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Aunt Maggie and I used to talk about me branching out sexually and since I found that I could make money enjoying myself I was very curious and I must say that the idea of being paid even got me a little hot too. One afternoon Maggie came to the pool and said, "So you really are serious about being an escort?" I looked at her and sat up not covering anything. She was looking at me and I knew we would soon be making love so why cover up. "Yes I am, very much. " I told her and she looked at me, "Okay, I got an appointment tomorrow with a woman that will get you in if she thinks you will be able to really make money for her and yourself. The really big thing is how old you are. " she said, "There are men and women that give very good money for someone your age Dear. " she said. "Well, that is good, I may as well start off getting paid well. " I said and we now were kissing.

We got up early the next day and she dressed me in a black business tyep skirt and blazer and professional low shoes. Not frumpy but business like. We drove to Montgomery and she found a nice ofice building off the main street there and we parked and she leaned over and kissed me and said, "Now just be yourself and tell her anything she wants to ask. " she said and I said Okay. We walked in, took the elevator to the top floor and got out in a kind of reception area. The woman behind the desk took our names and left and soon came back with a very lovely tall woman, grey hair and a knock out figure.

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   She greeted us and then asked us into her office. "Hole my calls until I say Jackie. " she said and the woman told her okay.

We sat down in chairs across from her at her desk and she looked at me, "So you want to work for me?" she said. "Well, if all the clients are as beautiful I would really like to. " I told her and she smiled and came around the desk and asked me to stand up. "It is hard to believe how old you are," she said, "You look 18 at least. " and she undid my blazer. I took it and folded it neatly (the way Maggie had told me to do) and laid it across the back of the chair. Ms. J. stepped back and looked at me, "Very nice, very nice. " she said and undid my skirt so that I now stood there with black thong and half cup bra on. My nipples got hard right away. "Oh you are a treasure, so responsive to any stimulation I see" and she pinched both nipples and I moaned.

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   I have never seen a girl your age with 38DDD breasts before. " she said and I looked at her, "So can I undress you too?" I asked her stepping forward already undoing her blouse. I folded it and then tok her bra of and her firm breasts were in my hands. I pinched her nipples and they responded and I smiled and took one in my mouth and sucked it some. "Oh you are very sweet" I said and then she took off my bra and panties and I saw that Maggie was naked already fingering her pussy slowly. Ms. J. took my hand, "Come back to the inner office ladies. " and we all walked through a door. There were living quarters there with a huge bed and some toys laid out.

"Now Brenda, I am your first client and I love to be orally served, do you best to take care of me. " and I sat her on the bed, pulled off her panties and kissed her pussy geltly. Slowly I worked my tongue around the lips till I cam to a swolled clit then I sucked it slowly and then more and harder. I reached up and massaged her tits and licked her slowly teasing her making her get close to an orgasm then backing off. "Oh you are a little tease aren't you?" she moaned.

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   Then I sliped a toy in her pussy and turned it on gentley and she laid back her legs over my shoulders and soaked my face with an orgasm. I made her stay laying down and slowly ate another orgasm then let her move. She pulled me to the bed and laid me down and dove between my legs attacking my nipples and pussy wildly. I was moaning and she kept asking, "are you close, let me know. " and I suddenly told her it was happening and my orgasm squirted acorss the bed amd all over her face and shoulders. "That was wonderful. " she said and Maggie had joined us and was licking my pussy the way she liked to. Another orgasm came and again I soaked the sheets and everything in sight almost. We made love in different ways for a few hours and she got up calling the receptionist to come in. The woman came in and was totally naked and joined us on the bed. After all of us had worn each other out we laid there, "You are hired Brenda, I will have the contract for you before you leave and she told the assistant to get the contract ready. She left and before we left Maggie and I signed papers for me to work as a model, underage and always to be accompanied by an adult.

I soon was working (like the next week) and have been since then. MOre to come later.

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