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I folloed him into his bedroom and he said yesterday his cousin had visited and showed him how to masturbate. Then he took his pants down and began to rub his cock. I was facinated and my cock was now hard in my pants. He said take yours off too and we can do it together. I did and followed his example and he two of us were masturbating together. He then lay on the bed and said how about you do it for me then I can do it for you. I was a bit hesitent as I had never touched another boys cock before. I did what he said and as I stood beside the bed and stroked his cock like he told me to he played with mine. It felt wonderful both the feeling of his cock and his hand on mine. I kept stroking him and looking at it as I stroked it and after a few minutes I became mesmorised by the look of his cock and my hand stroking it and the head of it popping into view each time I rubbed it downwards. Without realising what I was doing I bent forward and put my mouth over it and sucked it. It felt absolutly wonderful in my mouth and I tried to do every thing to make it feel good for me and at the same time it was better for him. It didnt take long and he began to wriggle and move about as if he couldnt control himself and he moaned and held my head down on is cock. after a minute he said get off it I cant stand it any more  my cock is so sensitive. I said what happened and he said I came. I didnt know what he meant and said what do you mean.

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   He said hop up here and I will do it for you and he proceeded to hand job me and I was really enjoying it and then the same thing happened to me. The pleasure that raced through my entire body gave me a sort of spasm which affected every part of me and the sensation in my cock was unbelievable. God I said tha felt good and he said you came too. Thats what happens when you masturbate. My cousin did it to me three times yesterday and I did it to him. He is older than me and when he cums stuff spurts out of his cock like white glue. He called it cum or baby juice - its what makes a girl pregnant evidently. He said his cousin told me i would do that pretty soon so I guess you will too. i said lets do it again it felt great so we both got to and started wankomg ourselves to orgasm once more. While we were wanking he said why did you suck me, I said I couldnt help it I just got so worked up I wanted to. He said what did it feel like and I said it felt great, then he said do you want me to try it on you and I said yes please.
He then got down on me and sucked me till I came and it was one of the best sensations I had ever had when he was sucking it. I bucked about quite a bit when I came and had to hold his head down on me till I had fiished cumming.
After that we talked about how good it felt and then I said if we do it right we could both suck each other at the same time and when I explained it to him we got on his bed and did it what we know know now as 69.
All the next week we masturbated together every day and sucked 69 as well.

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   We always managed to do it about 3 times to each other or wank ourselves.
A couple of weeks later his cousin visted again and as my parents were playing golf my house was empty so they came to my place and the three of us wanked each other off and sucked on each other. I saw him cum and spurt this white stuff out of his cock every time he had an orgasm. He wanted me to suck him and let him cum in my mouth, he said it was ok and it was not dangerous and i would like it. I was a bit apprehansive and he said if you do that for me you can fuck me afterwards and I wasnt sure what he meant because you only fucked girls. Anyhow I said I would try and he said if you like you can spit my cum out if you dont like it and that made me feel better and I said ok. My mate watched and I had a feeling he was glad it was me and not him that was sucking him and going to have his cum in my mouth.
Any how I loved sucking his cock as it was bigger than either of ours and it felt really good. As I did it my friend masturbated as I knelt in front of his cousin and sucked him. He told me to hold his balls while i sucked and he held my head onto his cock most of the time which felt sort of nice too. Then he said I am going to cum, get ready, and then I felt this warm stuff in my mouth as he sort of pumped his cock into my face at the same time as I sucked on it. After he finished pumping his cock into my mouth he told me to suck it out and I sucked all the cum out of his cock. I had actually swallowed quite a bit already and it seemed ok. I still had a bit in my mouth and on my tongue and now I could taste it. It had a funny taste a bit salty or a bit like vinegar I wasnt sure but it didnt taste like pee smelled which is what I was expecting so I said it was ok.

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   My friend wanted to know what it tasted like and I couldnt quite describe it properly but I said it was ok and not a bad taste. Arnold his cousin said next time you can try it and he said I dont know and I said he was a chicken. He said would you suck it again and I said yes I cant see a problem. After Arnolds cock got hard again he said come on I will fuck you now and he said I have to have a pee and I will be back. He went out and the two of us talked about sucking and cum.
Arnold came back and he had some butter on his fingers and he said to me bend over the bed and I did what he said and then he opened the cheeks of my ass and rubbed the butter on my ass hole. I said what are you doing and he said i am going to fuck you. I said what and he said I am going to put my cock up your ass and fuck you like you fuck girls. I said no way and he just pushed me down and held me there and while I resisted a bit I didnt want a fight and then he pushed his cock between my legs and said spread them wider and I did and then he pushed his cock against my hole and it wouldnt go in. I was sort of tighening my bum hole up too as it didnt feel right. Then he spanked the cheeks of my ass with his hand and while i was protesting about that he pushed and his cock into me and boy did it hurt. I felt this pressure as his cock went in which seemed his cock was twice as big as my ass hole, but it must have stretched me and at first it felt sort of hot and I thought he had split me open but it turned out he hadnt. He just started to fuck me with his cock and after about a minute it started to feel ok, but at first it really hurt. The butter was making his cock slippery and that helped. He was hitting something inside me and it felt like I was cumming time after time and my cock was hard and jumping about each time he hit what ever it was.

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   Any how after a few minutes I began to like it and he was telling me how good I was and how warm and comfortable my bum hole was. I said what about the shit and he said its ok there wont be any. I really began to like what he was doing to me and it was feeling really good when he started to go faster and harder and then he came as I could tell from what he had done before when he came and I could feel his cock get softer and then the warmth of his cum in my bum. He pulled it out and I felt sort of let down as I was really enjoying it. Then Arnold said to my mate go on you do him while he is enjoying it and he said what about your cum and stuff and he said just think it is butter and he then went into me but it didnt feel anywhere near as good as his cock wasnt as big as Arnolds but it was ok. He fucked me until he came too and by then the cum and butter was running down my legs and it was feeling uncomfortable. I went tot he bathroom as I really felt like I wanted to shit and Arnold was there washing his cock and balls which were also covered in cum and butter. I said was there any shit on your cock and he said no.  When I sat downa lot of air blew out and I farted for a while and his cum and stuff ran out and I managed to do a little shit and then he said its better if you have a shower and I undressed and showered and Arnold got in with me and we played with each other cocks as we had a shower. it was fun.  
After that my friend and I wanked and sucked each other almost every day and he fucked me a few times before I managed to let me fuck him. It sounded like it was a bit like me only it didnt hurt him as I had a smaller cock. I came too but didnt cum in him because we hadnt started cumming then.
Every time Arnold visited the three of us all sucked and fucked each other and I got used to his cock and it went into my bum easy and he bought special lubricant to do it with rather than butter. He ended up fucking his cousin too and the first time he did it to him it was almost as bad as when he fucked me the first time but at least he knew what it felt like before he put his cock in him the first time.

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   Both of us ended up fucking Arnold as well and after about 6 months we started to cum so sucking and fucking each other became quite a game. I dont know how much cum I drank but it was a lot as we sucked each other off mostly because we liked that better than wanking but we all enjoyed fucking and being fucked too.
After a couple of years we all met girls and we started to fuck them and they sucked us and we never went back to sucking or fucking each other after that but we occasionally wanked off together.

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