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I had been dating Ann for almost a year and had come to know her two kids very well. Sally was a 17 year old and turning into a beautiful woman. Sally had long brown hair, a pair of breast that would cause any man or teenage boy to water at the mouth and become a babbling fool. Sally was about 5 feet 4 inches high and still had some baby fat in the right places.  Everytime I was over, I would always check out Sally's ass as she pranced around the house in her baby doll pajamas. Ann and I had just finished swimming in her pool, laughing because I still had a hard on after Ann had teased me with a playful blowjob. She promised me that there was more to come after Sally left the house to stay at her friends house for the night. We were going to have dinner and watch a movie, then continue the pool scene in the bedroom. I couldn't wait and continued to sport a hard on thinking about what was to come.
Ann and I were sitting in the living room, still in our swim suits, having a drink when all of a sudden we heard Sally let out a loud scream from the bathroom where she was taking a shower. Both of us jumped up to see what had happen. As we opened the bathroom door, there was Sally, still in the shower with a towel semi wrapped around her. The towel only covering one of her tits and barely covering the rest of her. For a moment, I stood there like a stone statue staring at Sally's tit. It was semi tanned, with the rest as white as milk and her nipple was dark and protruding straight out, still excited from the shower that Sally had just finished. Coming back to realization, we ask Sally what was the matter.

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   She pointed to the corner and said that there was a large Palmetto bug(nothing more than a large cockroach) that was on the rug as she was stepping out of the shower. I immediately grabbed a magazine and hunted the Palmetto bug down and ended its life with one swat of the magazine(Playboy) which Sally had been reading earlier.  After getting rid of the bug, Sally calmed down and realized that she was partly exposed and smiled at us both and apoligized.  Ann and I smiled at her and said that it was alright and we were glad nothing had happened to her.
Ann went to make us another drink when the phone rang. It was her son calling saying that he had had a small accident with his car. Ann immediately went into her mother mode and was frantic that her son could have been hurt. Ann told her son that she would be right there to get him. Ann apoligized to me, told me to just wait and she would be right back. Ann said fix yourself a drink and that she shouldn't be long. I said ok as she slipped on a pair of shorts and halter top and was out the door.

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