My Mom Caught Me!!!


Topic: My Mom Caught Me!!!Lately I'd been having trouble with getting off, but tonight was different, I knew it. I was sixteen at the time, with 34 C boobs and a size 2, brunette. I got home from school, did my work, and waited through the night uncomfortably, waiting for the right time. My door doesn't lock so timing was key. As a warm up i watched a porno on my computer of 2 girls using a strap on. I started to get hot when BOOM my little brother ran into my room. Thank God for headphones and blankets.
  At about 9 i started watching a movie with my mom in the living room, my computer sitting next to me. "I'm going to to sleep," she said. "If you need me I'm just in the other room, but I'm out. " I said good night excitedly, waiting until a half hour later to risk pulling up porn again. I was watching a video of a girl with a glass dildo and getting really into it. My palm pressed down hard on my tender boobs, massaging in quick circles. I could feel my pussy begging for stimulations but put it off to raise the feeling.
  I felt my nipples stiffening, my facing turning hot and red starting at the neck. The muscles in my cunt flexed, begging for my hand, moving my pelvis to grind into the couch through my thin rob underneath me.

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   My juices were flowing out, making me feel so hot. i stuck a finger my pussy and used my juiced to rub my nipples hard. Finally i allowed my right hand to creep down between my legs, parting my pussy lips and circling on my clit. It felt so good i had to stifle a moan by biting my lip. As i continued to rub i continued to half moan into my lip, biting down harder and harder until the metalic taste of blood dripped onto my tongue.
  My hips were pushing up into my hand, trying to force me to put my fingers inside my cunt, but not yet. I changed the porn to a guy fucking a girls ass and slowly matched the pace of my finger on my clit with a finger pushing in and out of my ass. I felt a climax start to build and i stopped until the feeling subsided. I started with a finger in my ass and one in my pussy, working alternately to make me cum. As i pumped one, then two, then three fingers in and out of my pussy and one, then two in my ass, my body started to again have that build up of tension. The porno was a girl and a huge dildo now.
  As my body begun to lock and my pelvis raise, i heard a noise that pushed me on; a rustle. HOLY SHITT! My mom had walked into the room! i turned off the porno incredibly quickly, thankful for the TV going next to the couch. I was so close to cumming still, i didn't know what to do. "Hi mom," my voice shook.

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   She hadn't seen me because the way i was sitting, but had she seen my computer?
  She waved and looked at the TV, and i had an idea. "Mom, my stomach hurts, will you give me a belly rub?" My mom nodded and came over and began to rub my smooth stomach in circular motions. At 5'9", 118 lbs, i didn't have much of a stomach. i slipped my hands under my robe, looking like it was on my lower stomach, and flicked my clit with one finger. I exploded in an orgasm, my head tilting back, my torso raising, biting back a moan. "Do you have the chills?" my mom asked. Thank God she is so oblivious. I got such a rush I hope to do it again

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