Babysitting Job After and Beyond


Well, Felisha, Donna's Mom called one day after the first session I had all night with her daughter. "Think you are ready to come over for a little visit?" she said. I looked at Mom and she said that she had no plans for me that afternoon. "Sure, when do you want me there?" I said and she said "Now would be good. " and so I put on a nice pull over blouse, no bra and a skirt and no panties since I did not think that they would be on long anyway. I got there and there were several cars in the driveway and on the street and wondered what was up. I got to the dor and a very naked Donna answered it and jump into my arms, "I am so glad you are here now we can start the fun. " she said and kissed me deep. As we stood in the entrance she undressed me and then took my hand and we walked into the loving room. There were 20 or so women, all naked and of all ages sitting around having drinks and some had some pot too and they all turned our way, "Hey everyone, this is Sophia. " and they all said Hi. As we walked around each one kissed me and some tweeked one of both of my nipples that were hard anyway. I looked around and there were now cameras all around the room, mounted on stands and Felisha had control of them somehow.

One of the older women stood up and said, "Well, I do not know about any of you but I am starved and she took my hand and led me to a kind of couch in the middle of the room. I saiw Felisha turn on some switches and so knew we were being filmed. THe woman accepted a glass from another woman and she gave it to me, "Here dear, this will make what we are going to be doing so much better.


  " she said and I had already drank it down. "What are we going to be doing?" I asked her. "Oh, things you can only imagine dear. " she said and helped me lay down seeing I was already dizzy. Shewas next to me and kissed me and sucked my nipples for what seemed like forever making me have at least one orgasm. Then she was licking my clit and I was jumping all over as the electric shock went through my body and I sprayed all over her face with an orgasm. She laid there licking my juices from me and slowly moved up and then a strap on dildo was slipping into my pussy and I moaned and she began moving it in and out slowly then faster as I moaned louder and begged for more. I had another orgasm and laid limp from how powerful they were. I do not know if I passed out but the next thing I knew I was in a kind of harness, on my back, my legs spread and secured in stirups, my arms out from me and my hips and waist strapped down. I looked around and saw Donna in the same type of situtation and she had a fuck machine in her making her beg for more and then beg to stop and then beg for more and then I felt the dildo of the machine entering my pussy and it was huge.

Some lube was put on it and I still felt myself streaching as if it was the first time but it was not. "Maybe the size is all wrong. " a woman said and the other said, "Yes, you are right" and then she moved it back and put another dildo on it. This one was twice the length and thickness of the other. "Get it in her first, then turn the machine on" the woman said and suddenly I felt a huge cock ripping into me.

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   I let out a scream and the woman laughed and kept on pushing until it was in all the way filling my belly. "Okay, now set it up and turn it on" the one said and the other did it. It came on and pulled out almost all the way then shoved in again. I was really not enjoying it but nothing stopped them from doing it. "Give her a shot" the one said and I felt a needle in my ass then everything went foggy. I do not know how long I was subjected to this torture but I woke up with Donna in the middle of he floor and women licking and kissing us both all over. We were in the midle of a sea of women that were all groping each other and the scent of pussy having orgasms was all over the place. Donna had reached out and was holding my hand as we were used by these women. No one seemed to care that we really only wanted to be with just a very select few. We woke in Donna's bed as the sun came up. It had been 2 days and 2 nights and we were both really sore and worn out. We both decided that this will not happen again and slept more. We woke again and went downstairs after dressing fully. No one was there and so we had breakfast and left for my house. Mom was not there so we slept again in my bed, naked and together.

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More later folks, that is all I remember.
Sophia. .