Daniel and I


I sat on the bus waiting for the stop where I would get off and meet my boyfriend, Daniel. It always seemed to take forever to arrive, but eventually the bus would stop and I would exit and walk excitedly to his house where either he or his parents would greet me at the door. When I got inside his home, he would take me to the kitchen and we would sit down and have a cup of tea and a biscuit and speak to his mum and dad, Jane and Michael for a while. Usually we would speak about happenings at school, what it used to be like when Michael went to school, funny things that Daniel would do when he was younger, or just about how things were going on in my life. Across the table, Daniel and I would exchange loving smiles and he would pull those silly faces that made him look terrible, but I loved them because they made Daniel himself. Daniel and I would make silly jokes which we only laughed at because they weren’t even slightly funny, and if his parents weren’t there we would kick each other under the table, still laughing.
Once the conversation begun to dry up however, or the teacups emptied which rarely ever happened, Daniel would take me upstairs to the computer room where I would sit on the spare bed and he would play his favorite game for what seemed like forever. He would try to interest me in the game by describing different weapons and characters: at one point he even made me my own character which was nothing like me at all, but funny all the same.
Once I begun to get bored of his games, I would sit on his knees and make sure his focus was on me. He would kiss me, sometimes for longer than others and then pretend to still be purely focused on his game. Eventually though, he would give in and begin to kiss me all over the accessible places to him. He would then make some sort of excuse for me to follow him up to the loft where his bedroom was. We would then put on a movie and watch it for 5 minutes or so. We did’t ever get bored of the film however other things caught our attention.
He would come closer to me and kiss me, beginning softly and then becoming a lot rougher. We would swap positions for a while, with me lying on top of him to him lying on top of me, and we would kiss passionately until we were both desperate for more.

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   He would undo the button on my jeans, slip his hand down my pants and begin to play with my clitoris. Then he would kiss me from my head and make his way down to my nipples, where he would suck gently and passionately on both of them equally. He then would continue to kiss down my torso and past my waist where he would lift me and pull my jeans and pants off with ease.
Once those were gone, he would look at me meaningfully and put his head in-between my legs, where he would lick me all over. He knew exactly what turned me on, so he would trace the alphabet over my clitoris with his tongue until he made me orgasm, sometimes even twice. Once that were over I had a feel around at him. I could feel that he was very erect under his jeans, but instead of diving straight in I would tease him for a while. I’d begin slightly rubbing his shaft through his clothes for a while until he was desperate for more. He would undo his jeans for me and I’d begin to handle him carefully. I would rub him up and down, slowly to begin with but gradually getting harder.
Daniel could last forever like that so eventually my arms got sore and I put my mouth to use. I would begin by just licking up and down his shaft, and then I would kiss his most sensitive parts to drive him insane. I would then part my lips and take him inside my mouth, deep throating him and sucking to the best of my ability. My main objective was to please him and make him feel great, so that’s what I did.
It was never long before Daniel would mention a condom.

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   He would go take one from his stash and slip it on carefully. Once it was on, he would come back over to me and kiss me like never before. Then he would push his penis slowly inside me. I could feel it fill me, and at this point I felt like two halves had been completed. He would begin by slowly pushing in and almost pulling out, repeating until we were warmed up a little. Then he would begin to thrust faster and harder and I would be feeling all over his body with my hands. He would kiss me whilst in the act, and then we would change into a different position, sometimes with me on top, and I would straddle him as best and as hard as I could. Sometimes we could make love for over a half an hour, and it was the best feeling in the world, but other times Liam would come after five or ten minutes. When he did come, I felt amazing. Words cannot even describe the feeling as it was so unique; I could never possibly experience it in any other position.
Afterward, he would kiss me again and I would kiss him back, and then we would lie down and cuddle closely together. Most of the time when I was with Daniel it felt like I was in a dream, but there, when we lay with me in his arms quietly with only the sounds of our breaths, I knew that if I didn’t have to return home at any point I could stay there forever with just the two of us. I loved him, and he loved me. That was all I needed.

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