Jamie and Silas, part X


I watched jamie as she walked around our room, only wearing a bra and her high wasted pencil skirt. She was on her tip toes putting on her make up in the mirror. “do we have to go out?” I asked walking her up behind her and kissing her shoulder softly. Her hair was up in a messy bun and she just watched me in the mirror. “we do. ” she shrugged and I ran my hands  along her waist. Hugging her tight and she smiled. “go get dressed. ” she pulled away from and I just sighed. “what’s with you?” jamie asked finishing her make up.

“nothing. ” I shrugged and went into the closet and pulled on a simple baby doll dress and put my heals on. I want in the mood to deal with people tonight. I wanted to curl up on the couch and not deal with people. “im ready. ” I sat on the bed and watched Jamie, she smiled at me and fixed her skirt so it came up to about mid-thigh.

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    “Im going to fix my hair and put on my top then we can go. ” Jamie walked into the closet and I smiled, watching her hips sway in the perfect way.

I walked over to the mirror and fixed my hair and my lipstick. “ready?” jamie asked putting her earing in and I smiled at her. “you look amazing. ” I smiled and she pulled on her jacket. “thank you. ” jamie smiled and handed me my jacket. “you look great too. ” jamie laughed and took my hand and we walked down stairs. The drive to the bar we were at was short, and it was packed and I was trying put on a smile and act like I wanted to be there. Our friends were in the VIP room and jamie and I were at the bar. “you don’t want to deal with this. I know. ” jamie sighed and the bartender looked at jamie.

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   “Whisky Neat, and a Gin and Tonic. ” Jamie smiled and took my hand and I just watched her. “im here, ill be a big girl and play nice. ”  I smiled and look at her.

                “do you want to start a tab?” the bartender asked and jamie nodded and handed him her credit card and handed me my drink. “let go. ” Jamie laughed and kissed me quickly and then lead me back to the booth where everyone was sitting. “HEY!” every yelled and I laughed, they were all drunk, already. “hey. ” I smiled and me and jamie slid into the booth and laughed. “drink!” my friend katsie yelled and jamie down her gin and tonic and I just laughed. “someone has to drive. ” I smiled and jamie laughed and a tray of shots appeared at the table. “so you’re driving?” jamie asked me and I just nodded. “yes, ill will drive home.

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  ”  I laughed and jamie picked up a shot and down it without a second thought.

                I sipped my whisky and watched everyone. “so how’s work?” katsie asked looked at me and jamie leaned into me. when she starts drinking she is very affectionate. She wants to cuddle and kiss. “good, Im out of town in a few days. ” I smiled looking around the room looking to see if I knew people in the bar. “im going to go get more drinks!” katsie moved out of the booth and jamie put her hand on my knee and looked at me. “wanna dance?” I asked and she smiled and nodded. “I would love to. ” jamie laughed and we made our way to the dance floor and jamie kissed quickly and started dancing against me.

                The dance floor was packed so everyone was against each other. “you seem in a better mood. ” Jamie laughed and just smiled. “Im out with you.

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  ” I laughed and jamie kissed me I could taste the alcohol on her lips. “oh boy. ” I laughed and pulled away from her. “sorry, your kinda addictive. ” Jamie laughed and we kept dancing. She had worked me up on the dance floor. Dancing so close, running her perfect ass agaist me, then moving so her breasts rubbed on mine. She knew what she was doing and I hated it, I could feel my pussy getting wet. “I need something to drink. ” I laughed and jamie followed me back to the booth.

                “drink more!” katsie looked at jamie and we sat in the former of the booth and jamie down two shots and leaned into me. “so where are you off too in a few days?” katsie looked at me and I smiled. “Seattle ill be there for a few days. ” I smiled  and felt jamies hand on my thigh. “I hate when she leaves.

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  ” Jamie huffed and she ran her thumb along my thigh. “I don’t like it either. ” I laughed and moved her hand and she just smiled at me.

                People were coming in and out of the VIP room, it was crowded and load but I didn’t mind to much. “hey!” jamies coworker walked up to the booth and jamie smiled. “hi. ” Jamie smiled and her hand found its way back to my thigh. “hi silas. ” the lady looked at me and I smiled trying to remember her name. “hi, how are you?” I asked trying to move jamies hand again, she was running it along my thigh, each time getting closer to my already wet pussy. “im good” she smiled and sat down at the booth. “lizzy just got promoted. ” Jamie smiled at me and her hand rested only inches away from my pussy. Jamie was teasing me, and is some way I loved it. not knowing when she would finally let me feel her fingers in me.



                “congratulations. ” I smiled and jamie watched me as her hand crept even closer. “is your husband here?” jamie asked leaning into me, using her foot to uncross my legs. “yeah he is at the bar I think. ” Lizzy smiled and I moved jamies hand and she just smiled and kissed my check. “relax. ” She breathed in my ear and I tried to smile as Goosebumps formed all over my body. I could feel my nipples trying to escape my dress, threating to poke holes in it.  “so are you all moved in yet?” lizzy asked and I let out a nervous laugh as jamies fingers pushed my thong to the side.

                “yeah, we finished unpacking a few days ago. ” Jamie smiled and I tried to move her hand again, I wasn’t to comfortable with her trying to finger me in the crowded room. “that’s cool. ” Lizzy smiled and I moved jamies hand and crossed my legs again. “im going to go find my husband ill see you guys later. ” Lizzy smiled and moved from the booth and I just looked at jamie.

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   “your wet. ” She smiled a devilish grin. “when we get home. ” I laughed and jamie just kissed me her tongue slipping between my lips. “shots!” katsie sat down and a group of people followed her. “yay. ” Jamie laughed and I just smiled.

                She was buzzed, on her way to drunks. Which meant I had to figure if I wanted to move to let her get really hands on in public. “to everything we want in life!” katsie raised her shot glass and everyone downed there shots.

“life!” jamie laughed and kissed me again. “you’re a great chaser. ” Jamie laughed and kissed me again. “please?” jamie breathed and her hand crept back up my thigh and I just sighed. “please?” jamie laughed and I just put my hand on hers.

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                “ugh. ” Jamie sighed and kissed me and I smiled. “later. ” I kissed her softly and her fingers dug into my thigh and I sighed, felling my pussy get even wetter. “come here. ” Jamie breathed and kissed me soflty. “Jamie is Drunk!” katsie laughed and jamie just smiled and laughed. “I am. ” Jamie laughed and kicked her legs over my lap. Hiding her hand and she just grinned at me. “a few minutes and then we are going to go dance. ” Jamie grinned and her fingers found my swollen clit and I just leaned into her. giving in 100% to her. to the electric feeling going through my body.

                “how much work did it take to get silas to come out today?” katsie asked and jamie smiled.

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   still massaging my clit and I just breathed a little faster. Everything in the room started to fade, my body wasn’t responding to my mind. “me walking around half naked most of the night getting ready. ” Jamie smiled and allpied more pressure and I inhaled and felt my eyes close. “that seems like it would make her want to stay home. ” Katsie laughed and I just smiled. “the wait will be worth it. ” I breathed and opened my eyes. “will it be?” jamie smiled and started to work my clit faster. I could feel my body shudder and beg for more. “I love you. ” jamie smiled and her fingers slid into my pussy the music, and the noise of the club made it easy to cover up the sound of her fingering me.

                I closed my eyes and felt my pussy clamp down around her fingers. I ran my hand from her ankle to her thigh. “I love this song.

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  ” Jamie smiled and I just watched her. trying not to moan, or to scream. “I love this song too. lets go dance. ” Katsie stood up and I smiled. “in a minuet, we just sat down. ” Jamie and I just leaned into her. “Im going to go get more drinks, silas do you want anything?”  katsie asked and I just smiled at her. “um,” I breathed feeling the orgasm build in me. “another whiskey. ” I laughed and katsie grinned and walked away. “do you like this?” jamie asked kissing me soflty.

                “yes. ” I laughed and she started to work my pussy faster, and harder. “mhhm.


  ” I moaned into her ear clawing my fingers into her thigh. “tell me when. ” Jamie breathed and I bit softly onto her shoulder. “now. ” I breathed and felt the orgasm rip threw my body. I collapsed into her feeling her fingers pull out of me. “can we go home?” I asked kissing her letting my tongue slip between her lips wishing her skirt wasn’t so tight. “come with me. ” I smiled and she sucked on her fingers then laughed. “yes. ” She laughed and we walked out to the bathroom. “here. ” I smiled and pulled her into the handie caped stall.

                “what are you doing?” jamie asked and I pushed her up against the wall and kissed her. working the zipper of her skirt undone.

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   I worked my hand between her skirt and her skin. I kept my lips attacked her hers, feeling her wet pussy lips under my fingertips. I couldn’t wait to get home, to get in the car even, I needed to feel her now. I ran my fingers in circles around her slippery swollen clit. Everything about her made me wet. I palmed her pert tits and pushed harder against her pussy. “mhhm. ” Jamie moaned into my mouth and I heard people walk into the bathroom. “wait. ” Jamie breathed and pulled away from me.

                “shh. ” I laughed and slipped my finger inside of her. I loved how tight her pussy was, 2 fingers in and she clamped down on them and smiled. I worked them in and out of her with a rhythm I knew would drive her crazy. “kiss me.

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  ” I breathed and she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. her tongue playing with mine. Slowing running it over my lips as she pushed her hips towards me. I worked my thumb into her slit and started to massage her clit while I fingered her. jamies hips rocked to the music that was flooding threw the walls. “faster. ” Jamie breathed and bit down on my lower lip.

                “tell, me when. ” I smiled and started to work harder and faster. “fuck. ” Jamie breathed and smiled. “nh nh nh now. ” Jamies knees buckled and I caught her and watched the slow lazy smile sweep across her lips. “can we go home?” I asked trying to scoop out her perfect juices. “yes.

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  ” Jamie smiled and kissed me again and I sucked on my fingers. “can I have some. ” Jamie laughed and sucked on my fingers then kissed me. her tongue dancing with mine her hand dragged my dress up and I smiled. “home. ” I smiled and kissed her soflty. And took her hand. “come on. ” I kissed her again then pulled her out of the bathroom stall. There were girls looking at me and jamie. “hi. ” Jamie smiled and waved “come on. ” I laughed and dragged her out to the vip room and grabbed my keys. “we are going home. ” I smiled and katsie laughed.

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   “figured as much. ” katsie laughed and jamie stumbled.


                “I hate staris. ” Jamie laughed and kicked out of her heals then fell into the wall. “stairs are not my friend. ” She sighed and I just smiled. “come on. ” I smiled and helped her up stairs and she fell back on the bed. “I want you naked. ” Jamie smiled and sat up and watched me. “only if you get naked. ” I laughed and jamie unzipped and squirmed out of her skit and pulled off her top. “bra too. ” I laughed and jamie pulled me to her and kissed me hard. “your dress.

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  ” Jamie laughed. “off now. ” She pulled at my dress and I pulled it off. “these too. ” jamie smiled and kissed me again. Trying to pull my thong off.

                “I want this off.

” I laughed and undid her bra throwing it to the floor. I bent down and sucked her hard pink nipple into my mouth jamie worked her feet to my hips and hooked her toes around my thong pulling it down. “are you wearing body powder?” I asked kissing along her collar bones tasting something sweet. “maybe” jamie laughed and I made my way to her other nipple. Taking my hand lower to her waiting pussy lips. I bit down and jamies nipple feeling her take a sharp breath. “mhhm. ” She sighed and put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down her body.



                I left a trail of kisses down her abdomen letting my tongue taste her skin. I kissed along her hips feeling her push harder. I smiled and kissed the top of her slit, tasting her juices. “lower. ” She whinned and I pushed her legs apart and licked the length of her slit. “mhhm. ” Jamie smiled and her lets wrapped around my sholders. I sucked her clit between my lips and she pushed her hips towards me. “give me the thin vibrator. ” I pointed to the night stand and jamie reached over and opened the drawer and sighed. “I cant reach. ” She sighed and I sat up moving my lips from her clit. “fine. ” jamie grabbed the vibrator and I smiled.

                I sucked her clit between my lips and put the vibrator into her pussy.

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   “suck harder. ” Jamie gripped my hair and I smiled sucking hard on her clit working my tongue around it. “yes. ” Jamie breathed and I turned the vibrator on and put it right agaist her G-spot. “oh my god. ” Jamies back arched and her hand dug into the ccomfoter. “YES!” jamie screamed and her pussy started to get wetter, I knew she was close to cumming, I started to pull the vibrator out of her. “don’t stop. ” She begged and I I started to fuck her with the vibrator, stopping each time at her G-spot for a secon d the pussing it bac into her. “yes, yes, yes, fuck me, harder, baby harder!” jamie begged so I fucked her harder.

                “YYYEEESSSSS!!!!” jamie screamed and she came hard, squirting, her cum leaking out of her. I sucked harder on her pussy wanting all of the juices for me. “yes, harder!” jamie breathed and I started to fuck her again, the vibrator slipped easily out of her. “oh my god. ” Jamie breathed and pushed her hips harder to my face.

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   I sucked harder on her clit feeling the vibrations for the vibrator on my lips. I reached up and squeezed jamies perky tits running her nipple between my fingers. “oh. ” Jamie whimpered and I stopped sucking on her clit  and fucked her harder with the vibrator. “im cumming!” jamie screamed and I started sucking again my tongue slipping over her clit again. She pulled me up and kissed me flipping e on my bad.

                I could taste the liquor on her lips mixed with her juices.   “I want this. ” jamie smiled and pulled out her thick purple strap on. She handed me the harness and laughed. “put this on for me. ” she laughed and I helped her into the harness. “are you wet?” jamie grinned and ran her fingers along my slit. “oh, I love when you are wet. ” Jamie laughed and moved the dildo to my pussy.

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   “get out of bed. ” jamie got off of me and stood by the bed side. “bossy. ” I grinned and got out of bed. jamie pulled me to her and kissed me. I could feel the cock pushing against my pussy.  

                “now turn around. ” Jamie laughed and stumbled a little and bent me over on the bed. “your ass is fucking perfect. ” Jamie smacked my ass and I just watched her. “my god. ” Jamie smacked my ass again then slammed the cock into my pussy. “oh. ” I whimper, there was a mixture of pain and pleasure. “jamie grabbed my hips and started ramming in and out of me.

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   “oh, oh, oh oh,” every time she slammed back into me I couldn’t help but moan I reached under myself and started working my clit. “oh, oh, jamie, yes, oh my god!” I yelled and I felt jamie reach under herself. “gotta get it wet. ” She smiled and forced the thin vibrator into my ass.

                “oh my god!” I yelled and she started fucking me slower. Pulling the cock and the vibrator out at the same time then pushed back in. “yes!” I begged and jamie fucked me harder. “im, im” I panted. “on my god im cumming!” I yelled and jamie pulled out of me and shoved two fingers into my pussy and worked my g spot. “oh, oh, oh, yes!!” I screamed and jamie pulled out and I started to squirt collapsing on the bed. “fuck, that was good. ” I smiled and felt jamies tongue probing my pussy. “oh. ” I breathed and she sucked hard on my slit. “don’t.


  ” I breathed and she laughed. “why not?” she asked flicking her tongue over my flick my clit and I jumped. “oh. ” I breathed and she sucked hard again and sighed. “your so close. ” Jamie laughed and flicked my clit over and over. “oh, oh, oh my god!” I breathed and felt the orgasm go threw me. “I cant take any more. ” I breathed and jamie stood up and I crawled into bed.

                “I love this view. Your pussy and your ass. ” Jamie kept the strap-on on and crawled into bed behind me. I could feel the thick rubber cock against my slit and I sighed. “I love you. ” I turned and faced her moving so my leg was over her hip.

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   “what are you doing?” jamie asked and I kissed her rubbing my pussy on the cock. “kissing, I like it. fucking you , I love it. ” jamie put the cock back into me and I smiled. “slow. ” I laughed and started to ride her, only long enough to get a large dildo out of the drawer of our night stand. “your fucking me too!?” jamie laughed and I put the dildo inside of her and laughed. “im going to fuck you with it before you wake up, I just want to keep it warm. ” I smiled and jamie kissed me again and held me close to her.

                “then I guess I have to keep this one warm until them. ” Jamie grinned and then yawned. I knew she was fading, she only had so much energy when she drank. “fine with me. ” I smiled and felt my pussy start to pulse on the large cock. I just wanted to ride her, nice and slow.

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   I started slowly rocking back and forth. “cant wait?” jamie asked and I just kissed her. “im addicted to you, when you fuck me, when you kiss me. ” I laughed and she pulled me on top of her and I rocked my hips and she just smiled. “I love this view too. seeing your pussy spears apart as you ride me. your tits bouncing softly. The smile on your face. ” Jamie grinned  and I bent down and kissed her palming her tits, as well as using them to keep my steady.

                “I can feel the cock you put into me like your fucking me. I love it. ” jamie breathed and I just smiled and kept riding her. the slow rhythm. Jamie reached up and cupped my tits and then started to work my clit. “oh.

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  ” I sighed and she just smiled. “fuck I want to just slam into you. ” jamie grinned and I laughed.   “my pussy cant take that. ” I smiled and started to rock just a little faster. “fuck. ” I sighed and rolled off of her. “you look tired?” I kissed jamie and she smiled. “I am, but it was worth staying up to see that. ” She grinned and pulled the covers around both of us. I fell asleep with her in my arms and the rubber cock against my slit.

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Either you are ready for a a journey to the USA or you already live there, finding the right escort services in your town, or state, should be a good activity, spiced with a lot of lust. Specially crafted for the ones who are looking to spend moments in a classy environment, the escort service is now a universal niche for thousands and millions of men. In the USA only, there are more than one million babes on duty to see and meet with you, and you only need a short click on the next article to better understand how it functions and where can you date call girls Washington DC .

Free hook ups or paid ones

No matter the cause, either you are on a official visit or in holiday, looking for someone to accompany you and provide amazing intimate experiences should be your primary aim, if you feel alone or bored. USA Washington DC call girls are very spread and very well-known. They offer vast options and come with a large number of models. From teens willing to have fun with you, to matures seeking a man to make them feel spoiled and have fun with. If you intend to use the Washington DC call girls, make sure you pick your model in accordance to your needs. There are free offers and paid ones. You must determine which type of escorts Washington DC you will choose. Depending on that, the payment will be marginal or higher.

What type of services do these escorts in Washington DC offer?

From elegant dinner dates to intimate activities, these models can provide you almost any type of pleasure you desire. Either you are a guy who prefers chatting with women and spending time with them, or you are the type of guy who likes to get right to the good stuff, escorts Washington DC can offer you anything you crave as long as you are generous with them. Season your business trip or even your holiday next to these mannered women. They come from all over the globe, and they can surely keep you going all night with their energy and lust. Find the best babe and you will be granted with the most exciting and addictive adventure in your life. Not to mention that all models at escort services Washington DC are experienced ones. That means they know how to take care of you and how to stimulate you, no matter your wishes or requirements.

Reasons to choose the escort services Washington DC

1. These ladies are skilled ones. They know how this thing is functioning, and they sure know how to keep you happy.
2. Safety and hygiene are the most important things at escort Washington DC. These girls will always make sure you will feel safe in their company. They will do everything it takes to make you feel good and feel happy.
3. Affinity is also a top feature at escort Washington DCe . Your private details, your desires, your kinks and practically everything related to you and your experience with the models, all these will always be secured and out of the reach of third parties. You can rest assure that accessing call girls Washington DC will be the best choice, and no matter what, your own details will be secured in place.


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