I Touch Myself

Erotic Poetry

I Touch Myself
All alone, no one to talk to, my thoughts wander to you. Thinking of you, longing to be with you. As my thoughts turn to longing I close my eyes and see us together. As I see my thoughts unfold in my mind, my hands begin to wander across my body. As the images become more intense, my wandering becomes more heated. In my thoughts I see your hands cupping my breasts, your thumbs playing across my erect nipples. As your mouth finds mine, kissing deeply, passionately. Seeing this in my mind, I feel my own hands squeezing my breasts. As we kiss your hands begin to wander down my body, as do my own. Feeling you pull your mouth from mine as your fingers find my most intimate treasure. Moaning as I feel my own hand lowering down my body. Watching us in my mind, I begin to feel the moistness, the heat spreading through me. Watching as you raise above me and enter me completely. Caressing, teasing, pleasing myself as I watch you bring me to erotic exstasy. I feel my fingers working faster and faster until I bring myself to the point of exstasy. As I sit here thinking about you I touch myself

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