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Well, hey, it is raining in Georgia and I am all alone at he apartment. Brenda will not be home for hours so thought I could entertain myself and you a little.
A week ago I was in St. Louis and was between customers. I had a day and evening to myself and so treated myself to some great Japanese food at a resturant I have heard about from a customer. She even thought that maybe one of the girls that was a waitress might at least be Bi. Ming was her name. I went to the resturant, had on a long flowing skirt that was hip huggers at the waist showing my middle and a blouse that was kind of a halter top with a kind of silk open shirt over it. I went in and the woman, very beautiful long black hair, asked if I were alone and I said yes, "But by the time I leave I hope to have made a friend or two. "I said. She smiled. "Is Ming here tonight, a friend toldme that she was really a great waitress. " I asked. "Oh yes, I will seat you in her section. " the woman said and I folowed her to a booth that was very cozy. Soon Ming came to ask how she could serve me, "That is a question that could get us in trouble.

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  " I said not wanting to waiste time. She had on pants and a blouse that was low cut and her breasts were a little large for Asian women but delicious loking.
She smiled, "and just how would we get into trouble?" she said with a slight accent. I leaned forward letting me clevage show, "I just may want to take you home for desert. " I said. "And I may just go. " she said looking at me. I pulled 5 $100 bills from my bag and put them on the table, "I am a very good tipper when I am taken care of. " I said and she smiled again and placed the order pad over the bills and when she picked it up the bills were gone. "I am yours for the rest of the night starting now if you like. " she said and I told her that I realy was wanting something to eat also. I ordered and she came back out with the drinks and later with the food.

I kept watching her and she kept looking at me smiling. A few times she rubbed her nipples that showed thru her blouse. I had finished and she came over, "Anything else?" she said and I told her, "I am ready for desert.

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  " and she said "And that would be?" I looked at her, "You. " and she said "I will be a few minuets, I have already told the owner I was not feeling good and so he said to go as soon as my last customer was paid. That is you. I will meet you to the left down the block. " and she took the dishes and left. I paid for he dinner and left and walked down the block to the left and soon she came out. We walked together and as soon as we were out of sight of the resturant she stopped and looked me in the eyes, "So what is it that you expect for your tip?" and I told her, "Just anything that two women can do in bed together. " and she kissed me. It made me dizzy and our arms were around each other as we called a taxi. We got in and I pulled her to me and we began kissing and her hand was in my blouse and then my nipple in her mouth. The taxi driver was getting a good show and when we stopped at the hotel we paid him and he said that the show was a great tip. We walked to the elevators and got in and again she was all over me and I was all over her. Our blouses were half off by the time we got out and several people in the hall looked at us with wide eyes. She looked at them, "She just ate and I am her desert. " and we both laughed.

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   I opened the door and we tripped inside. We were naked really fast and she pushed me to the bed and was on top of me kissing and our clothes were on the floor. Her cell rang and she answered it. " After she did she said, "Would you mind if my sister joined us?" and I told her to please ask her to come up. She told her to come on over. Then she began sucking my tongue in the hottest way, my nipples were standing up and she worked her way to my tummy and pussy and then her tongue went inside of me like a snake. "Oh my god, oh yes, eat my pussy. " I moaned and she was doing that really good. Soon I had an orgasm then another and another one after the other. Her face was soaking wet as was her hair and then there was a knock at the door. She got up and went to it and her sister came in. She was a little shorter and a little of a bbw with huge tits. She stood by the bed and stripped and joined us. "Now the expert is here. Does she wish to die from an overdose of orgasms?" she asked.

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   I looked at her, "Oh yes, please. " and she began. . . .
ater everyone.

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