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Hello everyone,
Well, first off, I am the niece of Brenda Gordon, the one that you guys seem to like so much in her stories. I am Sophie but I like Sophia best. The pic is in the profile so that is all you get for now. I just got to Athens to visit Aunt Brenda. She is so fucking hot and I guess you all know that.
Anyway, I am totally and without any question a lesbian, of the lipstick variety so men, fuck of okay, leave me the fuck alone. Don't ask to chat or phone of anything else that will get you of. There, that said,
I grew up about normal I guess. I lost my virginity at the age of 15 with a boy I really liked and he said he liked me. We did it after a football game one night in his van, he was 17. It hurt but then felt good as most of us would say after the pain was gone I began to enjoy it but then he filled me up and said that was it. I had sucked him off and then he fucked me and that was it! I told him I needed at least what he had gotten and so the second date we were at the the beach in his van again. We had all gone on a trip with school and so, there we were, him fucking me and I was so close then he stopped and filled me up again. He knocked on the dor of the van and some guys opened the door and got in. I was naked and my legs apart and cum dripping from my pussy and 5 guys get in and hold me down. "Well, you said you needed more baby, we know a slut when we find one.

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  " and they all began fucking me and making me suck them off. I must admit that after I had a couple orgasms I began to enjoy it and so, after a few hours they finished and I was sore and cum all over me and in me. The guy told me to get dressed and go back to the hotel we were staying at. I did, cum gushing from my pussy al the way.

One of the teachers saw me come in late and told me to go with her then she saw that I had something dripping down my legs and got really mad. That was strange, so she told me I was in trouble and that I should go shower.
School was like shit after that, all the guys knew what had happened and anyone I dated just wanted to fuck and they thought I did too.

Well, I was 16 and Aunt Brenda came to see us, that is Mom and I and there was a friendlyness they had that was just a little more than what seemed to be right for family. I think I almost caught them several times before what happened that I am going to tell you about. I came home early one day and quietly came in the house. I went to the kitchen and on the table and floor were Mom and Brenda's clothes all over the place. Then I heard Mom, "No please, just one more before Sophie comes hom, she is never early, please one more. " Brenda said, "Okay, but if we are caught it is your fault. " and then I heard mom moaning and making all kinds of noises. "Oh yes, yes Brenda, yes, harder and deeper, oh yes.

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  " Mom kept on saying. I went up the stairs and I must admit I was already wet from hearing what they were doing. I went to the door and it was open some and I looked in and saw Brenda between Mom's legs with a huge strap on dildo. Mom was getting close to another orgasm and I was getting soaking wet and my hand slipped under my skirt into my panties and two fingers went into my pussy. Suddenly Mom had her orgasm and spayed pussy juices all over. Brenda pulled out and Mom's pusy was squirting like a water hose. I know I moaned cause my orgasm was close and then Brenda looked right at me. She got off the bed with the dildo still on her and came to the dor and opened it and brought me inside, my hand still in my pussy. "Well, I think we have someone that has been watching us. " Brenda said to Mom. Mom had sat up and covered her breasts but her pussy was still visible and leaking juices.

"What shall we do to her for being so bad. " Brenda said. My mom was still shocked some that her daughter caught her and her sister in bed. Brenda looked at me, "Maybe she would like to join us, I think so.

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  " and she undid my blouse buttons and took of the bra and my tits came into view and she grabbed and began sucking them hard making my legs weak. She pushed me back on the bed next to Mom and undid my skirt and told me to lift my hips and she pulled my panties off. I was naked and next to Mom on the bed and soaking wet. Brenda got next to me and Mom on the other side, "Well, your daughter is waiting to experience what it is like, I think you should kiss her, I sucked her tits and they are sweet. " My arms were spread ou over my head and I had my legs apart kind of saying, "Do me please. " and so, Mom leaned down and was inches from my face. "Please Mom, please do it. " I whispered and she kissed me softly and I ran my tongue between her lips and her mouth opened and we began kissing. Her hands were on my tis and Brenda was sucking one nipples and I felt myself getting so wet. Brenda began fingering me and I moaned loud, "Oh yes, please finger fuck me. " and Brenda sank another finger in my pussy. My hips were rising and falling with her fingers and then I felt my orgasm sweep all over me soaking Brenda's hand. I laid there weak and then Brenda told Mom, "Time to eat some pussy Hun. " and Mom began kissing her way down my tummy to my hips and then her mouth was on my pussy. She was the first to eat my pussy and she was great.

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   I was going crazy as she got me close to an orgasm then back of and make me beg. Finally she took me all the way and I was screaming loud how great it was.

THere was Brenda helping me and Mom to explore each other. "Now, you need to eat Mom's pussy the way she did you and then you and I will take care of business. " Brenda said and I was kissing Mom's tummy and then bewen her legs and my tongue began to work on her. I tried to do all she had done to me and the taste and smell make me high. I was dizzy and then her juices sprayed my face and hair and down my chest.

Brenda did not wait, she laid me on my back and told Mom to suck my tits and suddenly the huge dildio was slipping into me. I moaned and she pushed further until it was all in me. "Oh my god, oh yes, fuck me" was all I could say and Brenda began really fucking me like she had been doing it for years. I found later she had been but she made it feel so fucking hot. Mom sucking my tits and kissing me and Brenda fucking my pussy with her dildo. Suddenly I felt my orgasm begin and it semed to last forever. I know my pussy clasped onto the dildo and would not let Brenda take it out and I had Mom's face buried in my tits as she sucked and licked them. Al three of us laid on the bed worn out, at least I was, and Brenda suggested we go down to the kitchen for snacks.

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   I started to put on a robe but Mom said, "Now that we know about this why wear anything. " I kissed Mom on the lips and she began to lay dwn again and Brenda said, "We have all night girls. " and took our hands and we went to the kitchen.

Yes, we went back to bed but the whole point is that I had from Mom and Brenda that day a new life and it would be without men that fucked me and used me and then told everyone else. Mom and Brenda only tell other women that they know may want to come visit me and them. It was and is great and I would not trade it for the world. Anyway, BBWBRENDA75 is my Aunt. In case you wanna looked her up. She has not written about me but she will soon.
Sophia. .

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