Furture Twin Sisters


After we were all greeted Sabrina turned to her dad, “Now that we are here it would be senseless to take us all the way home. I mean me and Ammy have already made you late for your dinner plans having wanted to meet your new girlfriend. Maybe leaving us here would make up for the lost time?”Jeremy looked to my mom not sure of the plan, but knew that it would save for the time wasted. My mom nodded, “They are all mature young adults I am sure they can behave their selves being alone for a couple of hours. ” My mom then grabbed Jeremy by the arm leading him out waving by to the girls. There I stood with the two twins in the entryway. I then lead them inside showing them the living room as we did Ammy placed her back pack on the couch, and then seeing as the dinning room is just an extension to the living room which was not much all but a table. After that I took them into the bedrooms for the end of the tour. They took special interest in my room. While I sat on my bed they went through my things trying to find something I do not know what though but I had nothing to hide. Sabrina looked at me “You have a very plane room you know that?” I chuckled a bit, “Well what were you expecting, and what are you looking around for?” Sabrina then sat on the bed with me looking to Ammy that was going through my closet. “We are seeing if you and your mom are perverts. ” I raised a brow at the question as I looked to Sabrina and shook my head. “Well you do not have to worry about that. ”As the twins realized that they could not find anything in my room they went to the living room and sat on the couch. I of course followed and sat in the chair across form them.

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   “What do you do around here? Is there anything fun?” Sabrina asked. “Well there’s the pool I guess, but I hardly go there. ” Sabrina then smile and patted at the back pack next to her. “I hoped that there might be a pool here we brought our bikinis. ” Sabrina said with a smile and then got up motioning for Ammy to come and they went into the bathroom to change. I began to wonder why it was Sabrina that asked all the questions and spoke when Ammy sat back and said nothing. I then heard some giggling and bits of shrieks form the bathroom, but I shrugged and went to my room and got my trunks, and as soon as I did they came out wearing small thin bikinis that showed off pretty much everything. I couldn’t help but to stare for a bit before going into the bathroom myself to change. I pointed to where we kept the towels and suggested for them to get some while I change. When I came out they were all ready at the door for me. I lead them to the pool. It was an inside pool room and no one was in it seeing as it is dinner time. As we set the towels down on some chairs the girls tried to push me in, but I fought back. They had to press themselves against me to get me finally leaning in towards the pool, but by then I had a good grip around both of them thus took them both down with me. We laughed as we surfaced and looked at one another.


   We were in the shallow end of the pool so I could clearly see their wet bikini tops with its thin material their nipples were very noticeable. “My my my, you are one strong boy aren’t you?” Sabrina said as she giggled Ammy joining in with her. “Do you know of any water games we could play?” She then asked. I shrugged, “Well there’s Marco Polo. ” The two nodded and Sabrina said, “You go first. ” They then went in different directions as I closed my eyes. It took me awhile to get at them but I got Sabrina cornered. After that she was it and it only took her a minute or two she got Ammy. Then I heard them whisper a bit before Sabrina swam away as Ammy closed her eyes and became it. It took along while for Ammy to get some one as it seemed she was set on getting me. After some time I got tired of the game and slowed down so she could get me. Ammy dived in the water after me after I said, “Polo. ” She then had one of her hands come in contact with my cock. She rose up giggling a bit still holding it then just swam away to Sabrina. They whispered and giggled then looked to me.

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   “We are bored here now and hungry. Let’s go back. ” Sabrina said. We got out of the pool and dried off and went back to the apartment. The girls stayed in their bikinis and so I stayed in my trunks. “Do you have something that could be cooked fast in the microwave like hotdogs? Ammy loves foot longs. ” Sabrina giggled and Ammy just went flush red and hid behind her sister. I chuckled and nodded as I got the hotdogs and put them in the microwave. “Sorry Ammy but we do not have any foot longs. ” I said jokingly at her. It did not take long for the hot dogs to get finished so I took them out all on one plate one for each of us and set it on the table. The girls took theirs as they sat at the other end of the table looking at me they giggled. They caught my attention when they giggled. Then I saw them starting to suck on their hot dogs! I became mesmerized by this as I watched forgetting about my own hotdog. I felt something going up my leg and then roaming around my crouch, it was both of their foot’s.

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   I looked at them as they actually ate their hotdogs now they took their feet back and stood up motioning me to the bedroom. As I got up and hurried to the bedroom I saw them already kissing and tugging at one another’s bikinis. Then Sabrina broke the kiss and pushed Ammy to the bed so she laid down face up. Sabrina seemed to be the dominant one of the two as she took off Ammy’s bikini. Sabrina looked up at me and my now huge bulge in my trunks she smiled. “How about you let me and Ammy have a taste of that?” Sabrina said while taking off her bikini now. I sat on the bed in front of Sabrina. She took off my trunks and smiled at what she saw. Ammy got up and took my cock in hand, “Hey, I thought you said you didn’t have any foot longs?” Ammy said we all laughed at that while Ammy was stroking my hard one. Ammy then bent down and started to suck on my cock. It did not take long before she got all of my thick lenght into her mouth and was sucking really hard. I moaned form the pleasure she was giving me. Sabrina then joined in by massaging my balls. They went back and forth on sucking my cock and my balls not stopping. Soon Sabrina noticed that I was starting to become harder and getting ready to cum.

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   “Oh! Quick Ammy lay on your back and let him tit fuck you!” With that Ammy did what she was told and I too quickly moved along with this wanting to get the building pleasure inside of me released. I laid my thick cock between Ammy’s tits as I started to move my hips she pressed her breasts against my dick. It felt so good, so I went faster. Ammy soon was flicking her tongue against the tip of my dick as it popped out between her breasts. This set me off the edge and I came all over her face and tits. I have not noticed then but Sabrina was masturbating by this and as soon as I came she rushed over and started to lick up all the cum I released on Ammy’s tits. I then sat back and watched this. Sabrina got done licking up all the cum on her sister and then sat next to me with her legs apart. Ammy took this as an opportunity and put her face into her sister’s pussy and started to lap at her wetness. I watched this and then I saw Sabrina’s hand come over to my cock and started to rub and stroke it as it began to get hard. I reached my arm across and around her back and put my hand on her breast running my fingers along her hard nipples. Sabrina moaned from the pleasures me and Ammy were giving her so I put my other hand on her breast and started pinching at both of her nipples while Ammy was now licking at Sabrina’s clit and flicking her tongue at it as Ammy now was on her knees with her head into her sister’s pussy having her butt up in the air and fingering herself. I then leaned in and took Sabrina’s nipple into my mouth and starting suck on it. As I did this she slowed her hand down on my cock I figured she was ready to cum so I kept up the sucking and pinching on her nipples while Ammy worked her pussy. Soon Sabrina moaned loudly and came right in her sister’s mouth.

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   Ammy lapped up every bit of cum her sister had to offer. I, now having another raging hard on, got up and since Ammy was already bent over I got behind her and inserted my cock into her swollen lips of her pussy. Ammy screamed in pain and pleasure as I did. I worked myself into her as I saw Sabrina reaching at her sister’s breasts squeezing and pinching her nipples. I soon was banging into Ammy making her go forward to her sister and Sabrina stopped groping her sister and watched her tits bounce and started to play with her own breasts. Sabrina caught me watching her so she made it more of a show for me by licking her fingers and running them along her nipples. Seeing this I kept thrusting into Ammy even faster as she moaned from it. Soon I felt Ammy’s pussy pulsating on my cock. I couldn’t keep myself from cumming into her. I then took myself out of Amy and sat on the bed with my back against the wall resting I looked over to Sabrina and saw that she was still playing with her breast and now fingering herself. She notice that me and Ammy were done and frowned now seeing that Ammy was too into her own orgasm now to lick her again so I took the liberty and crawled to between her legs and put my mouth to her pussy. Sabrina now smiled and moaned softly form this. I licked her swollen lips and clit now as I felt Ammy trying to get at my balls again so I got on my knees to give her better access. Ammy then got under me and even though I was not hard she still took my cock into her mouth and started to suck on it. Seeing this Sabrina pulled my mouth from her pussy and told me to get on my back.

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   I gently pulled my cock form Ammy’s mouth as I rolled to my back. Sabrina frowned seeing that I was not fully erect yet so she and her sister looked at one another. Sabrina reached over and took Ammy into a kiss and started to play with her breasts rubbing them. Ammy did the same only having a hand go to her sister’s wet pussy getting her hand all wet there. I watched this thinking that Sabrina must have thought that seeing the two of them like this would get me hard again and she was right I watched and gradually became hard again. Ammy smeared her sister’s wetness all over her breasts and licked at it. Sabrina held Ammy’s head to her chest as she did moaning softly from it. She then saw that I was hard again and pushed Ammy to my head as she straddled me inserting my cock into her slowly. Ammy straddled my face and as I began to lick her pussy and mostly her clit Sabrina started to ride me. Ammy was still held to her sister’s head to her chest with one hand. Ammy kept licking and sucking Sabrina’s nipples as her hand was rubbing her clit. Sabrina moaned from all this as she kept riding my cock her other hand that was not on her sister’s head was now squeezing Ammy’s breast. I was doing the best I could on licking ammy’s clit trying to make her cum as Sabrina was bouncing up and down on my cock. I moaned up into Ammy’s pussy sending a vibration through her making her cum on my face. I then lost control of myself and came into Sabrina’s pussy felling her as I felt her orgasm on my cock.

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  Sabrina and Ammy licked at my face to get all of Ammy’s cum off. We then laid there when they were done and took in everything that we just done. I made the first move by seeing the clock knowing that our parents would come home soon. “We better get dressed before our parents come home. ” I said sitting up looking to the two girls lying on either side of me. They both nodded and got up and we all dressed. We went out into the living room and sat on the couch and turned on the tv so when they came home they would not suspect anything. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.