A Night at the Club


My ample cleavage sat proudly on display unhindered by the low cut of my new sleeveless black dress. I pulled something special from my jewelry collection. I carefully draped the string of pearls around my neck, giggling at the connotation. "If I'm lucky" I thought to myself.

After arriving at the club I worked my way around the dance floor going from guy to guy getting as much attention as I could. I came across a tall handsome black man. He was about 6’4” and very muscular. I would be surprised if he didn’t work out on a daily basis. Our hips swayed back and forth with the music as we grinded together. A few songs later I couldn’t help but feel a bulge grow in his pants. I innocently pushed my ass up against him as we danced. Before long he grabbed my hips with both of his hands.

He pulled me tight against his body. The bulge in his pants pressed snug between my plump ass cheeks. The tip of his hardening cock filled the gap between the top of my thighs and the shaft ran the length of my ass crack. His right hand reached around and slid up my blouse.

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   His grip around my waist grew tighter as his lifted his hand higher to cupped my left tit, while his other hand reached down between my thighs. I felt the thick head of his cock throb between my thighs making me shutter from head to toe. I threw my head back and sighed deeply. I felt his warm breath against my skin. Every hair on the back of my neck stood on end as he licked the side of my neck all the way up to my ear lobe.

I spotted Greg sitting at the bar. I shot him a wink as he watched me being groped by my large black dance partner. I moved my hands over his

"Stop it!" I squealed after pulling free from his grip. I turned back to him and winked before heading over to the bar.
I hopped into the last open stool at the overly crowded bar. I placed my feet on the upper rung on either side of the stool. with my knees spread apart I leaned forward resting my elbows on the bar. I peaked over my shoulder to see My well endowed friend fixated on bubble shaped butt sticking off the edge of the stool. I giggled softly before turning back around to order a drink.

"Can I get a Black dragon and a cum shot?" I shouted across to the bartender, easily getting his attention as well as a few looks from the men on either side of me.

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  Before long my two shots were placed on the bar in front of me.
"It's $12 for both" said the bartender. Asreached for my purse I hear at least 2 different voices "It's on me" and "I got that for you girl". I looked to the guys on each side of me, smile and thank them before tilting my head back to down the Black dragon. Less than a second later I grab the remaining shot glass with my left hand and raise it to my lips. I slowly tilted my head back opened my mouth wide as I held the glass over my head and slowly poured the creamy Cum Shot into my mouth.

"Damn girl swallow that cum!" One guy shouted. "You must love that cum in your mouth. " said another.
I look over at the man, wiped a bit of cream from the corner of my mouth before sucking it from my finger and said "More than you'll ever know. "

"I'll fill that pretty mouth for you. " He offered.
"Not so fast, Jake. I got first dips on this hot piece. " My engorged dance partner spoke up from behind me, at the same time nuzzling his bulge in the valley of my ass.

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"Shit Derrick, didn't now she was yours. " Jake replied.
"No need to fight over me guys!" I cooed with a suggestive smile and a wink. "I need two more Cum Shots. " I shouted to the bartender.

"From the looks of it you've got at least 5 already waiting. " Said the man to my left.
"I couldn't take nearly that many more shots. I'm already pretty drunk. . Oh Hey now mister!" I said realizing he wasn't referring to an alcoholic beverage, wagging my finger at him.

"And they're on the house. " he added.

"Well the offer sounds awfully tempting. " I teased.

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   "Do you all know each other?" I asked.

"We're all here for our boys bachelor party" Derrick answered.

"Where is the lucky man?" I asked.

"Up in our VIP suite. We came down to give him a little privacy. " Jacks reply was full of implication.

"Damn , someone beat me to him!" I joked.

"Don't worry babe, you can be next in line. " Derrick said.

"Me Derrick and Jamal can keep you company until then. " Jack added.

I grabbed the glass from the bar and once again lifted it high over my head before pouring it into my mouth.

"How you like the taste of that cum?" Jack mumbled under his breath.
I place my left hand on Jamal's knee while the last few drops of cream fall into my mouth. After returning the shot glass to the bar I lay my other hand on Jake's inner thigh to keep both hands in pace.

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"I've never been to the VIP suite before. " I hinted while feeling up the 2 men on either side of me. Derrick's cock has grown fuller and more ridged as he grinded up against me. He reached his arms around my sides placing his hands half way down my thighs curling his fingertips under the trim of myskirt. His hands hiked up my skirt inch by inch exposing more of my smooth tan thighs.

My hands inched closer to each of their crotches, both of them adjusting themselves as they sit. I felt the bulbous knob of Derricks cock slide along the top of the stool and push between my upper thighs. I sat down putting my weight on his engorged rod rocking back and forth on his shaft. The head of his enormous cock began to throb between my thighs as it rocked less than an inch from my moistening pussy.

"Mmm I love all this attention!" I moaned while tracing the outline of two huge black cocks with my fingertips.
'Fuck it, He's had enough time already. Let's head back to the suite. " Derrick barked. He pulled his hands from my thighs and turned towards the stairs to their suite. I slid off of my stool right behind Jack when Jamal grabbed my arm.

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"Shh I have an idea," He whispered into my ear, Upon hearing his devious plan i giggled to myself grinning ear to ear as He grabbed my last shot and disappeared.

Derrick pushed open the curtain just in time to witness his friends climax.

"Oh fuck yes!" He screamed over the sound of a woman gagging and the sloshing of his cock pumping in and out of a soaking wet mouth. I tried to push my way past Jake and Derrick to get a peak at the action.

"aruugg" I heard her gagging on his cum. I poked my head past Derrick just in time to see her pull away from his cock as it spat 2 huge streams of cum at her face. One hitting her in the cheek and the other falling back on his stomach.

"What the fuck!" she yelled. " I told you to warn me before you cum!" she continued as she tried to regain composure.

"Damn girl you need to swallow that cum!" Jake exclaimed in laughter at the cum sprayed girl while she searched for her stripper heels and cheap bag. I snickered as she came towards us headed for the door.

"You got something to say bitch?" she spurtedstepping right up to me. I stood silently and watched the thick cum ooze down her cheek.

"I didn't think so!" she retorted leaning closer towards me. I still didn't flinch.

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"No one told this chick it's difficult to be intimidating with cum running down your face". I thought to myself. Just then I reached around, grabbed the back of her head and held her still as I touched my tongue to her face. I licked from her chin all the way up her cheek slurping the fresh load from her face.

"Damn!" the four men shouted in unison. The girl pulled out of my grip looked at me in shock then stormed out of the room.

Let me know if I should keep this going.

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