My Job At The Massage Parlour


Hey everyone, hope you are all doing great! I am still in Georgia at my Aunt's apartment while she is in Europe with a client and having a nice time with Darlene. Jana moved out so it is just Darlene and I and very nice and quiet unless we want it different.

I was looking at some old pics I have and found a couple when I was working in a massage parlor up north. I really had a great time there with the boss especialy and so thought I would write about it. Hope you all enjoy it.

I saw an ad in one the the unground papers for a woman to work in a massage parlour and so I called and made an appointment for an interview. I wore a dress that wrapped and tied at the waist and low shoes, no bra and a nice black thong. I was ready for any interview I might have and so got there a little early. There was another girl in the waiting area and so we said "Hi" and talked about the job. Neither one of us knew what it would be but we have some ideas since the place was on the border between the nice part of downtown and the sort of bad part. anyway, they called Amie back and she was there about a half hour and came out shaking hands that she had accepted their ofer for the job. The lady looked at me, "And you are Sophie?" I stood and offered my hand, "Yes. " She shook my hand and looked me up and down, "Very nice, very very nice. " she said and motioned to the door. "Second ofice on the right please. " and so I went in and sat down.

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   Soon a woman in her mid 40s came in dressed in thight shorts and a sports bra kind of outfit. She looked at me and my application and said, "Well, you will do very well I think. Tell me, do you mind providing extra services for our clients that come in?" "Well, what kind of extra are we talking about?" I asked her. "Well, you know, men come in and are a litle in need of relief from the things they have had to do during the day. . . , ehings like that. Get them relaxed. " she said. "Ahh, well, there is a problem there. " I said. "What is that?" the woman said, now getting up to tell me show me the door. "I am totally a lesbian, I don't even like to touch guys let alone help them to relax. " She sat down again, "Oh, well that is different, we may be able to use you. Let me call someone.

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  " she said and left the room. She came back a little and sat down. She had a paper with address on it and gave it to me, "I called and they do need a couple girls at our other facility, be here in two hours and don't be late. Just ask at the gate for Marie and they will let you in. "

I got lunch and drove to the other place that was in a much nicer part of town and drove to the gate and asked for Marie like they had said and was let in. I went into a much nicer waiting area and soon a lovely woman came out and shook my hand and asked me to come with her. She took me to an office and said that Marie would be with me in a moment. Soon she came in, more stunning than the first woman and said, "Hello I am Marie, I am so glad to meet you" and she hugged me instead of shaking my hand. I sat down and she went to the other side of the desk, "MMmmm, not wearing a bra? Very nice, very nice. " she said and my nipples began to respond to what my mind was thinking. "So, you are fully a lesbian I understand?" she asked me. "Yes, I do not like men at all and was hoping o get a job, will that be a problem?" I asked her. "Oh no, not here, this is strictly for women here. They come in and need 'special' attention. Many are married and in business and so on.

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   We help them with what they need, just a massage or any other things that may help hem to relax and get unstressed. " Marie said and I was ready to sign the contract. "Sounds great. " I said. "So you are willing to do whatever the client may need?" she asked me. "Yes, I have a lot of experience. " I said. "Good, lets go see what you can do. " she saidand we went through a door to a room that was set up as a massage room. There was a very small top and sports panties and she gave them to me, "Here, try these on, if they do not fit we can get some that do. " she said and watched me undress and dress. Okay, now, I will be the client and you do what anyone at a full service parlour would do for me. " I said "Okay. " and she wemt into role playing.

"Hello, I am Maire, I don't think I have seen you here before.

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  " she said and I stepped forward, "I am Sophia and just started here. Don't worry, I can take care of anything you may need. " I said and she sat on the massge table. "Let me help you get comfortable. " I said and helped her with her blouse and skirt. Then her nylons and bra and panties and gave her a towel and asked her to lay on her tummy. I turned on some genle music and got out the oils they had and even lit a aroma candle. I began massagging her shoulders, neck and to her waist. "Oh that is so nice, please don't stop. " she said and I was looking at her lovely bottom thinking of the shaved pleasure place I had seen. She had a huge clit that stuck out of her pussy lips. I worked all over then to her bottom and thighs and legs and she moaned. "am I doing okay?" "Oh yes," she said. I moved her legs apart some and just barely touched her pussy lips as I went to the top of her legs and made her jump a little. I finished her legs and went to the side and said, "Okay, now turn over so I can do the front.

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  " and she slowly did. I looked again at her body and got wet and my nipples hard. "So, did you want the deluxe treatment?" I asked her. "Oh yes, I always get the deluxe package. " she said and closed her eyes. I began at the legs again and moved her legs apart as I got to the thighs and saw that her pussy was already soaking wet. I teased around it a little and accidentially hit her clit as I went to her tumy and then her upper chest abover her firm tits. I moved around so that I was leaning over her face and then took off my top so that my breasts hung almost to her face. Her eyes were now open and she was licking her lips. I then cupped her tits in my hands and gave them a squeeze and licked the nipples softly. I got them nice and wet and then blew on them making them hard and her moan. Then I leaned over and my tits were not an inch from her face and I skcued both her nipples into my mouth and began rolling my tongue around them. "Oh that is so good. " she moaned. "well, you did pay for he deluxe massagge and so I will give you your money's worth.

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  " I said. "Well, don't stop now. " she said and I kept sucking her tits and biting them some and moved my hands down her body and to her clit that was standing up now.

I moved around to her legs again and parted them and began licking up her thighs and stopping just at her lips and then suddenly sucked her clit into my mouth and she moved her hips to my face and her hands held me there. I reached up and took her nipples in my fingers and played with them. I was licking her pussy and sucking her clit until she began to really buck against my mouth and then she soaked my face with her orgasm. I licked her all the way through her orgasm and she finaly stopped moaning and I kissed her and she took me, "Get up here with me. " she said and I did. "Squat over my face and let me eat you dear. " she said and so I did. She had a tongue that sank deep into my pussy and made me jump. "Oh my god, that is great" I shouted as I soaked her face now. We laid there weak and still our hips moved and needed more licking so we laid in a 69 and slowly ate each other for a long time. We got up slowly and she walked me to a shower and we continued there wo carress each other and find ways to make each other have orgasms. After we dried each other off and dressed and she too me to the front.

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   "You are perfect, I have several clients that will really pay well for your massagge. Do you mind going to private homes to take care of them?" she asked me. "As long as there are no men I will do anything. " I said and she looked at me, "Define anything. " she said. "Well, let us say that I have not found anything I will not do yet. " I said. "Do you enjoy pets?" she asked me and I said, "Oh I love pets. " "What kinds. ?" she said and being carfiul I said, "Well, dogs, and I love horse back riding a lot too. " and she smiled. "Oh you are perfect. Be here at 9 in the morning and we will get you started. " she said and I left and had problems sleeping but not after my first day at work the next day.
See ya later everyone,

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