolled tongue in and out of her hole. Following the valley of her gash, I made my way to her clit. I had never eaten pussy before so I wasn't sure what to do. Karie pushed her hips forward, rubbing her throbbing little man against my nose. She shuddered, letting me know this was were I wanted to pay attention to. I licked across her nub, before slurping it noisely into my hot mouth. I sucked hard and then softly, nibbling every now and again. I let her body teach me, and repeated the things that made her shiver. Her long, shapely legs wrapped aroung my upper body, holding me prisoner in her delicious cunt.

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   She face fucked me, pushing me deeper into the folds of her pussy until it was all I could do to stick out my tongue and let her ride against it. She grabbed my hair and her movents became frenzied. It had been a long time since she had someone lick her cunt. I grabbed her thighs and shook my head back and forth like a wild woman, pulling her against my entire face. I couldn't breathe but I didn't care. Suddely Karie's back arched and her legs stiffened. "I'm cummiiiiiiinnnnngggggg!" she cried, slamming against my waiting tongue. I felt, then tasted, her liquid releif as it flowed freely from her body. She fell limp back onto the bed and moaned softly as I slurped up as much of her juices as I could. It was then I heard a noise behind me and saw my sister Sarah standing there at the door that connected our rooms. Karie's screams must have woken her. She said nothing, however, as I scrabblled from between my younger step-sisters thighs and pretended to be asleep. Sarah went downstairs and I listened as she used the bathroom. I was so afraid she would tell my mother. She said nothing as she climbed the stairs and returned to her room.

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   I lay there, feining sleep. After God only knows how long I finally slept. The next morning noone mentioned the incident and it was forgotten. . . until I received a 10 inch vibrator for my birthday. (This shall be my last entry if I do not receive any comments, good or bad, following this or any previous submissions,).