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     We went out for dinner at our local steakhouse, so Darrin could replenish his juices with a medium rare T-Bone steak, the night was coming, and we wanted to be cumming, too.

     I looked around the table, Vanessa, Anne and our daughter Samantha had a satisfied, sexually fulfilled glow, and I felt a quiver of sexual excitement zing at my inner tight walls, remembering how we had looked in the throes of sexual bliss, and how we would be again, soon.

     Dessert? No thank you, we have the best dessert waiting at home, and we were eager to get to it.

     Just as we were leaving, however, Anne's cell phone went off. She answered it, frowning as she got some news.

     "Damn, our babysitter had to cancel, and my parents are going to an awards dinner, my Dad is getting the Salesman of the Year award, so there's no way he can bail out. And guess who's going to have to fill in?" she finished, pouting.

     We all hopped in the car, and Vanessa asked Anne if she'd like some company.

     "No baby, you go with Sam and her sexy parents, and have some more fun. Dad said that when they got home, he'd bring me back, so I can continue our sleepover. I'll be waiting, simmering with lust, and when I get back, I want the same thing that Vanessa got!" she growled huskily.

     In the back seat, Sam and her 2 sexy friends shared soft, stoking caresses, and tongue filled swirls of passion, nuzzling against each other, oh my, when we got home, Samantha and Vanessa would be red hot.

     We pulled up to Anne's house, and watched as she walked up the stairs, and into her door. She gave us a wave, and we were only a few blocks away, we wasted no more time getting home.

     Back in our bedroom, clothes flew off, and we were all over each other. Hands stroking and caressing, pink, full lips tracing paths of pleasure across our bodies, hot, wet tongues eagerly licking at all our steamy, intimate nooks.

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   Our soft cries and growls of pleasure filled the room.

     Samantha grinned, and whispered "Triple treat time?"

     I whispered back, "Oh yes, Vanessa going to get the filling of a lifetime!"

     Before we could say so, Vanessa told us that she wanted something else, first.

     "I want you to cuff me to the headboard, blindfold me, then I want all 3 of you to tan my ass! I came so hard after getting my rump whipped, I thought I was going to pass out. I want it again, I want to cum like that again!"

     Samantha grinned, as she replied, "Oh yes, we can do that Vanessa, then we'll give you a triple treat. Momma, Daddy and I are going to fill all your three tight holes at the same time, just wait until all your holes are enjoying fun and games, it will blow your mind as much as it did mine! Ok baby, would you like to lick one of our steamy pussies, or do you want to suck Dad's cock?" Sam cooed.

     Her eyes glittering as she looked right into mine, she whispered huskily, "I want Momma to be the one I lick, I want Daddy to power his cock up my pussy, and you Sam baby, are going to ream out my tight ass!"

     Sam grinned, and whispered, "Okay baby, on your hands and knees, grab the headboard railings, and we'll make you ass sting so good!"

     Vanessa quickly arranged herself, as I took the handcuffs, running the chain through the railings, I quickly had her wrists cuffed together. I slipped the blindfold over her eyes, her breathing deepening, mixing with little low moans of passion, she pushed her ass up as high as she could.

     "Now, whip my ass, make my ass sting!"

     The paddle was placed in my hands, and I took position, stroking my hand over those soft ass cheeks, listening to a growl of pleasure. I wound up, and swung hard.

     WHAP! and Vanessa let out a howl as her ass got it.

     "Oh yes, that feels so good, paddle my ass just like that!"

     That fired me up, and I whipped it against her ass again.

     "Fuck, fuck, I love it, spank me hard, tan my white ass!"

     I was happy to do so, spanking her ass with 3 more hard strokes, Vanessa was really into it, she let out a loud shriek of pleasure at the 3rd stroke, I paused, wondering if it was a cry of pain, but she urged me on.

     "Don't stop, keep going it just feels so fantastic, I have to let it out!"

     As the 4th stroke landed, she shrieked again, knowing that her sounds were all pleasure, I wound up, and really smacked her rump hard, another pleasure filled shriek filling our bedroom.

     Samantha was next, she grinned as she took the paddle, running her hand over Vanessa's rump, stroking at the glowing redness starting to color those sexy cheeks, and she quickly drew back her arm.

     WHAP! and Vanessa's cry of pleasure filled the room.

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     "Fuck, oh my fucking god, I love it, paddle my ass, tan my lily white ass, I want it a burning, stinging red!"

     Sam, grinning, was happy to do so, Vanessa's shrieks of pleasure filled the bedroom again, as Samantha paddled her ass expertly, making her ass that glowing crimson.

     Samantha handed the paddle off to Darrin, and Darrin wasted no time, whipping it against Vanessa's cheeks.

     "Yes, fuck, yes! Whip my ass, tan my white ass as hard as you can!!"

     Darrin was happy to do so, giving her rump another 4 hard strokes, Vanessa grunting with pleasure, begging him to beat her ass, whip her hard.

     After 15 hard strokes, we released her, the spanking paddle had done an excellent job. Vanessa's ass was a matched set of fiery, burning globes, we could see the deep red of her well whipped ass, those sexy cheeks with the  burning, fiery glow, throbbing with the stinging pain.

     Vanessa was now a horny caldron of lust, as she gazed at our flushed faces, watching as Samantha pulled on her harness, fitting in the dildo, having that 10 inches of fucking pleasure ready to ream out her tight ass, and Darrin's rock hard pole, throbbing with the eagerness to be engulfed by Vanessa's hot, pink hole.

     "Now, give me my triple treat, fuck me until I can't see straight, fuck I feel like I'm gonna explode, fuck me senseless!"

     Darrin lay back, his cock pointing skyward, and Vanessa quickly mounted him, growling with pleasure as she impaled herself, her hot fiery core sliding down Darrin's pole. Darrin growled with pleasure as she slid down, all 8 inches being taken into the tight clutch of Vanessa's steamy center. She leaned forward, kissing Darrin wildly, hot tongue filled swirls of passion, letting out a growl as Darrin gently grasped her well whipped ass cheeks, and pulled them apart.

     Samantha took position, sliding lubing up her dildo, and applying it to Vanessa's tight hole. She nudged the head gently against Vanessa's tight hole, and started to push. I watched as Vanessa's tight hole opened to admit that 10 inch intruder. With Vanessa grunting, and urging her on, Samantha was buried halfway.

     Vanessa growled huskily, "Now, ram it in, I want to take the rest in, all in one stroke, do it!"

     I had placed a chair over Darrin's upper body, and as I settled into the chair, Vanessa was at the perfect level. I watched as Sam pulled back slightly, then drove forward, Vanessa letting out a scream as Samantha drove in, all 10 inches buried snugly up her tight back hole.

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     Sam did as she was requested, she started to move in rhythm with Vanessa as Vanessa rode up and down, pumping her hips to take Darrin's cock in. Sam leaned forward, curving her body to Vanessa's back, rubbing her hard, throbbing nipples against Vanessa's back, pumping her hips as she gave Vanessa a back door reaming. She looked up, gazing at me with lust fueled eyes. I reached down and parted my tight labial lips, Vanessa licked her lips as she gazed at my soaking wet well of pleasure, my cunt was throbbing almost to the point of pain, my clit twitching wildly, and I reached out, pulling Vanessa's head against me, letting out a pleasure filled growl as I felt her mouth engulf my burning cunt, tongue digging deep, eager to taste my essence.

     "Yes, yes, lick my cunt, lick Momma's cunt, taste my juices, make me squirt, make me spray your face you little sexy bitch!" I growled huskily.

     She let out a growl, and I felt 2 fingers slide up me, working over, polishing my G spot as her mouth closed around my throbbing clit, lashing at it, pulling on it, spinning her tongue around it in circles, and I could feel it rushing at me.

     "Yes, yes you sexy little bitch, you're, you're, yes, yes yes, FUUCCCKKKK!"

     I felt the spasms start deep down, my cunt felt the familiar locking up, that squeezing urge, and I let out a loud howl as I felt the release, and I let my Momma's cum fly. My cunt was spasming crazily, Vanessa face getting sprayed with my cum, and that set Darrin off. I could imagine the feel of his cock rubbing against that 10 inch ass splitter buried deep up Vanessa's back door.

     "Fuck, yeah fuck, gonna cum, gonna fill your tight cunt baby, yeah, yeah, YEAH!"

     With a growl, Darrin grabbed Vanessa hips and pulled her down, and I could see him shaking as he bucked up hard, spending his passion in a shuddering orgasm, jetting his thick load deep inside.

     Samantha, driving the dildo in and out of Vanessa's ass, growled, "Do it baby, cum for us, feel the dildo fucking your ass, and cum for us you horny bitch!"

     Vanessa lifted her head, letting out shrieks of pleasure as her overheated cunt got the release she needed, her body jerking and shaking as Samantha gave one last thrust, and held it, keeping that 10 inches jammed up Vanessa's tight back door.

     Darrin growled again as he felt the lock of Vanessa cunt clamping around him, spasming wildly, eagerly milking his thick shaft, sucking out every drop.

     I quickly strapped on my 10 inch dildo, my daughter needed some relief, and Momma was gonna give it to her. I helped Vanessa lift up, she cupped her hand over her mound, keeping Darrin's cum from gushing out. I looked at Sam, my eyes gleaming.

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   Samantha must have been a caldron of lust, and I was gonna take care of my daughter. As Sam lay back, beckoning for Vanessa to sit on her face, I quickly got between the spread of my daughter's sexy thighs, nudging my dildo against Samantha's gushing center.

     "Yeah, yeah, fuck your daughter's sexy cunt, let Samantha have it!" growled Vanessa.

     I eagerly drove it in, listening to Sam's squeal of pleasure as I powered my 10 inches in, in one bold thrust. She let out a loud cry as I stuffed her horny teen cunt full, 10 inches of pussy pleasing tool jammed deep inside her.

     "Yes, oh yes, fuck me Momma, your daughter's a horny bitch, who just needs her cunt fucked hard, ram me Momma!"

      I started to fuck her, as I established a rhythm, as Vanessa lifted her hand away, as Samantha's open mouth covered Vanessa creamy center, I drove in, again and again. My heart was thumping, my own cunt was starting to gush, fucking Samantha, and watching Vanessa riding her face, was powering my lust right back up.   Samantha let out pussy muffled growls of pleasure as I bottomed out on every stroke. I could see Samantha eagerly sucking out Darrin's load, then her lips fastening around Vanessa's big, suckable clit. Her legs came around my waist, and as I felt her body lock up, spasming, Vanessa let out a howl as her cunt let go, and Samantha let out a pussy muffled shriek as she climaxed, her pussy wrapped tightly around the 10 inches of pussy pleasing splitter buried up her, lapping up the gushing juices from Vanessa's fiery core as she own body enjoyed the roar of her orgasmic wave.

     We flopped down for a rest, and Vanessa and Samantha cuddled up next to Darrin, their fingers touching, stoking, Darrin's cock showing signs of revived interest, as his cock started to rise back up. Vanessa and Sam grinned at each other, and their mouths quickly descended. Vanessa quickly swallowed his cock, and Sam licked at his balls, Darrin licks to keep his cock shaved, and Sam was happily sucking and licking the smooth scrotal skin. They changed, and Sam started to deep throat her Dad, while Vanessa licked and sucked at his balls.

     "Ok Daddy, it's time that your sexy wife got a good hard ride, fuck my Momma, and pour your passions into her!" Samantha growled.

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     I spread my legs, smiling up at Darrin as he got into position, notching his cock against me, he penetrated me in one smooth stroke, our growls of pleasure filling the air as his fat sausage spread my fiery, eager cleft open.

     "Yes, yes, fuck it feels so good, ride me sweetheart, fuck me, fuck me!"

     Darrin was happy to do so, powering his fat, bloated cock in deep. I could feel eager hands stroking at our bodies, Vanessa and Samantha working us up to a fever pitch. I could feel hands pulling my legs up, around Darrin's waist, then a slippery finger found my asshole, and slipped in, bringing a gasp of pleasure from me. Darrin grunted, and stated to ride me harder, I could see Samantha leaning against her Dad, smiling at me, her fingers obviously sliding into Darrin's asshole.

     "Yeah, yeah, feel our fingers fucking your asses, let Momma have it, do it Daddy, cum for us, come deep inside Momma's sexy cunt!" Samantha growled.

     "Ok Momma, cum for us, feel Daddy's super hard cock fucking you, do it Momma, cum, cum, cum" Vanessa chanted.

     Darrin's cock swelled tight with a massive urgency, giving me that maximum stretch, and that did it. I could feel my cunt lock up, then the huge rush. Darrin's howl of pleasure joined my shriek as I felt the release, my cunt exploding crazily, his cock erupting, my gushing juices washing over his spurting cock, our juices making a loud squelch as he jetted his thick cream in, Samantha's talented fingers making sure his prostate blew every drop up my horny lust volcano.  

     Darrin's pulled out, and Vanessa and Sam were quickly at me, eager to lick out every drop, both of them taking turns at me, then mashing their mouths together, sharing up the rich bounty. We cuddled up together, in a heap of spent, well fucked bodies, and fell asleep.

     A few hours later, I was awakened by the sight of a very naked, and very horny Anne, grinning at us.

     "My parents just got home, and now I'm back, and eager to get everything that Vanessa did" Anne cooed sexily at us.

     After Anne's creamy white ass had been tanned to that fiery stinging redness, in the middle of a triple penetration, all 3 of her hot horny holes getting the maximum pleasure, her growls and squeals of pleasure filling the room, that is exactly what she got.

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