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There's this girl in my p. e class I think she's so hot and in the locker room I always check her out while she's changing. But she's a jr and I'm just a sophomore so I feel like I have no
Chance and she has a boyfriend so I'm guessing she's not into girls. Looking never hurt though. I watch her as she takes off her shirt. Then she takes off her pants and I'm just wishing that I could touch her body and feel that tight little ass. One day after pe we were the last two in the locker room I watch her again as she takes off her clothes and as she's standing there in only her bra and tang top I take a chance and walk right up to her and I grap on to her c 36 boobs for a minute she's shoked and seems like she dosent know how to respond to that. Then I take my hand and slowly put it down her underwear I feel her heart pounding as my other hand is on her breast. She still dosent say a word as I start to move my fingers up inside her vagina. I can tell she is getting excited because she is getting more and more wet. While I'm still fingering her I begin to kiss her softly. I kiss her neck and I hear her moan quietly. Now that I know she is likeing it in a strange way I throw her on the floor she's now lying on her back looking up at me wondering what's next. She watches me while I take my clothes off then I took her bra off and started licking her tit she is loving the feeling I am giving her. I kiss her all the way down to her perfect little vagina and take off her underwear she let's me have complete control over her as she lyes there totally relaxed. I begin I lick her pussy she becomes even more wet now.

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   She screams my name which only makes me lick her more she wants more as she pushes my head in between her legs telling me not to stop. I feel my heart pounding I let her know that it's her turn to pleasure me by putting her on top of me she starts to put her fingers in my pussy and the feeling is incredible as her fingers move in and out so very fast and hard I moan because I can't help that it feels so good. She sits me up we are now facing each other I can feel her vagina against mine it sends a amazing feeling threw my body then she starts moving her body around in circles and wants me to do the same the pleasure is very intense as our vagina's rub against each others. Both of her hearts pounding and breathing very heavy stop for a break and give each other soft kisses we look into each others eyes and I can tell this is the start of something amazing. .

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