Kelly's Sacrifice


KELLY’S SACRIFICEKelly was one of six white women whose pussy would be sacrificed, on stage, in front of a large wild audience. It was to be done at a once a year event, one that had become very famous in the sexual underground. It was all done to demonstrate the huge penises of six very special black men. For over ten years, the same six men had shown what could be done if a penis was long enough, thick enough and hard enough. And as those ten years of great performances progressed, each year’s event became more of a true pussy sacrifice. Young white women were always used for the stage show. That allowed an excellent contrast in colors, as well as providing the ultimate enactment of an urban legend. In this case, and considering each super endowed man, it actually proved that reality can, on a rare occasion, be more extreme than even the most intense urban legend. The organizers of the event worked diligently to insure that the white women were very young, and eventually very surprised. They mostly recruited at liberal universities. The education, along with a touch of nymphomania, were two pluses that could be found at such a place. Each woman needed to be very pretty, and display great shape and attitude. An extra kink for the organizers and the audience was provided by a requirement that the young lady do have a special boyfriend, fiancee or husband. The inside knowledge was that the woman’s pussy would be forever changed. . .

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  enlarged. . . made huge. And it was an extreme turn on for the organizers, the audience and, of course, the black men, to know that each of the six pussies would be unusable by even large penises, let alone the average to small white penises. That was one important part of the sacrifice. In Kelly’s case, she had even been a nude dancer and played around a lot within the last few years; but she recently married a swinging professor. He liked the idea of her still playing around. The recruiters were actually very sly in discussing the event to someone like Kelly. They knew exactly what to reveal, in order to get each woman’s participation. To almost, but not quite, frighten away. They did tell the women that each would be fucked, on stage, by one of the largest cocks in the world. They made that clear. They also made it clear that it would be done in front of a audience of about 75; and, that the audience would be made up mostly of black couples, with just a few whites observing. They were honest in saying that the audience would be there to see the huge penises demonstrated on the white women, that they would be cheering for the men, that they would want each woman to be fucked long and hard.

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   And they told partial truth, when they said that each woman would probably be stretched to her limits. It was even acknowledged, with a slightly apologetic tone, that “small” tears might occur. Almost all of that actually sounded great to a young woman with any masochistic nymphomaniac lust for the ultimate cock. But everyone else involved would know the truth. Everyone, except the white women, had seen the black men in action before. They knew each pussy would really be sacrificed, that each would be fucked by a cock so big that she would tear from her pussy to her ass. That, in fact, was the minimum that the audience expected. . . a good start! So, Kelly just did not know how fucked up she was going to be!On the special night, the women were brought in to the back stage of a small performance hall, ironically, one that was usually used for classic music recitals. In a dressing room, or, in this case, an undressing room, the women met. All were excited in some way. A lot of “well, this is it” type statements. All were instructed to strip down, and then each was given only a small shiny metallic thong to wear. While Kelly was slipping hers on and clicking the side snaps, the petite blond next to her looked over and said, “Have you (gulp) ever done this before?” Kelly shook her head no and gave a sheepish smile.

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   The little blond went on to say that she had thought about little else over the last few months, and that she believed the whole idea sounded like a fantasy come true. And it was someone’s fantasy coming true. To get it all done right, Kelly and the other five white women were coked, toked and then led out onto the front of the stage. Some applause and whistles greeted the six. That dedicated audience was concentrated up front and center, with a large section of black wives in the actual center of the front row. Those appeared to be VIP seats, or maybe they were just grabbed first by a dedicated group of black women. The master of ceremonies wasted little time, and stated the women were “here for the show”, that they, uh, sort of knew what was going to happen and that each had originally volunteered. He turned to them and asked them once again if they did volunteer. They all nodded their heads, and the audience clapped and whistled and yelled in appreciation. The MC then pointed to the six golden cushion type of raised stations that were set in a diagonal pattern across the stage. He instructed that each girl go stand in front of one. Kelly ended up at station number four. All the stations were set so each woman could see the lower number stations in front of her. After the women were in place, the MC announced that the little thong was the last symbol of the agreement. When each woman removed her thong, that meant that she knew what would happen on stage, agreed to have her body used, and wanted to proceed.

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   (Of course, they really did not know what was going to happen !). “OK, girls, show us. ” Without any hesitation, all six reached down, unsnapped the thongs, let them drop to a single strip and then tossed them aside in a rather cavalier manner. All were either smiling real big or giving a sheepish grin. The audience gave a steady applause. The MC finally interrupted the applause by announcing the main stars. He had the black men come out to the front of the stage one by one. Though none of the men needed it, all tonight were assisted by Viagra, since the organizers wanted them to stay as big and as hard as they could while they worked on the girls. So, as each stepped out you could hear the girls gasp, including Kelly. Each man’s cock looked like it belonged to a pony or little horse. And every one of them was sticking straight out with a tremendously hard erection. The audience screamed and applauded their heros, time after time. The girls were astonished. Eyes wide and their mouths open, they stared at each passing giant cock. They seemed to all quiver with excitement, as well as concern as to what they might have agreed to.

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   Yet, like the proverbial moths drawn to the flame, they stayed at their assigned positions. The girl at fuck station number one was the little blond that Kelly met and talked to back stage. She was quite giddy as her black man approached her. He just indicated that she should lay back and let him go to work. With a sort of terrified smile, she acknowledged and laid upon her back. His cock was streamlined, with a pointed head and a smooth shaft. It was no exaggeration, in his case, to say that he was really over a foot in length. And that shaft was over 2. 5" in diameter. The audience cheered him as he lubricated the tool and went to work on the little blond. As she lay in that mission position, he shoved it in her in a steady forceful manner. She squealed and rolled her eyes. Kelly watched intensely and could see the cock’s shape making its way up through the girl. Soon it was well past the belly button, into the area of the blond’s diaphragm. Kelly thought, “wow”.

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   The man began to stroke the girl. She was screaming, with her legs shaking. Then Kelly saw him get excited and impale the girl on his cock, poking up from her belly, stretching her belly out and up as he raised her whole body off of the station by only his cock. He stood there with her stuck on it and hovering in air. The head of the penis was clearly seen and detailed as it pushed several inches out from inside her belly. And there she stayed for a few seconds, as if hung on a coat rack. As this was going on, the men at stations number two and three began to fuck their white girls with similar drama and obscenity. Kelly stood there with her large breasted, thin waisted, and nice round assed body, as her black man tapped her on the shoulder. She turned to see him equipped with 13. 5" of length, 3" of shaft diameter and a head that spread out to about 3. 5" wide. One of those times where you know something can’t be real, but then you find it is. With a sly grin, he merely asked “ready?”, as he motioned to the cushion on the station. She nodded her head, her eyes wide and her mouth with a slight smile. He had her go straight to the doggy position, as he wanted to see if he could catch up with the first three.

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  (Use the following link to see the REAL Kelly as she would start the next As she was getting on the cushion with her hands and knees, she saw the first three girls being fucked ferociously in the doggy style. Their butts and legs jiggled with every impact. And they all were being occasionally raised up into the air by the force of the strokes. The screaming, panting and gasping for breath was ear shattering. She could hear the audience join in and begin to clap, just as she felt the black man enter her. It only took a few seconds for her to realize what this size of penis could do. And soon she felt her vagina was like a used plastic bag, all stretched in just as many directions as his penis poked. She could feel that huge head beating her pussy deeper and deeper. She could not imagine a fist hitting any harder ! Gasping for her own breath, this great looking girl’s tits were swinging fast under her chest and when hit from behind, her ass moved like jello. The audience was yelling on all the men, as Kelly first started to feel the over-stretching and tearing at her edges.
Now she was stuck on a pole, a big one. . . Her head bobbed all over the place. That and the shaking the fucking was doing made it hard to get focused.

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   Still she got a glimpse down the three stations in front of her. Her own fuck and what she saw produced the biggest scream and gasp out her yet. She saw that the first three girls were torn from their pussies to their asses, with the men continuing to hit hard and lift with their cocks, for even more pussy splitting. She could not keep her mind on what she saw because her own pussy was gradually and steadily tearing apart. He was just so big and so hard. For him this was great fun. He loved being able to do this to some white girl. He looked down to see her pussy stretched around his cock like an over tight rubber band. And like such an over tight rubber band, her edges were ragged and torn already. He just did not have a nice lengthwise rip, yet. But, he knew it was only a matter of time. He began to try to finish her off. He would stick it in as deep as he could, lodge it there, then pry up with his width and a real good angle. She was ripping in stages as she got another look down the row. Now the first three men had turned their girls around to show their rears to the audience.

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   It seemed to be so the audience could see how well the girls were done. Kelly’s own fuck began to look like science fiction. With his own massive size and the effect of the Viagra, he now appeared to be as big as the big end of a baseball bat. Watching that being ground in and out of Kelly was quite a scene. He was grinning and licking his lips as he ground away.
In spite of the fucking, bucking, pussy punching and a very shaky stage, Kelly got one more glance at the first three girls. The guys weren’t just showing the damage that their giant penises had done. As each had his girl’s ass aimed at the crowd, he would reach down and grab her ass and spread it powerfully. That would rip the girl more. Each squirmed and moaned, but was held in place by the strong man. The audience roared. That is what they came to see. The men did not seem to need much encouragement. They gleefully tore each of their girls again, deeper. Only moans came from the exhausted and destroyed girls.


But Kelly could not keep her mind on what she had just seen, since her own black man seemed to actually be getting bigger, prying her open more, causing more smacking, pops and loud snaps of her pussy. He looked down again at his connection with Kelly. He had her now stretched so much and poked so much that her pussy tissue looked thin and very delicate. That was a signal to him. He lunged forward and up with all his might, lifting her by her pussy each and every time. Finally, with one big rip, Kelly split all the way from her pussy to her ass. All of her pussy grip was gone as he gave some final deep thrusts into her central hole. As he slowly pulled out the massive tool, it seemed to take forever. (this link is to a photo of the Kelly, just at this moment. � Caution, do not go, if you cannot look at a graphic image - you have been was like a dipstick coming out; in this case, it indicated the condition of Kelly’s pussy. It was covered in cum and deep red streaks. The large head finally popped out of Kelly and some blood and cum ran down the insides of her legs. The audience gave an approving clap, but it was short and muted when they became distracted by what happened at stations five and six. Both of those girls ripped through at exactly the same moment; the audience thought that was very special timing. But Kelly got their attention back, along with deafening applause, when her man turned her ass toward them and used a powerful pull apart of her ass to quickly make the rip deeper.


   Kelly went out, then. But later, using a new addition to the event, the audience was allowed to vote on which white woman that they would like to have brought back out and receive extra attention. They chose Kelly. She had been back stage trying to get her senses back when they coked her and toked her again. Two of the black men were sent to bring her back out. She could barely walk and was quite dazed as they brought her to a station that had been purposefully moved close to the audience. They set her rear toward the audience again and cleaned away a little of the first damage, so the new work could be seen clearly.
This time, with two men to work it, each grabbed a butt cheek and then began an all out tug of war. The audience yelled them on. And they tore the line between her pussy and ass even deeper. Kelly had just enough energy to squeal once more. And still they decided to lift her rear into the air and, with all of her weight held by her butt cheeks, tug once again. NOW, Kelly became the most torn of any girl in the ten year history of the event. The two men thought that was it, a great demo, and that the nice piece of ass could be sent for some much needed suturing !But they were surprised to find that they were not through with their duties. The black ladies in the front row decided as a group that it was really fun to see this white girl done in.

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   Before the vote that chose Kelly, the entire audience was told that she recently married the professor. That only made the black women want to do some extra nasty sadism. They looked at her lying there on the station, and then had a little discussion amongst themselves. Fragments of the conversation could be heard. Comments like, “Nah”, “No way”, “You really want to?”, “Are you sure?”, “I love it!”, “Sure. ”, “Why not!?”, “Let’s do it!” could all be heard coming from the group. That is when a spokeswoman told the men that Kelly needed to be torn more, a lot more. Two or three of them said, “Tear her so that her sex muscles are ruined!” “What!!?”, yelled someone from the back. The front row answered, “Yes, yes, yes. ” Their spokes lady then said, “We mean it. We think it would be a great thing to do. ” After the idea was tossed around a few more times, even the conservative members of the audience said, “OK. ” to the idea. The men on stage looked at each other.
It was the audience’s show.

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   And this was the first time that this type of extended work was ever given. Both the audience and the men were excited. And preparation discussions of how far to go with these white pussies seemed to only be limited by the immediate suturing that would be done. Oh, and it would be well done, by several medical personnel. But it would only be done halfway; that is, the main rip would only be sewn up half the distance of that rip. The remainder would be closed at its edges and turned into large flaps, sort of like monstrous labia. The end result was better than any tattoo for the girl and verified her night on stage for the rest of her life. In Kelly’s case, she just happened to be the first chosen to ever be brought back on stage for more and special damage. The event always centered around the huge penises prepping and ripping the white girls. It was over the years that displaying the spread and, even later, doing a hand stretched rip, were added. Now, this, a form of command return performance had just been created to add to the finale. The two black men wanted to please the front row and the rest of the audience. The men weren’t worried about any white pussy, they just needed to figure out how to get the real and very final sacrifice of Kelly’s pussy done to the degree that would satisfy the black ladies’ wishes. They muttered things back and forth between them, like, “it would have to be real good. ” “Very special”.

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   And “leave no doubt. ” Kelly had gone out again after the second tug of war, before the black ladies made their request. That worked well for the men, as they needed to work on her while she was out anyway.
They moved the station to the exact edge of the stage. Then they moved Kelly around so that her abdomen was on the station, with her large round rear hanging off the edge of the station, and aimed at the audience; and her limp legs were hanging down in front of the station and the stage. The station and the stage were high enough that her feet did not touch the floor in front of the black ladies. It was another especially obscene scene, with that loose rear and legs hanging like that only about 8 feet away from that front row. (another photo that they took of the real Kelly, all prepped nicely to begin anew. This is as they put a spot on her for the end men jumped down to the floor in front of the stage. They were tentative at first, jiggling around her ass cheeks and swinging her relaxed legs back and forth like pendulums. But, the black ladies reminded the men that they had a job to do. Now, the men even got a little turned on by the prospect, and their Viagra enhanced cocks sprung back up again. The black ladies just loved that; the ladies took it as a real sign that the men were enjoying the thoughts of working on Kelly more. So, now looking out into the audience, the men only saw other black men, black women and even white men and women who all wanted the same thing. Similar to a Roman coliseum audience, this one agreed in the destruction of one thing - in this case, Kelly’s pussy.

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   The men were still thinking about what was specified by the audience as they started to work on Kelly. They asked for a bright spot light to be placed right on Kelly’s rear. That helped everyone see the project. Both men seemed to decide that the best way to start was to go back to the unconscious woman’s nice round butt cheeks. They made excellent handles. And their large hands could grab them easily. They excited the audience, even made them “oooooh”, when each stood on each side of her ass, took a cheek in one hand and the attached leg in the other. They tested the apparatus several times, pulling on a cheek while pulling the leg, at the ankle, out to the side and beyond, then behind the man’s waist. Quite a straight swing out and away, sort of like opening a geometry compass ultra wide! When they got ready to really try it, each man would try to pull a butt cheek and leg his way.
As they prepped, a few in the audience said things like “Oh, Jesus” or “They’re gonna really do it!” No one said stop. So, both men did then pull very hard on a cheek while the hand at the ankle rotated the leg way out and away. Kelly ripped, a lot. They kept their hands in place, but moved back in to look closely as another spot light was added. It was a good tear. It was about 2" deep now.

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   They stepped way back and each again pulled hard on a cheek with one hand, while the other pulled and rotated even more extremely from the ankle. The audience really clapped long and loud, when Kelly’s bottom gave a thunderous pop that echoed throughout the hall. That was the sound of a large amount of ligaments and tough fibers letting go! They kept their hands in place and moved back in for another close look. She was now maybe 4" deep from end to end. They nodded to each other while the front row was yelling “Do it to her. Do it to her!” And they stepped back and pulled out and to the side with all their strength. A series of loud pops was heard. Instead of stopping and looking, they just moved right back into pulling position and did it again. It was an incredible site for the audience, with these two large men literally wish boning Kelly, over and over. The loud pops and snaps each time told the front row that they were getting what they asked for.
The men moved in for a look, and dropped her legs. They dangled at least 4" lower than earlier. And her cheeks always laid apart now. Down through the middle she had a jagged deep tear. That allowed her legs to part and droop down lower than about ten minutes ago.

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   They opened the tear for view. You could see Kelly’s great dancing muscles up into the cheeks and down into the legs. They had kept the whole area tight before all the splitting and tearing. The wish bone maneuver seemed to change a lot of things. For one, there was now a fair amount of bleeding. Not unexpected with the damage occurring to Kelly.
They were holding up and holding apart her rear, when one of the black ladies said “tear’em” The men questioningly pointed at those deep muscles that were attached to the vaginal and rectal walls. “Yes, tear’em” was the response. The men thought they would just take care of all the questions about down there. One stuck a hand deep in her ass. The other man stuck his deep in her gaping pussy. Inside her, they met and grabbed each other’s hand through the walls. Then together they yanked their hands out still clenched as one. That brought out some pieces of muscle, rectum and vagina. It all hung straight down the face of the station and between her legs.

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   The ladies in the front row finally said, “Alright, that was good. Good job. "Be sure to check out the forums for more great stories http://www. sexstoriespost. com/forums/index. php or our new story site http://www. bluestories. com/forums/index. php

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