After Party


  Â"Uh, I had no idea someone could talk so long. " Cassandra tossed her purse and shawl onto the bookcase as she kicked off her shoes and slumped into a soft leather chair.

  Â"Come now, It wasn't that bad, and besides, I haven't seen my uncle in years, it was the least I could do to attend his birthday party. " Johnathan loosened the tie around his neck with a smoothe, strong gesture of his hand, and tossed it lightly onto his wifes own discarded accesories.

  Â"True, but thats no reason to be dragging me along. I was five seconds away from strangling your mother in law, and if you hadn't interrupted her I would have. "

  Â"oh please, she was just making small talk"

  Â"I don't believe 'My Cassandra, I'm surprised you came wearing anything at all. ' is just making small talk. "

  Â"So was I, to tell you the truth. " John said with a wry grin. Cassandra, possesing all the grace and poise a proper lady should have, politley answered him by hurling a pillow as hard as she could at his face. John dodged it by scant inches. "So that's why they're called throw pillows. " he said laughing as she stood up and walked towards him.

  ÂCassandra wrapped her arms around his necked and drew him into her kiss. They stood there, John's own arms resting casually on the small of her back as their lips moved together in a passionate embrace.

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   they pulled apart and a single breathe emerged from both.
  ÂCassandra looked up into John's eyes as she slowly slid her hands down to unbutton his dark green blazer. once the final button released, she slid her hands along his tight chest, up to his shoulders and slid the jacket off and onto the floor. Her hands then came back forward and began to carefully, seductively work open his dress shirt. she pulled it free of his tightening waist as she neared the bottom. Now open, Cassandra could see Johns chest rise and fall as his breathe increased its pace. his abdomen relaxed and tightened with each cycle, showing toned muscles which craved her attention.

  ÂJust like the Jacket she slid her hands across his chest and over his shoulders, stopping briefly to feel the rigid muscles tremble slightly beneath her fingers. At last the shirt was off, no longer even a memory, she once more looked up at him, into his eyes, and she could see that longing desire that she herself felt, but it would do no good to simply let him take her, no, it had to be done slowly, so that the ecstasy could build, so that the pleasure of each touch, each caress could be added to that final moment.

  ÂHis hands moved to her own soft shoulders. He could have easily torn off the light dress she wore, but he too understood that to rush such a thing would only spoil it. ÂHis hands moved smoothly as the straps slid off her arms. The dress, no longer supported, fell to the floor, revealing the Lace bra and panties she had chosen for just this occasion. His eyes took her in, not simply her chest or waist, but all of her. His eyes drank in her essence, from the craceful curve of her wrist, to the soft form of her feet up to the fine nape of her neck.

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   Finally, his eyes came to rest upon her face, her full lips that whispered of fantasies unimagined, her eloquent nose so modest and shy, her ears and brow, begging for his soft kiss, and her eyes, eyes that were a reflection of his own soul. he moved to her and once more kissed her, deeply . . . passionately . . . longingly.

They split apart and he lifted her effortlessly into his arms. He strode determined into the bedroom and carefully set her down on the mattress. John kicked off his shoes, and removed his socks as Cassandra unhooked her bra. She pressed her hand to her chest, not yet allowing her breasts to taste the nght air. John unbuckled his pants and slid them off his waist letting gravity take them to the ground. He stepped clear and stood before her like a greek god come down from olympus.

  ÂShe could but only watch as he slippped onto the bed, coming up to rest beside her.


   He gingerley wrapped his fingers around the arm which held the bra to her chest. She made no attempt to stop him, as he lifted the sheer cloth from her ample chest and tossed it to the side. his hand caressed the soft mound of flesh, working his thumb along her nipple until it became hard. She moaned softly as his toung at last pressed against her. She felt wave after wave of pure ecstacy roll through her. his toungue continued to massage her stiffened nipples as his hand drifted down her smooth stomach.
  ÂHis fingers gently probed the edge of her panties seeking to enter the temple of her sexuality. At last they pushed under the elastic band, and slid into Cassandra's wet cunt. the moved back and forth across her clitorus, eliticing sharp moans of pleasure from her lips. she gripped the sheets as the combination of John's rough tongue on her nipples and strong fingers inside her made her orgasm. Her body trembled as she was bombarded with flashes of intense ecstasy. John moved down to her waist and slid her panties, soaked from the excitement, off of her legs. He positioned himself above her and finally pushed himself deep into her. She froze as she felt his rock hard membrane enter her vagina. Feeling his shaft so deeply inside her sent another current along her spine, causing her to arch her back as the feeling enveloped every inch of her.

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  ÂJohn waited a moment before begining to slowly flex his waist in a rythmic pulse. He watched as each thrust forward sent another tremble throughout Cassandra's body. her eyes were closed and her mouth hung open in a silent moan. She was long gone, and it was his job to make sure she experienced that feeling for as long as possible. His momentum built as the pleasure from before added onto his evergrowing fervor of excitement. He could feel the release building inside him as his cock pushed back and forth between them. Sweat rolled down his face as their combined body heat surrounded them, increasing the already passionate mood. John closed his eyes, picturing in his mind Cassandra's creamy skin and graceful form. ÂHis bodyÂfroze and his eyes shot open. His own back arched as every muscle in his body tensed. He stared at nothing as he reached the pinnacle of ecstasy. His body trembling as his testicles pumped his hot semen deep inside her. She felt his release, and lost herself as multiple orgasms ripped through her, threatening to consume her entire self.

John collapsed beside her, his own deep labored breathes matching hers. they stared at each other as a feeling of euphoria swept through them.

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   Their eyes slowly focused on one another as their hearts began to beat more softly. He reach a hand to her and pressed it lovingly against her cheek. She took it into her own and soflty leaned over and kissed him. They moved together and embraced, at last falling into a calm, peaceful slumber.