Mary seduces her 14 year old nephew 2


Mary wore a red V blouse with black slacks without a bra. The top is not see thru but very thin and her nipples and areola shows through when cold and when she bends forward or turns to her left from a sitting position her complete right breast shows from the left hand side. We have used this blouse many times to show her off at parties and diners.

Clayton and I had trouble keeping our eyes off her as she come down the stairs, she did a pirouette and asked if she looked pretty enough to be seen with two such handsome men, Clayton told her that she looked beautiful, and Mary hugged him and thanked him. I already had a huge hard on; he was no match for her charms and tits.
We spoke a little about family matters on the way to the diner and kept the conversation light.
I chose a corner table and made sure he sat to her left and her at the head end and me to her right.
I ordered beer and a bottle of wine for the table and poured him a glass as well, he asked if it would ok for him to drink it, I said it would be fine as we know the owner and the table is out of view.
He went to the toilet and I asked Mary if she is going to turn-up the heat soon. She agreed but said it was unfair to tease the boy and was afraid of him telling stories to his mother.
I told her to try and see how he responds to her when I am not present. When he returned I got up and said I am going to speak to a friend at the bar and that she should order for me so long.
I made small talk with the barman and two other guys at the bar, she had her back to me and soon I saw her lean on her elbows on the table. After a few minutes she put her left hand under the table and turned towards him game on I thought.
I returned after about 20 min when the food arrived. He looked flustered but she gave me a big smile and said they were catching up nicely and that he has really grownup to be a big man.

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She did her best to show of her tit while we were eating, and fished for compliments. I ordered more wine and the waiter also got an eyeful. I told her that waiter enjoyed the view; she then got bold and said that the view is for Clayton and me, and if we wish she will put her cardigan on.
I said that I don’t think so and asked Clayton, he looked at her and said no. Maybe it was the wine but he liked what he saw . It was a little awkward but Mary put her hand on his lap and said that we are all grownups. We finished dinner and all had a little too much to drink. Mary sat between us as we used the pickup. She put her hand on my leg and then the other on his leg and said she is so lucky to be escorted by two men. She asked Clayton about his girlfriends and said she is sorry that he is stuck with his old aunt for the holidays. He told her that she is not old and that he really enjoyed the evening with us.
When we got home she told me that he loved looking at her tit and he told her that she behaved so much better than his mom and enjoyed the freedom with the drinks. I suggested that we watch a porn movie and see if wants to watch and see what happens.
He was watching TV and I offered him a drink, he said he would like beer. As I gave him the beer I asked him if he was going to tell his parents about the drinks, he said no and he hoped that I would not say anything to his mom either.

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   I told him that we have treated him like a grownup and hope that will act like one and not tell tales when he gets home.
I then told him that I do not mind him looking at his aunt as see and I both enjoy it when she shows off. If that bothers him must say as now as we do not want any trouble with the family. He looked at carpet and said that she is really pretty and nicer than his girlfriends.
Mary came down dressed in a short wrap and the same red blouse , she looked stunning , she asked what the men are discussing , I told her we were talking about her , she laugh and said she hopes that nothing bad was said about her.
We sat down on the couch, and Mary asked Clayton to pour her some wine, when he brought it she told him to sit next to her, she was sitting in the middle and said it was cosy.
After watching some 70s show I suggested to her that we watch something a bit more sexy , she turned to Clayton and asked if he would ok with that , he liked the idée and said his parents also watch sexy movies as he has seen them in fathers drawer.
I chose one with a gangbang theme and for the first two minutes Clayton mouth hang open as this beautiful girl took of her clothes and got into bed with three men. I reclined couch back support a little to make it easier to lean back, she snuggled up against me a turned to het left to get closer to Clayton as well. She asked him again if it was ok and if he enjoyed the movie. He seems to really enjoy it. I told him we sometimes get a bit carried away and if it bothers him he must say so.
He hardly looked away from the screen as the scene started to heat up
Mary was by now making comments on the scenes and asked him his opinion, she started talking about cocks and tits and this seemed to surprise him a bit. I started to feel her up and she groaned a little. Clayton glanced at her and I knew he was dying to touch her.

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I grouped her tits slowly working her right tit out of the blouse; she started to rub my leg and crotch as she slowly lost control. I kissed her and took her breast out and pulled her nipple, she was now very noisy I looked at Clayton and he was now watching us and not the screen. Mary was rubbing my crotch and I took out her left breast and mauled both her tits hard. She put her hand on his leg rubbed his crotch as well. He closed his eyes at first then I told him that left tit is his , he got the picture by now grabbed her tit with both hands and sucked her nipple , Mary came so hard that she fell off the couch , I kept kissing her while the boy now played with both her tits and nipples s.
I gave him a minute or two to enjoy his first big tits , Mary was just talking dirty and I knew that she would now allow him to fuck her nephew or not. I told her to kiss him properly and feel him up as I knew this is what she enjoyed with young boys; she took over and really lay into him while helping him to maul her tits. Clayton was having the time of his life as I was sure that this has never happened to him. I went to fetch her largest dildo and got another beer.

I undressed while Mary was desperately trying to get to Claytons cock, I stopped them and asked if he wants to see his aunts pussy, he just said please and I took of her wrap, he was amazed at her smooth fat cunt, Mary just wanted to be fucked but I slowed things down to give the boy time to enjoy his whore aunt. I grabbed her tits and told him to undress; she went wild jerking my cock and rubbing her cunt while undressed. He had such a hard on I was surprised that he had not come yet , his cock was rock hard against his belly and about five inches long and thin. He just stood there, I asked him if he has fucked a girl before, he said no but he has been jerked off. Mary pulled him down next to her grabbed his dick with gusto made animal noises now with two dicks in her hands and her tits been mauled she was in heaven , he made crying noises as he came all over her tits.

I instructed Mary to ask Clayton to smear his cum on her pussy (this was my test to see if she would actually let him fuck her and have nephew cum in her.

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   She kept quite for a few seconds while still jerking us both off. She said please rub your cum on your aunts pussy please.
I took his hand and some of his cum and placed it on her cunt and helped him rub in on he was ecstatic while Mary moaned like a beast , I told her to pull her pussy lips apart so that he could see what a real cunt looks like , I scooped up the rest of his cum from her tits and put it in his hand and told him to rub it on her open cunt , I guided his onto her open pussy and pushed his fingers into her pussy we both fingered her pushing his cum up her , showed him how to rub her clit with his thumb while shoving our hands up pussy , she came so hard that she nearly broke my index finger.
I told her suck his cock until he comes again, he was surprised when I took hold of his dick and put it into her mouth, so loved it and was in heaven he played with her tits while I slipped my dick into her cunt she groaned so loud that I came just after a few seconds I came just inside her pussy lips.
He came with a lot of crying sounds and she swallowed every drop. I told her to lie down and not get up while we rested and got some more beer. She wanted to cover up but I said no I want him to look at her.
He gulped down the beer and did not know what to say. I told him to enjoy it and that he really does not need to worry about anything , then I asked him if he wants to fuck his aunt without a condom , he looked at her and said yes if it is alright with us. Mary had calmed down by now and could have second thought told her to play with her tits and open her legs so Clayton can see what a slut she is.

I told him I would teach him about sex with his aunt and he could do anything he likes. We sat down next to her and I saw him get hard again, took his hand and placed it on her pussy and told him to feel his cum in her, I played with her tits while helping him to squash her pussy, my cum poured on his hand and he fingered it deep inside her she knew I came in her and knew what I was up to.
I told him smear the cum in her mouth, he did as he was told, she took his head kissed him with the cum he put in her mouth. She asked him to eat her pussy, I told him what to do and we position her so that she could suck me at the same time.
He really did well with his face covered in my cum and biting her clit until she could take no more.

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I asked him if he would like to see his aunt fuck herself with the dildo, he asked if could do it, I said she must first do it so that he can see how deep she fucks herself she knew she had no say in the matter and started playing with his semi hard dick again and took the dildo and started to slide it deep inside her pussy as she closed her eyes he took over and fucked her slowly with it.
She loved it and I knew it was time for the boy to fuck his aunt and cum in her.
I took the dildo away and told him to rub his dick on her wet cunt, he stood on his knees started to do as I told him Mary opened her eyes and I put my dick in her mouth and said you are going to have family cum in your pussy soon, she sucked me very hard and pushed her hips towards his dick.
The boy slipped his dick in his aunt’s pussy it disappeared easily and he was groaning as he fucked his aunt, she was in frenzy and came very hard I came in her mouth and moments later filled her cunt with incest sperm. While he was still enjoying the moment she pulled him up and kissed him with a mouth full of my cum, he pulled away, when he saw me take his place suck my wife’s cunt he let her kiss him again. We were still for a while then I said that I hope we all enjoyed it and should tomorrow. We all agreed, I told him that he is welcome to have fun with aunt whenever he feels like it. Mary loved it; I told her that she can add incest to list.