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Aunt Maggie was always up to no good on my part. She would find men and women that wanted a younger girl and would set up something and ususlly made a little money from it too. I did not mind in general since my sex drive was going of the scales as someone once said at a certain age. If I did not have the real thing I was playing with her dildos or other recreactional ways to satisify my budding nymphomania. One day she got a call and was on the phone a long time with a friend. After a while that she had sat with tears in her eyes she finally came to me out in he back yard where I was sunning and sat down on a lawn chair next to me. "Brenda, I have a very special favor to ask. " she said and I said, "Well, ask then, who do I go to bed with now?" I laughed. "No, this is serious. " she said and I relaxed waiting to see what it was. "Okay, what is it then?" I asked her.

"Well, you remember Miss Martel you met last Summer?" she asked. I thought back to a little elderly lady that had realy made a fuss over me and had flirted with me a lot I thought she was really old o be so horny but I let her play with me some and she was happy with that. "Yeh, she was sweet last Summer, what is going on?" I asked. "Well, she is realy not doing well and she asked specifically for you to. .

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  . ah, well, to. . . " Maggie studdered and she never did that. "She wants to have me all the way?" I asked and Aunt Maggie said that is what it is. "Well, she is sweet and I do like her, so I guess it is okay with me. " I said and Aunt Maggie hugged me. She called back the person that she had spoken to and said, Well, today? Let me ask. " she said and then "Can we get you over there today and spend the night?" and I told her sure. She told the other person and I had already gotten up to shower and get dressed. I made sure to wash my hair and comb it out since I remembered that Miss Martel had loved my hair and insisted on brushing for an hour or so. I put on a sun dress, buttons all the way up the front and a very sexy white bra and thong. Maggie looked at me, "I hope I can resist having you on the way. " she said and we left.

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   I got in the car and with the A/C on my nipples got hard fast and I was geting wet.

We pulled into the drive and a woman came out, in her 50s, and greeted us. She had been the house maid the last time I had been there and she was still very striking. Miss Martel was in the living room in a gown and stood up with help to hug me and say how wonderful it was that I could come stay with her. "She never hesitated when I asked her. " Maggie added. "Oh good, I am sure we will get along just fine" she said taking my arm and turning towards the bedroom down the hallway. "Rachel, bring us some wine dear. " she said to the maid and she said okay. We got to the bedroom and it was airy and lots of space. The bed was a four poster bed, deep pile mattress and so soft you kind of sank into it. Rachel arrived with the wine and gave us both a glass. She waited until we had finished a glass and gave us both another. "Ah, that is just right. " Miss Martel said and then asked me about mine.

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   "Oh mine is great, made me feel just right. " I told her and she smiled. "Well, Brenda, I suppose you know why I asked you over. " she said. "Yes, you want to make love all night and you wanted me. " I stated. "Well, that is sort of it. I wanted you because of your age dear. I love a young girl, the energy and vitality are amazing. You do not mind making love to a woman so old, and so much older than you?" she asked me and I stood up and began to unbutton my dress, "Do you mind making love to a girl as young as me?" I asked her and she smiled and said "Not at all dear. " My dress fell to the floor and I walked closer to her and she inhaled my lotion I had put on. "Oh, you know just waht to wear Dear. " she said and leaned forward and began kissing my tummy, her hands were inside my thighs and moved them apart some.

Her kisses made my hot and so I undid my bra and let if fall and she took my breasts in her hands and her expert mouth began working on them, first one then the other and the nipples got so hard that they hurt. They sent electric shocks all over my body and especially to my pussy that was now really soaking wet.

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   "You know this is not fair, you should be naked too. " I said and so she stood up with my help and I undidd her gown and it fell to the floor. She was in her 80s but still not wrinkled as many older women are. She did not have the firmness but she still looked good naked and that is a lot to say. I moved to the bed and sat down on the edge in front of her and began kissing her nipples and sucking them. She began moaning and telling me how good it felt. She moved to lay on the bed and we laid next to each other, "Oh I wish I had found you a few years ago. " she said and I laughed, "Too long ago and I would not have been able to do this with you" I said. "Yes, I know you are very young dear and I never invite anyone over that is above __ years old. " she said. "Oh, well, my birthday is in a couple months so I guess I just made it. " I said. "Well, for you I would make an exception. " she said and we kissed for a long time. Soon she pushed me onto my back and was kissing her way to my tummy, then hips and then spreading my legs and tounge went into my pussy.

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   It was like a snake going inside me and I had no idea her tongue was so long. It felt great and after a little while I arched my back with my first orgasm. She stayed there and soon another orgasm soaked her face and hair. She came up to me, kissing me with her face and some of her hair wet.

I looked into her eyes and said, "No it is my turn to drive you crazy. " and I did the same thing she had done. Her pussy was wet and she was still leaking from her eating me that had turned her on. I took a nice slow time of it, making her beg for her orgasms and then making sure she had several and then kissing my way back to her face. We laid on the bed snuggled up close and she kissed me all over my face and neck. All night we made love in various places in the house and a couple times Rachel came in and joined us. She was really nice and she always made sure that whoever she was with had orgasms. We slept and in the morning Rachel came in naked with breakfast. We all sat on the bed and ate and then the trays were removed and Rachel joined us again. About 1 Aunt Maggie came and Miss Martel told her to join us and so Maggie was now naked and Rachel took to her really aggressively. Miss Martel and I moved to a couch.


   MAggie was at the mercy of Rachel who really liked to be riugh. She was on top of Maggie and slapped her face several times since Maggie had not done exactley what she had said to do. Rachel had a huge strap on and used it on Maggie for at least an hour and Maggie was toally worn out after. Finally we all went to the hot tub and soaked for a while and then got up and dressed. Rachel and MAggie kissed for a long time and then we left. Maggie spoke, "If I ever had my choice of women to stay with it would be Rachel, she knows just how I like my sex. " and I was surprised. "Well, now that I know maybe I can help you out more often" I told her. When we got home we walked inside the door and I slammed it hard. "What was that all about?" "Shut the hell up. " I screamed and tore her blouse off her and began slapping her to submit. Finally she did and I made her do all that Rachel had done all over again. We slept great that night and Uncle Eugene came in and laid on the couch and said he thought we looked to worn out to bther.

see ya later everyone.

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