The Greatest Night Of My College Life


This is the story of how I managed to fuck the hottest girl in our college.

Now I’ve been friends with this girl forever, and if one of us is doing something, chances are the other is tagging along closely behind. I’ve wanted her for so long now, every guy has, and that’s actually the reason we are such good friends, she is about 5'7, beautifully crafted face, sexy, straight hair natural blonde that falls down to her sexy naturally tanned chest, breasts a nice bra size 32c to be precise (yes I’ve looked through her underwear drawer when she’s out of the room, even stole a few sexy thongs) flat stomach which when you draw lower produces the sexiest huge ass I’ve ever seen, the thing is so firm you just want her to sit on your face while you lick up and down the thing.

Because we are such good friends, we have been to a fair few house parties, we don’t drink a lot so while everyone else is wasted, moving upstairs to fuck, we stay downstairs and talk.

Anyway at this party, she turned up and as usual had me gobsmacked she was that hot, a simple but effective red dress, with sexy tanned pantyhose. She was also wearing a bikini top underneath

"I’m wearing it because I don’t have a strapless bra and I have to keep pulling my dress up every time I move" she replied after I quizzed her about it

"Well anyway you look great!" I watched her as she bent over to sweep crumbs off the sofa and sit down. "that ass just won’t quit" I thought as she sat down, there were no seats left in the room so I took the opportunity to sit on the floor opposite and get talking. When I sat down she looked at me puzzled why I didn’t asked her to budge over, but then giggled for what seemed no reason, and re-adjusted her sitting position. As she did so I took a peek and saw a blue thong below the pantyhose she was wearing. But I looked slightly too long and she caught me.

"Hey! You trying to sneak a peek?"

"No I just got caught daydreaming" I laughed, but inside I was shitting myself, I didn't want her thinking I was a pervert or something, even though I blatantly was in her case.

"Hold my seat while I go to the bathroom will you?"

"Of course I will" I smiled. she took a while to go, I was beginning to think that maybe I weirded her out by looking up her dress, I got up to find her and apologise when she re-appeared from the other door in the room

"Don’t get up for little me, sit down I’ll sit on the flow for you" she said with a smirk on her face, "I’ve just put my phone in your coat pocket in there" she whispered to me before she sat down. She leaned back and there I saw what was the greatest sight I’ve ever seen, her sexy little shaved pussy was staring me in the face. I wondered why though, because she had panties on before but I didn’t care anymore, her pussy seemed to shine resting below her pantyhose.

For nearly an hour she sat and pointed her pussy at me when talking, it took all my strength not to sit and stare at it, but every now and again I had to give in to temptation and have a look.

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   Eventually she stood up and came towards me

"I need your help, the dress is staying up fine but my bikini top is pissing me off, the knot keeps coming out, come and help me!"

"Yeah sure I will, go upstairs so you don’t do it in front of everyone"

So she went upstairs to the bathroom, and I followed after her, with her big firm ass in my face almost. After waiting until everyone had cleared from the landing and moved downstairs we went into the bathroom.

"Just undo the knot at the back for me" she said as she turned, so I obeyed, for some stupid reason I suggested I would tie a knot in it, so it would stay better and she agreed, I tied the knot, kicking myself inside that I had even thought of that, but to my delight. . .

"No, it’s not going to work, unzip my dress for me, I’m just gonna take it off. " well of course I would unzip her dress, it slowly fell down her tanned back as I saw her shoulder blades move and her arms raise high as the tight fitting dress slipped down further, "how does the damn thing fall if it hugs her skin this tightly" I thought as I pulled it down

"That’s enough" she said as she turned to me, starting to undo the knot in her bikini top "the stupid top is getting on my nerves rubbing against my neck whenever I put my head back, oops" she said as she turned round "nearly just showed you my boobs, that would have been a silly thing to do now wouldn’t it" her voice lowered as she said that, her voice coupled with the almost viewing of her breasts gave me a solid cock, which I had to adjust quickly before she asked me to pull her dress up and zip it for her.

We headed down stairs to join the rest of the party with me incredibly horny after the nights events, and it was only an hour in. the party got a little rowdy and we all started play fighting, a few times she had wrestled me, and I let her push me down, until the last time where she threw me onto the sofa and jumped on me, her luscious ass rubbed my face as it disappeared up her dress, and her pussy rubbed onto my lips, even though her pantyhose were still on, I could taste the sweetness of her slightly wet cunt, and I couldn’t resist it, I licked her cunt, quickly, just enough to have her pussy juices on my tongue before she jumped back up and giggled.

She'd been holding her bikini top all night, after a few hours she eventually said to me "I need to visit the bathroom, do me a favour and put my bikini top in your pocket, check if I’ve got any messages too will you?" I obeyed and moved into the other room while she headed upstairs, and I’ll be damned, in my coat pocket, was a blue, lacy thong. My instinctive reaction was to take her panties and put them in my inside pocket, where I felt something else, her phone! I went to check for messages, when I unlocked the phone and it opened on a picture of her, on the toilet seat with her legs wide open, her dress hiked up to her stomach, and her pantyhose pulled down to the floor, I looked at her cunt, and there it was, her hand stuffing her blue thong inside her soaking pussy!!!

I couldn’t fucking believe it! Just then I heard a scream

"FUCK" she came storming downstairs "all of the fuckers here are busy trying to puke their guts up so I can't even go to the bathroom!"

"Well why don’t you come with me, my house is just a block or so away, you can go there, I need to drop off a couple of things anyway" she smirked and agreed, so we walked to my house, in silence, but it was a comfortable silence. when she went to the bathroom, I immediately ran to my room and took her panties out of the pocket of my coat, and sniffed them, the strong scent of pussy was all over them, so I licked them, and it tasted just as her cunt did when she jumped on me, I immediately grabbed my dick and started pummelling the damn thing at the thought I was holding the panties she had stuffed into her juicy cunt.

I heard the bathroom door open and I stuffed her panties under my pillow, and put my stiff cock back into my trousers before she walked in my door.

"All done for me, what about you?" she asked

"Yeah everything’s great!"

"Well let’s get back to the party then!" she smiled

We walked outside along the street, none of the houses in the street had a single light on, so it was dark apart from the streetlight illuminating her sexy figure. Just before we turned the street she held my hand and kissed my neck

We got back to the party and everyone had all but dropped, whilst a few where grabbing some water for the people who had thrown up, we decided to grab a bedroom before they were all taken and we were demoted to the sofas downstairs.

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   She closed the door behind her and asked me how my night had been.

"It’s been a great night to be honest" I said as I took my top off to ready myself for bed

"Is that because you got to lick my pussy when I jumped on you? Or is it because in your room lies my blue panties, which have been stuffed up my pussy and doused in its juices?"

I was shocked I just laughed

"Good idea taking your top off, I’ll join you" she said before removing her dress and pushing me to the bed.

We kissed passionately on the bed; she jumped on top of me when doing so and moved my hand to her ass.

"You like that ass don’t you?"

"Oh fuck yeah I do"

"Then eat it" she said as she jumped off me, got on her knees and pushed her ass in the air. Her pantyhose were still on but I didn’t care, I couldn’t control myself now I knew I had the chance to eat that perfect butt. I proceeded to eat her ass, licking up and down the crack and slapping it, watching it jiggle for a sec. , I pulled her pantyhose down her legs to get a proper taste of it and pushed my tongue inside her warm hole. She gasped as she took it all; my tongue all the way in, my chin was now getting wet from touching her pussy, that’s how far my tongue went in her asshole.

"You like my ass? I want your dick"

I wasn’t going to deny her that! I pulled my trousers off and lay on my back, she grabbed my rock hard cock and kissed it gently, as she raised her head to look at me, a long line of my pre-cum ran from my cock, to her lips, she smiled at me, grabbed her hair into a bunch

"Hold my hair babe, enjoy the ride!" she giggled as she held her lips together and pushed them against my cock, making my cock open her mouth. Before long it got sloppy, spit and pre-cum all over her mouth and my crotch, she took my entire dick into her mouth every time she pushed her head down, and sucked as hard as possible every time her head went up, the feeling was unbelievable, and I couldn’t believe she was doing this. This girl was the hardest ever to get with, for any guy, she didn’t believe in trying with just any guy, she had to feel a spark with a guy just to start dating with them. She barely ever had sex with any of the guys either, claiming it did nothing for her. well she was doing plenty for me because it didn’t take long for me to start getting that feeling before you know your gunna cum. she then picked up that pace when she heard my groan and proceeded to take only an inch or two in her mouth and started pumping the rest of my cock hard.

"I think I’m gunna cum anytime soon" I groaned

"no you’re not" she demanded as she stopped everything and left my cock pulsing and soaked with spit and pre-cum.

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   she swallowed what pre-cum was in her mouth, licked her lips and sucked all of the spit and cum from my cock. "Remember how I’ve told you I don’t care for sex, well it’s because no-one can ever make me orgasm. I'm begging you to be different" she said as she lay down with her legs apart "do with me what you need, just make me cum"

She was already really wet, so I ran my fingers across her pussy and pinched her clitoris. She let out a sharp gasp. "Feel good?" I asked "shut up and eat my cunt" she gasped, so I obeyed. My tongue searched every little but of her pussy, and licking up every drop of her juices, man it tasted good. I slipped a finger into her cunt as her breathing got heavier, licking and finger fucking her pussy sent her insane, and pushing a second inside her had her jaw dropped.

"Oh my god this is amazing! I think I might cum" she whispered harshly

"You like that feeling, you wanna cum?"

"Make me cum!" she ordered. So I obliged, speeding up the rate of my finger fucking, until she started moaning, I moved my mouth back to her cunt, licking and fucking her pussy, and her juices started gushing from her cunt, her body shook, and her muscles started tightening as she tried to calm herself.

"F-fuck me. Fuck me now!" she demanded. I was hardly gonna deny her that, as she grabbed my cock and moved it to the entrance of her soaking cunt, I made my move, I slowly thrust my cock into her slippery fuck-hole and her face lit up, she smiled and placed my hands on her breasts. I pinched her tiny nipples, making them erect. I sucked her nipples, sending her crazy; she writhed about, grabbed my head and kissed me.

She then rolled me over onto my back, got on top of me, pushed my cock in her pussy and pounced on me.

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   Nonstop she pounded her cunt with my cock jumping up and down for what seemed an eternity, I fixed my concentration on her bouncing breasts, and the sound of her wet cunt slapping against me.

She stopped and stood up. Rubbing her cunt and feeding me her juices she asked me what her best feature was.

"Your ass, baby, you got the greatest ass I've ever seen. "

"Then how about you fuck my ass until you cum?"

Holy shit! My opportunity to fuck what us guys collectively agree is the best ass in college. She dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around my cock, and I proceeded to fuck her mouth. The feeling inside was so wet and slobbery, she stood up and giggled. "You need some sort of lube for anal, my spit will be enough. "

Your damn right it was, my cock was drenched in a mixture of spit, pre-cum and pussy juice, so as she bent over, I pushed my dick in the tightest hole I've ever felt. I must admit, it didn’t take long before I felt the sensation.

"I'm gunna cum babe" I shouted. She jumped onto the bed and grabbed my dick.

"Your gunna cum all over my tits and stomach" she ordered "let’s see how big a load you have. "

She pumped my dick hard and fast until I ejaculated fiercely all over her front.

After she cleaned up she quickly realised how late it was, so we lay on the bed we had just wildly fucked on and slept nude, holding her against me all night.

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Her boyfriend would be so fucking angry if he found out I fucked all 3 holes before he even made it to second base. .