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 School had Just let out for the summer, and I had just turned 13 years old. My fmaily lived in a small town and My father worked out of town alot, so for the most part It was just me, Mom and my little sister. Summer in a Southern town can be hot, and thankfully we had a pool and the remote location of our house ment that swimsuits were optional. This summer however I noticed A strange itch in my "bird" that I had never noticed before, and it would get hard when i would ruff house with my sister.
 One night my Mouther was going to go out with some friends, and my sister and I were going to go sleep at my granny's house. So before we left My mom wanted us to take baths and put on our P. J. s for the night. I was messing around in the bathroom, when my mouther came in and told me that I was takeing to long and she started to dry me off, When My "bird' started to get hard. "ooh. . . " Was all I could manage, As he eyes got wide and her jaw dropped, " Are you all right?" she asked still holding my cock. I told her about the itching, and how it got stiffand the itch would get worse when I would try to rub it. She giggeld and said not to think about it, that dad would talk to me when he came home.
 However, all I could do was think about it.

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   I lied awake in bed that night as my sister lay sound asleep next to me. The itch in my "bird" became unbareable. I reached in to my Night shorts and started to rub. Of corse the itch just got worse, but I was not going to let it get the best of me, I rubed and pulld and tighted my grip, when all of a sudden my whole body started to tingel, My breath was geting shorter then it happend, my cock exploaded, I shot cum all over. I was Embarrssed and frightend by what happend.
The next mouring when Mom came to pick us up i tried to hide the stane on  the frount of my shorts the best I could, My Mom asked if we had a good Night i mumbled yes and looked out the window. my sister then Said "he had a bad dream and he wet the bed last night. " My mom fussed me saying that I knew that I sould allway use the bathroom before bed. After the car ride i went inside and changed my clouthes, i looked down at my limp "bird" fearing that I broke it and vowed that I would never touch it that way agien. . .
. . . .

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  . Untill about a week later, I had switched from boxers to brifes to sleep in at night, so as not to be tempted to rud the Itch. it was working to but my mom had not done the laundry in a few days and all that was clean were the night shorts that I wore the night of the "event" as I called it. that night as I lied in bed the itch came back. I tossed and turned to know use I needed to rub it. "No!" I thought I can stop so I rolled on my belly, Thats when I started to hump the bed. As I humped I could feel the itch start to grow. I forced my self out of bed, my sowllen cock bobbing in front of me. As I tried to regain my composure I decided to go wath TV with my Mom.
She was watching some movie, that she had rented that i really did not care to see, but she seemed glad to have my company. I could only half get into the movie my thoughts still on the lingering itch, when out of no were a sex sceen started on the Movie. it was to much for Me to take, I garbed my "bird" and started to rub like never before, It did not take long for my Mom to notice, "stop!" She cried, but it was to late I had allready started to shoot my load. " Are you ok?" she asked, as i lay there coverd in cum dick limping in my hand. " stay there I will go get you wash rag. " She came back to help me clean up.

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   She Then told me about masturbation, and that it was ok but that you do it in Privite, and nver around my sister. i asked if she did it and, she said that she did. I then asked how becuse she did not have a "bird". She told me that she had toys to use. I asked if I could get some toys too, she smiled and said she would get me some magazines.
After that day a would stroke it at least once a day, but i got  a little creative too, lets just say that my sisters Big stuffed bare and I became good friends.
My mom and I never really talked about it much after that, but we were never shy about it, sometimes we would catch one anouther comeing out of the badroom our bathroom and simle knowing what the outher person had done.