First time


I'm a str8 white male but I have injoyed toys when my GF is not home. I was only curious up untill two days ago. The guy next door ask me if I wanted to watch the laker game with a few of his friends. Sure I said. After when everyone was gone he said would you mind hanging out in case someone comes back for something they forgot. Know problem I saidCool I'm just gonna take a fast shower. When he came back I looked up to see him in a white robe that was not tied closed,my eyes went straight to his cock. Thinking to myself I wonder how big his black cock gets,he said Oh sorry this robe sucks. Thats alright I said,just as he sat down again the robe opens and my eyes go right to his cock,this time he says you keep looking at me like that I,Oh sorry I started to say,I was just going to say your going to make me hard looking at my cock,as he grabs it. . Have you ever? he said. No I got a girl,you know that? I wont tell if you wont. You for real I said? Next thing I know I got his big black cock in my mouth,He had to be close to 10'. I stood up and took off my shorts,what you doing he ask? I want to lower my smooth ass down on your big black cock,I slowly took it inch by inch until all of it was deep in my ass, grinding back and forth I wasn't even hardand I started to cum alot. The sound of my ass slapping as I rode up and down. I bent over the arm of the couch,ass straight up,looked back and said fuck me,and he did.

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  It was when I was on my back his cock feeling so good as he fucked me deep,he said I'm going to cum,cum I said cum deep in my ass,right then I felt the warm cum,making me cum again for the forth time I think I'm not sure I came so much. I'm not into kissing guys,fact not into any real gay things,just like nice big cock. I'm going over next week to see if I like his friends big black cock,and if I do, both of them want to fuck me. . . . .

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