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I had boyfriends and we touched and fondled but I never actually fucked anyone, although sometimes I'd secretly wish for them to just pull down my panties and take me.

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ÂBut then came the day I got my first apartment.

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ÂI could cyber, look up porn, lay on top of the covers naked fingering myself anytime I wanted to.

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ÂBut it wasn't enough. I had done it all before. I needed something new.

ÂThen I was out grocery shopping and saw it. It was a carrot, but it was the size of a fat cock like the ones I had seen in pornos. It was common enough and I wondered how something that hard and big would feel so I slipped it in my basket amongst my milk and eggs.

ÂSo I got home and put away my groceries, drew the curtians and started to look at some porn.

ÂAfter a while I was really wet so I stripped down. I took off my d-cup bra and slid my hands down my flat stomache urging my underwear off my round ass and letting it slide to the floor.

ÂI had shaved so my pussy was as smooth as when I first started playing with myself, only I was a little more filled out now.

ÂI unwrapped the carrot and laying on the bed I began to slide it up and down my slit but was suprised at how cold it was.

ÂI regarded the carrot for a moment. It was the right shape and hardness for the job but the chill wasn't pleasing at all. I wanted it to feel like a real cock.

ÂI tried warming it under my arm and between my thighs but still it would not reach the right temperature.

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ÂI found my hole and shoved it in as hard as I could. It didn't get past the head and it just wouldn't go any farther. I adjusted the angel and shoved again and holy fucking god. . .

ÂI loved it. It felt like a real cock. I looked down and saw the carrot still had alot to go. . .

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   my pussy was being stretched but I would not stop. I wanted to rape myself with my carrot cock.

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