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Topic: Saturday looks funThe story begins with me talking to my first boyfriend. We had just discussed on teenchat about when and where we were going to meet up and I couldn't wait. (I'm bi by the way) Meanwhile, I had my friend Kimberly sending me explicit photos and videos of herself and her friends. Needless to say, I was horny as hell. So when my boyfriend messaged me asking me to suck his dick on Saturday, I didn't think twice before accepting. Saturday is two days away, so this will be a different story. Essentially though, this just explained why I was horny when I went to bed. Now for the real story. . . Okay, well my name is Raymond and I am 17 and live in Australia. I am not the best looking person, slightly chubby but otherwise "cute" apparently. Anyway, I have medium length dark brown hair and hazel eyes. My nan had just called for me to go to bed as she was tired, ergo I went to the toilet and relieved myself, using toilet paper to dry my uncircumised penis in preparation for the night to come. I was going to have alot of fun exploring myself tonight, I knew it well. I came back inside from the outhouse and wished my nan goodnight, closed my door and stripped naked.

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   Leaving my black boxers and t-shirt laying by my bedside. I waited patiently for a few minutes until I heard the lights turned off. Everyone was asleep now, however I decided to wait a little longer before beginning my gallavanting as my uncle (who had went to bed an hour earlier) had just straggled to the fridge, so I decided to sleep for a while. I woke again at 12:06 AM, okay, time to begin. My dick was rock hard, a good solid 6. 2 inches. Not the greatest size, but big enough for me. I went to the fridge and got a small Cabury easter egg out of the fridge alongside a Freddo Frog (I had plans for them) and then I let myself outside. Pure darkness, perfect for raising my levels of self-eroticism. I went into the toilet and turned on the light just so I could see what I was doing for a while. Now I have a fetish for my own urine, if that turns you off then stop reading now. If not, then continue. Anyway, I unwrapped the easter egg and clenched it in my hand momentarily before sitting it on the head of my uncircumsised dick as I pulled the foreskin over the top, encompassing the egg within my penis. Within seconds, I peed hard and i held the foreskin tightly closed, letting the egg completely be engulfed by my urine. I let go of the foreskin and the egg landed on my hand, I immediately put it in my mouth and chewed.

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   It tasted even better than before. I had gained a strong passion for urine over the years, and tonight I was going to make sure I got more than my fair share. I turned the light of the toilet off and ventured back outside. The coldness of the night air caused my penis to stand even more erect than it was before. I stepped over the cold concreted and proceeded to my verandah. I sat on the stone steps out the front, right in front of the road and slowly jerked my penis resulting in precum salivating from its head. I rubbed my forefinger over the tip and sucked softly. I loved the salty taste. I moved back to the grass at the side of the house and placed the Freddo Frog on the grass there. After a bit of effort, I succeeded in urinating all over the Freddo Frog and quickly chewed it. I went back into the toilet, where I knew it was more comfortable. I stood above the toilet bowl and cupped my hands in front of my cock and peed directly in them. I rubbed my hands all over my face, slowly done over my chest and over my cock. Having relieved myself, I retired to the cold ground below. Using my urine-soaked fingers, I slid my forefinger and middle finger of my left hand in my arse.

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   After finger fucking my arse for several moments I started to groan heavily, I had to cum and now. I gripped my cock firmly in my right hand and started to jerk hastily. Bouncing on the ground plunged my fingers deeper in my arse, I started screaming. After several minutes of this, cum spurted from my cock and I grabbed as much as I could on my hand and licked it thoroughly clean. Some of it landed on the toilet bowl, I licked it clean aswell. I returned to my room still smelling of my recent adventure, but tonight wasn't over, not yet. Well this is my first post. Tell me what you think of it. It is a true story, and on Saturday I will suck my first ever cock. If yo would like me to document the day, then please tell me and I will do so.

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