I also caught my Mom and my Professor



The pics are similar to their appearances, you imagine :).

I've read a story about a mom and a professor here so I think I should also share. Well, I'm 19 years old from the philippines and these days parents and teacher relationship are getting larger. I've always been a well-guided boy by my parents and I respect them, and I'm also close with my professor who teaches photography at a known university. My mom is a 40 year old half-chinese hottie, 5''2, D-cup sized breast, white skin, not slim nor fat and a long brownish hair. My professor is in his 30's I don't know his exact age but he is well-built, 5"8, a little chubby, white skin. They would never know each other if it wasn't for me.

I remember when we need to make a coffee book for a project and I needed help that's when my professor came to my house and showed me tricks on how I will present it to the panelists. It was all normal, my mom greeted my professor and we ate dinner along with my father. My parents got along so well with my professor and it's a good thing because me and my professor are buddies.


Everything became comfortable with my parents and professor it's like he was part of the family. We played basketball or hang-out to drink on some local bars. My mom would usually wear shirts and long shorts because she is so conservative but the comfortable atmosphere gave her the reason to act normally with the professor. Now, when my professor is at our house she only wears spaghetti strap and boxers.  

It was all new to me because my mom usually don't wear those with other people around but for only for months they got along like family. I was so close with my parents that I started teasing my professor and my mom, I teased my mom "You like sir _____ that's why you wanted to dress sexy(I laughed)" as my mom started to be annoyed and my teacher just smiling.

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   I knew they were getting closer than before but it didn't bother me because they were both important to me.

In the process they became friendly to each other that sometimes my professor helps my mom in doing groceries or washing the dishes. I noticed it how they talk and how they feel so comfortable with each other.

It was when I got home I've noticed that my professor's car is parked at our front gate. I came in and noticed the locked door in my parents bedroom. I've decided to look at the airway(or that's what they call it? the way through another rooms when you open the aircon), what I saw was mind tingling, my professor was giving my mom a doggy while squeezing her breast. My professor fingered my mom after that while licking her nipples, you won't believe how stretched my mom's nipples are it's reallys stretched, and professor shot load at my mom's face. I was confused but also hard on that point, I've never really thought lustful about my mom but when I saw them do that I find it sexy. The days went on and my father still don't know a thing, I know it and I confronted them and they asked me to keep it a secret and I would as long as my professor doesn't hurt my mother.

If you want pictures of her and my professor email me:

sandmanreturns@yahoo. com

I'm just gonna blur the face but you can see all the fun. . . though excuse for the ugly camera haha.  


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